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Clark races towards a phone booth

Phone booths frequently appear in Smallville.

Known phone booths

So far, all the phone booths shown have been in Metropolis:

  • A phone booth outside of Club Atlantis.
  • A phone booth inside the Daily Planet.
  • A phone booth outside of the Planet, where the Blur calls (or leaves messages for) Lois Lane.

Season Three

Clark's shirt rip

  • In Exile, "Clark" ducks into a phone booth when the Mark of El Jor-El put on his chest begins to burn. He takes off his ring and calls his mom but hangs up. He then puts his ring back on and leaves the phone booth as Kal .

Season Five

  • In Vengeance, Andrea Rojas changes into her alter-ego, "Angel of Vengeance," in a phone booth.
  • In Vessel, Lex calls Clark in the Daily Planet phone booth.

Season Six

Season Eight

Lois talks to the Blur for the first time

  • In Plastique, Lois has Clark change into his new clothes inside of the Daily Planet phone booth.
  • In Turbulence, Clark changed from his reporter clothes into his red jacket and blue T-shirt outfit at superspeed inside the Daily Planet phone booth.
  • In Stiletto, Lois received a call from Clark (as the Red-Blue Blur) in a phone booth at night.
  • In Doomsday, Lois arranges for the Red Blue Blur to call her at a phone booth at midnight.

Season Nine

  • In Savior, Lois checks out early from the hospital in order to get the Blur's call by midnight. She doesn't realize that it's been three weeks since she traveled to the future. She later tells the Blur that she thinks of it as "their" phone booth.
  • In Metallo, Lois goes to the phone booth to talk to the Blur about John Corben. He realizes that she knows about him, and kidnaps her.
  • In Echo, Clark changes out of his Blur outfit in a phone booth, after saving hostages from the Toyman's bomb.
  • In Idol, Chloe calls Lois at the phone booth right outside of the Daily Planet while disguising her voice as the Blur.
  • In Charade, Clark as The Blur calls Lois who meets him at the Phone booth, where he breaks up with Lois for her own protection.
  • In Salvation, when Lois discovers Zod isn't The Blur and he super throws her into the direction of the nearby phone booth. Clark as The Blur rescues her before she's completely injured.

Season Ten

This looks like a job for...

Phone booth proposal

  • In Homecoming, in the future of 2017, Lois of that timeline drags and disguises the Clark of the past in the phone booth with a pair of glasses in order protect the secret identity Clark Kent has in the future as Superman.
  • In Icarus, Clark proposes to Lois at their special phone booth spot.
  • In Booster, Clark uses a nearby phone booth to transform into The Blur and save the day.


Super make out spot

  • Phone booths are an iconic image of the Superman mythology. Clark would often change into his Superman outfit from inside of a phone booth.
  • The phone booth is also another special spot for Lois and Clark/Superman.