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The Phantom Zone crystal.

The Phantom Zone crystal, also known as the red crystal, was a powerful artifact that the Martian Manhunter carried with him to trap Phantom Zone escapees. It was later destroyed by the Persuader.

The crystal is a similar device to the Crystal of El, which is carried by members of the House of El.

Powers and Abilities

Like the Crystal of El, the red crystal was able to remove wraiths from possessed humans.

According to the Legion of Super-Heroes, the red crystal was used in a future alternate reality to remove Brainiac from a possessed Chloe Sullivan. However, due to the intervention of the Persuader, the crystal was destroyed before this could take place, creating a different future.


The red crystal was vulnerable to the Persuader's Atomic Axe, which was able to cut through atoms and surpass a Kryptonian's invulnerability, when he traveled through time and destroyed it.

Season Six

The Martian Manhunter uses the crystal to extract the Dr. Hudson phantom from Clark.

The Martian Manhunter used the red crystal to remove Dr. Hudson from Clark Kent's mind and body after he tracked him down and telepathically entered Clark's mind to defeat Hudson.

After the Martian Manhunter finally was able to track down the wraith later known as Bizarro, he attempted to use the crystal to remove the wraith from the human host he was inhabiting, but Bizarro awoke and severely injured the Martian, forcing him to escape before LuthorCorp operatives showed up.

Season Eight

Kara uses the red crystal to extract Faora from Lois

When Clark and Lois Lane were transported to the Phantom Zone, they escaped using a portal built by Zor-El along with Kara Kent, who sought out the Martian Manhunter to get his crystal to capture Faora, who had also escaped and inhabited Lois' body.

The Persuader time-traveled to the present where he destroyed the red crystal, preventing Clark from destroying Brainiac, who had possessed Chloe.


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