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"Patriot" is the ninth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 19, 2010.


In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Gen. Slade Wilson. Aquaman and his new wife Mera team up with Clark to free Oliver. Lois is frustrated when Clark continues to push aside her offers to help the team and sets out to prove she can play with the big boys.


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Slade discusses the VRA

In a war room located at Fort Ryan in Kansas, Lt. General Slade Wilson and several other key military officers are discussing the Vigilante Registration Act. Slade proclaims that the country's safety depends on it and that as long as the vigilantes are acting on their own, the security of the nation is at risk. He tells the others that the president has put him in charge of overseeing the bill's execution and states that "known-offenders" still haven't come forward.


Arthur and his wife, Mera, prepare to destroy an "oil rig"

Meanwhile off the coast of Florida, Aquaman and a red-headed woman jump out of the water onto an oil rig where he tells her to make sure everyone is clear. Moments later they come up out of the water onto the beach and passionately kiss while the rig explodes in the sunset behind them. Col. Wilson's aide tells him that the facility was just destroyed. Wilson tells the other meeting members it's beginning, and that it's time to find out "who's really fighting for truth, justice and the American way."


Emil, Clark, and Oliver talk about the Suicide Squad and the VRA

Clark is at Watchtower where Emil Hamilton has found a way to remove the tracking tattoos put on him, Oliver and others by the Suicide Squad. Oliver wonders why he was called there when he's been in a self-imposed exile from Watchtower to protect its secrecy now that people know he's Green Arrow. Green Arrow thinks that the VRA has gone too far and that maybe Rick Flag was right in his actions. Clark reveals they think Aquaman is behind the destruction of the oil rig, which Oliver admits is possible. They're both frustrated with the lack of communication between other heroes now that people are being more conservative with their secrets. Clark explains that the VRA is attracting a lot of attention and that people look at the heroes who won't sign up with distrust. He says Aquaman is now feeding the fear about heroes by blowing up the oil rig. He tells Oliver that he's given consideration to going public and registering to relieve public tension. Oliver says that Clark doesn't need to risk his identity when Oliver has already gone forward. Oliver decides to offer himself up as the guinea pig to find out what happens to the heroes after they sign up.


An in disguise Oliver meets with Lois at the Daily Planet

Lois walks into the Planet, finding a gift on her desk from Clark and admitting to herself that she misses him. Oliver appears and asks her if she's covering the VRA bill. She says that she wouldn't miss it because she thinks it's a bad idea. Oliver informs her that he's the one who's registering. She starts to tell him what a bad idea it is. He tells her that it's the only way to find out what's really going on and says he'd talked Clark out of doing it himself. This takes Lois by surprise because Clark had not told her that he'd been considering it. She is further frustrated that Clark has been communicating with everyone else about it but her and laments that she'd thought they'd started having an honest relationship, but has now been blindsided. Oliver tells her that they need to keep Clark from trying to act alone to fix the things that might go wrong. He tells her the world is going to need her.


Mera introduces herself to Clark

Clark goes to a Miami aquarium to confront Arthur about the oil rig explosion. Arthur says he's past talking. Clark is concerned, but Arthur points out that no one got hurt. Clark wonders if Arthur's gone rogue and Arthur is frustrated with Clark's lack of trust in him. When Clark tells Arthur that he's not leaving, a wall of water comes out of nowhere and knocks Clark into the pool. The red-headed woman from earlier appears and reveals that she's his wife.


Lois talks with Slade about the VRA

Back at Fort Ryan, Lois goes to meet Col. Wilson and finds his office full of charts and pictures of various vigilantes the government has identified or suspects. She is distraught when she sees a picture of Clark's symbol burned into a brick wall. Wilson enters, saying he knows that her father is Gen. Lane and admits that's why he gave her the interview. She brings him his favorite Cuban cigars and bourbon as a gift, saying she's done her homework on him. Pretending it's an interview, she turns on her tape recorder and asks him about the VRA bill and wonders what happens to the heroes who sign up. He tells her that when heroes sign up, they'll agree to act only on the government's behalf and that anyone who doesn't sign doesn't have the will of the people at heart. She turns the recorder back off and Slade reveals that he gave her the interview because she writes all the Planet's pro-Blur articles. He tries to convince her she's not doing her duty by supporting the VRA, but she suggests that the act will only spur vigilantes to be more secretive. Slade believes they'll fall in line, and Lois uses the opening to propose a toast of sorts. When Wilson turns his back to her for a moment to find a cigar cutter, she spots a blueprint of a holding facility on his desk and uses her camera to take a picture of it. He sees her movement and quickly grabs her hand, telling her that her name got her in, but it won't get her out of trouble, demanding to see what she's done. She quickly produces a lighter and says she merely wanted to light his cigar. He apologizes and admits he's suspicious of everyone these days because of the vigilantes.


Clark, Arthur, and Mera talk about the "oil rigs"

Clark talks to Arthur and says that he never thought of Arthur as settling down and getting married due to his activist nature. Mera, his wife, reveals that the ideals they both share are part of what drew her to him in the first place. Clark says the government is making vigilantes look like terrorists. Arthur says he and Mera are going to show people they won't put up with the VRA. Mera says they're not going to wait for people to do the right thing because they won't. Arthur says that he and Mera are fighting the government in the service of heroes and that they are the ones who need protection right now. They tell Clark that the oil rig they destroyed had a secret holding facility for heroes and the government is building others like it around the country.


Oliver signs the VRA

Lois is working in the Daily Planet when Tess walks up on her wondering why she's writing an article on the VRA when Tess forbade it since her father worked on the bill as it was a conflict of interest. Lois says there's something wrong with the whole thing and she is going to make sure the right people know what's really going on. Tess says her reasons seem personal. Lois tells her honestly she just found out that Oliver is the one registering. Tess asks if Clark is working with her on the story, as they walk to the elevators. Lois says he's not and covers, saying he has jury duty. Tess asks Lois what she knows about what's going on and Lois says they're torturing heroes. She tells Tess that Slade is in charge of the VRA's implementation. She recalls that he's been followed by allegations of war crimes that never stick because he's effective at power politics. Lois also adds that now Slade has turned his attention to heroes. As they get off of the elevator, they walk into the middle of Oliver's press conference, where he registers with Slade who says that Oliver's the first in a long line of people who will sign up. Slade goes on about how it will mark a new age of cooperation between heroes and the government. As Oliver leaves with the military liaisons for the helipad, Lois pleads with Tess to stop them from taking off. Tess says that she can't because they have military clearance, sadly telling her that Oliver is gone.


Lois threatens Emil for Clark's location

Emil Hamilton enters a supply room at Smallville General Hospital only to find Lois there. She demands that he tell her where Clark is, since he and Oliver might be in trouble. She informs him that she knows he's one of Clark's league affiliates. Emil denies any knowledge several times, but then Lois threatens him with a surgical implement against his throat. He tells her Clark is probably in Miami. Before she leaves, she tells him she was only bluffing and he smiles slightly. Lois books herself a plane ticket while she figures out where they might be.


Arthur and Clark investigate one of the "oil rigs"

Clark and Arthur go to one of the facilities and while entering, Arthur explains all of the things that he's accomplished with Mera at his side. Clark wonders why he's okay with putting her at risk. Arthur explains that she can hold her own and that there's a difference between playing on the team and sitting on the bench. Clark recognizes the facility bears a resemblance to Lex's 33.1 holding facilities which they shut down. Arthur guesses that the government stole the technology and blueprints for its own purposes. Arthur contacts Mera over the radio, who tells him that Watchtower has found more holding facilities and that Oliver has gone missing. Arthur says they can cover more ground apart and Clark says they need to get Oliver back. While apart, Arthur is captured.


Oliver is put under a battery of tests

Oliver is undergoing a rigorous exercise regimen to test his physical abilities at the holding facility. Slade comes in and tells him that his scores are off the charts, saying they could use his skills greatly and that they want him to bring in more of his friends. Oliver tells him that he'll be his poster boy, but he will not help him get the others. Slade tells him that he won't have a choice. Slade reveals that he's captured Arthur and is holding him under hot lamps which dries up the moisture in his body and take away his Atlantean abilities. While Oliver stands in horror, Slade knocks him out from behind.


Tess helps Clark from Watchtower

Mera is swimming at the aquarium when Lois shows up. Mera knows who Lois is and starts explaining who she is. Lois is surprised that Arthur got married. Mera says that Arthur has embraced his destiny and is leading his people, which shocks Lois when she realizes Mera means the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Lois tells Mera she's there looking for Clark, which surprises Mera, who doesn't think Lois would be a part of Clark's heroic activities. Lois is dismissive of the comment and Mera thinks Lois has trouble finding men who suit her life, saying she always goes for stronger, powerful men like Arthur, Oliver and Clark. When Lois thinks that Mera was jealous of the brief romance that she and Arthur had, she gets annoyed. Mera is surprised that all of them had gone for Lois, who she describes as a woman of lesser ability. Lois reiterates she's looking for Clark, which doesn't surprise Mera. She chastises Lois for not being in the loop, protected but in the dark on what's happening with the team. She leads Lois to Clark, who is surprised to see her. Lois is angry that Clark hasn't been answering her calls or staying in contact with her, and that she had to come all the way to Miami just to tell Clark that Oliver is missing. Clark says he knows. At that moment, Tess appears on a monitor with information about the holding facilities. Lois is even more aggravated that Tess is in on what's happening, but not her. She berates Clark for treating her like she's not a part of his world. She complains that he won't let her help or try to contact her despite all of the momentous leaps their relationship had recently undergone. Bringing the conversation back on track, Tess tells them that the holding facility is equipped with holding cells that can be adapted to the heroes' abilities. Mera is concerned because Arthur should have come back by now. Lois interjects that she might know how to find him, giving them the blueprint she took from Slade's office. They realize that it belongs to the only running facility the government has at an operational level, in Alaska.


Slade interrogates Oliver and Arthur

Slade is torturing Oliver by dunking him in a tank of water, effecting waterboard torture. Oliver asks Arthur if he was there to rescue him and Arthur admits they must have tracked him on his way in. Oliver realizes that Slade knew about the League's abilities. Slade says that he's always prepared. Slade is condescending to Arthur. Oliver realizes the government doesn't know what Slade is doing. Slade confirms that he's worked out a "don't ask, don't tell" policy with them. Slade says that the two of them are just the first in the line of vigilantes to be taken out of action by Slade, who hopes that after enough torture, they'll give up the other heroes. Slade turns his attention to Green Arrow and laughs at him for not having powers, saying it was easy to bring him down. The intruder alarm goes off and Mera arrives. Using her hydrokinetic abilities, she breaks open the tank Oliver is again being drowned in and sends the water across the room onto Arthur. Slade runs out of the room and hits another trap which closes in around Mera and confines her in a similar heating apparatus like Arthur was trapped in. Oliver uses a piece of broken glass to break his shackles and damages the control panel to the trap with it, freeing Mera. They all agree that it's time to leave as the self-destruct sequence has been activated.


Clark x-rays Slade to find an omega symbol on his skull

As Slade tries to leave the facility, he is confront by the Blur. When Slade pulls a gun on him and shoots, nothing happens and Slade realizes who he's dealing with. Clark says that he will not let Slade continue to destroy people's faith in justice. Slade then traps him in a kryptonite cage and laughs that Clark's weakness was the hardest to figure out. Clark pleads with Slade to release him so that Clark can save him from the explosion. Slade tells him the prison was made to hold heroes like him and that no person should be more powerful than the law. Clark again begs him to release him so that he can save them. Slade says that it's his mission to destroy what he perceives to be the single greatest threat to order in the country. After Clark's third plea, Slade says he'd rather die than be saved by an abomination. Clark uses his x-ray vision on Slade to find the Omega symbol branded onto his forehead. He realizes that Slade is not going to back down and braces himself for the explosion which destroys the building around them.


Arthur and Clark talk in the barn

Arthur finds Clark in the barn doing chores later and is impressed that he was able to survive the blast unharmed as well as find his way out of the cold depths of the ocean. Clark says he prefers dry land. Arthur pokes fun at him, saying he looks like a clown fish underwater. Clark thanks him for uncovering the truth about the holding cells. Arthur admits that not all people are bad and that Clark's optimism is what he likes about him the most. Arthur admits that his terrorist-like activism only makes them look like the bad guys. Clark admits that the VRA was effective in that it pushed the heroes apart and got them to stop trusting in each other and to stop communicating. Arthur says that while he won't trust the government forces, he'll always trust in Clark. Clark is appreciative that Arthur wants to do it his way. Arthur tells him that he needs to fix things with Lois. Clark laments that he thought telling Lois his secret would make everything perfect, but he'd kept her on the outside of some parts of himself in order to protect her. Arthur says that in facing evil, Clark needs to be able to face his problem at home as well and that it might be better if Clark made Lois a part of all aspects of his life, including the League. He challenges Clark that Lois can handle whatever problems came at them, but could Clark handle her being a part of it?


Mera talks to Lois

Mera is inside talking to Lois and admits that what she said before was a little off. She can see why Clark loves Lois and that it's because Lois sees Clark as an equal, but demands that he see her that way as well. While she may not have powers, she is what Clark needs. Lois thanks her for her compliment and Mera says she makes a good partner for Clark. Lois laughs and says if he lets her be. Mera says that it took time for her and Arthur to work out the kinks of their relationship and that Lois should just give Clark time. Arthur and Clark arrive and Arthur tells Mera that they need to go. Mera tells Clark she now understands what Arthur, who she only ever calls by his Atlantean name Orin, has seen in Clark and that he wants to bring justice along by example and not by force. She tells him that is the sign of a true patriot. They all say their goodbyes.

As they watch Arthur and Mera leave, Lois tells Clark how good it felt to be in his arms on the way home instead on a flight in coach. Clark apologizes to her for their lack of communication, saying she shouldn't have had to fly all the way to Florida to find him. He tells her that she was right to be upset, since he'd been running around acting like she wasn't a part of it all now, and as if it was just him instead of the two of them together. He explains to her that he relies on her more than anyone, to know the parts of him he doesn't trust himself. He admits that she is the only one he's told about his fear of failure in facing the darkness. Lois wonders if they can make it work since she's not like him, if only in that she has no abilities. Clark tells her that she's everything he isn't and that's why their relationship works. She still wonders about their relationship and Clark asks her if it matters that their relationship might seem strange to other people. Lois then tells Clark about her mother, and how when her dad would leave for deployment, her mother would always be strong for him and would always be there when he came home because she knew that's how she helped him save the world. She explains that it was because her mother and father were in it together, and now so are she and Clark. This puts a smile on his face. Lois then tells him that she's not the only person that Clark has to rely on. She points out that he hasn't told the others about the darkness because he thinks he's supposed to be invincible. Clark is concerned that if he can't protect himself from its corruption, how can he protect her and the rest of the world. Lois suggests that he not try to do it alone, and that he needs to tell the others what's going on.


Clark tells the team about the darkness

Clark brings Lois to Watchtower, where Tess welcomes her into the League. Oliver shows up and wonders why he was called back. Clark then tells them about the darkness, how it got to Earth, how it's using Godfrey and Slade and the others. Clark says it's like a flood of evil spreading over the Earth and that it feeds on a person's inner doubts and distrust. Oliver thinks it might be on the winning side and Clark explains that he saw the Omega brand on Slade and believes it to be a mark of corruption. Lois thinks that's why Slade went so far off his marching orders. Lois questions what Kara said about it not affecting the pure of heart, but Clark challenges who of them doesn't have hidden fears and weaknesses for the darkness to exploit, eventually causing people to destroy themselves. Clark finishes by saying that if they can't stop it, the darkness will infect the whole planet.


Slade survived the explosion

Elsewhere, Slade's whole face is bandaged up after having survived the explosion and as the bandages are being cut off, it is revealed that he now wears an eye patch over his right eye as the Omega symbol flashes on screen over television static.



Guest Starring[]




  • A Patriot is someone who feels or voices expressions of patriotism, support for their country.
  • The title refers to the Vigilante Registration Act and Oliver's investigations of its true intentions.
  • The title could also refer to General Slade Wilson whose justification for supporting the Act was his "patriotism"
  • Mera refers to Clark as a patriot.
  • Oliver is referred to as a patriot for registering as a vigilante.


  • Antagonist: Slade Wilson.
  • Slade makes reference to fighting for "truth, justice and the American way". This is of course Superman's running slogan.
  • This marks the first appearance of Mera and Slade Wilson in any live action media.
  • Mera and Slade Wilson make 88 DC Comics characters adapted into the series.
  • AC is referred to as being from Atlantis, officially, for the first time. He was previously recognized as Atlantean in Sylvester Pemberton's journal on all League heroes.
  • Although it occurred off screen, it is revealed that by this episode AC and Mera have been married.
  • Lois meets Dr. Emil Hamilton for the first time.
  • Clark gets caught in a green kryptonite lined cage, marking its second appearance this season.
  • Clark makes Tess and Oliver aware of Darkseid at the conclusion of this episode. This is also the first indication that Darkseid is the personification of evil in the universe.
  • This is the first appearance of the Omega symbol.
  • Darkseid is associated with the Omega symbol for the first time much like it was heavily featured in Final Crisis. Clark refers to it as a brand of corruption.
  • In this episode, Lois and Tess share a scene in which each learns that the other person knows Clark's secret.
  • Mera refers to Lois as Clark's equal which is how Lois is actually perceived by the heroes in the comics.
  • Lois makes her first visit to Watchtower in the present timeline.
  • Lois becomes a member of the League in this episode. In the comics, despite everything she has accomplished with Clark over the years, this has never occurred.
  • Slade loses his right eye at the conclusion of the episode and wears an eye patch aligning him with his comic book counterpart Deathstroke.
  • When Aquaman comes to a stop underwater as he's captured by Slade it is clearly recycled footage from Aqua. The shot of Arthur's superspeed swimming underwater that is preceding that reused footage was itself recycled from the pilot of Aquaman, the series featuring Justin Hartley.
  • Slade asked Clark if he was just a "Man or made of steel" a slight reference to one of Superman's nicknames, "The Man of Steel"
  • It is implied that Clark was able to maintain his invulnerability and survive the explosion despite being trapped in a kryptonite cage. This continues a trend of the show that as Clark gets older his powers grow more and more which could also imply that as he gets older kryptonite will have less and less of an effect on him.
  • The secret facility in Alaska and the offshore oil rigs are supposed to do endorsed by the White House and the military but Slade remains strangely isolated. When dealing with the Justice League members, he is alone, there are no armed soldiers to protect him and defend the place.
  • The final scene of the episode is the first time that all of the main characters (of the opening sequence) have appeared together in the same room.
  • Heroes on the list of known vigilantes include: The Blur, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Impulse, Maiden of Might (Kara Kent), Black Canary, Aquaman, Hawkman, Stargirl, Cyborg and Zatanna.
  • Being from Atlantis, Mera would be a non-American superhero. Previous episodes Jinx, Spell, Justice, and Crimson (along with Justice & Doom) established people possessing powers (either metahuman or magical, or, in the case of Mera, Atlantean) as a worldwide phenomenon. Idol introduced the Wonder Twins, who might actually be from Sweden in this version, which would make them non-American superheroes. That would make Mera the third non-American superhero featured on the show (not counting aliens).


  • One of the Vigilante Registration Act headquarters that was destroyed by suicide member Emil LaSalle at the end of Ambush is mentioned by Slade to the military joint chiefs.
  • Aquaman was last seen in Season Eight's Odyssey.
  • Lois visits Watchtower for the first time in this timeline. The first time she entered it was in the alternate future of Pandora.
  • The Daily Planet is featured in this episode which was last seen in Isis.
  • The Suicide Squad tag tracking device marks are removed from Clark and Oliver who were both tagged in Shield by members of the squad. When Emil removes the device from Clark's shoulder, he informs him that the tag was laced with low levels of Blue Kryptonite, not enough to suppress his powers, but enough to keep the tag on his body. Emil also states that he knows about Clark's secret meetings around the world with Kara. Those meetings are made offscreen.
  • The Vigilante Registration Act which was initiated by Sam Lane in Ambush is brought to full effect, which is a result from Gordon Godfrey's Anti-Hero smearing campaign which started in Supergirl.
  • Clark reveals to the team that after he transported the Kandorians off of Earth he unknowingly allowed Darkseid to gain access in Season Nine's Salvation.
  • This is the first episode since Abandoned that Lois appears in where she isn't in any physical danger.
  • This episode marks the 4th appearance of Clark's Red Leather Jacket/Blue T-Shirt Blur outfit. It was previously seen in Shield, Homecoming, & Ambush.
  • Emil was last seen in Lazarus.

Homage To Previous Seasons[]

  • Lois' comment to Tess about the communications setup at Watchtower being better than her cell phone when she first sees it is reminiscent of what she said to Chloe about Watchtower being cooler than her childhood playhouse in Season Nine's Pandora when she first arrives there in the corrupted timeline.
  • A League hero being caught trying to infiltrate a facility run by the episode's antagonist and then other members of the team having to go in and rescue that person was last seen in Season Eight's Odyssey and Season Six's Justice, both of which star Aquaman.
  • Clark surviving an explosion while in a kryptonite cage off-screen is similar to when he survived the fall of the Fortress of Solitude without his powers in Season Seven's finale, Arctic.
  • Arthur is held captive suffering from dehydration but is rescued and restored by water just like in Season Five's Aqua.
  • Clark and Arthur have another discussion in his loft where they both come to an understanding about each other's different views about justice, much like they did at the end of Season Five's Aqua and Season Six's Justice.
  • Clark is once more imprisoned in a kryptonite cage by a man who believes in what he's doing is to protect his country, much like Pierce did in Season Seven's Traveler.



Arthur: The away games don't matter unless you win the ones at home too.
Arthur: I may not trust the commandos in Washington, but I trust you Clark. So we'll do it your way: Lead by example, not by resistance.
Clark: Seismic activity.
Arthur: That's how Mera found the place. She's pretty amazing -- smart, passionate, fiery. Even helped me understand my true origins.
Clark: You really went off the high dive for her
Arthur: I'm so much more with her than I'm solo.
Clark: You don't feel guilty, putting her in danger?
Arthur: Mera can hold her own. If you're worried about someone a little less superpowered, Mera helped me realize that standing on the sidelines isn't the same as being in the game.

Lieutenant Trotter: Almost done, Mr. Queen.
Oliver: What's with the secret workout room here, huh? Is this a, uh, a secret tryout for the NFL?
Slade Wilson: You're strong and extremely agile with coordination that's off the charts.
Oliver: I'm human.
Slade Wilson: Well, I commend your performance. We'd love to have someone with your gifts serve our country. Help us bring in your less cooperative cohorts.
Oliver: Look, I'll be your poster boy. I'll say your words, I'll be your face, but it ends with me, you understand? Now, there are people out there who want to believe in you. They want to believe in this country. Give them a chance to prove that, to be the heroes that we all need.
Slade Wilson: You got nerve, I like that. But your draft card wasn't a two-for-one special. Please, allow me to make a more convincing argument.

Mera: I am Mera, wife of Orin, future king of the Seven Seas. The one you call Arthur Curry.
Lois: A.C. got married. Aren't you just full of reveals?
Mera: Orin is finally embracing his destiny and leading his people.
Lois: Hang on. "His people." Like, down under and not Australia? Anyway, I need to find Clark.
Mera: Certainly you're not a partner in his endeavors?
Lois: Wow, some people get a ring on their finger, and everyone else's relationship just doesn't cut it.
Mera: Spoken like one who can't be satisfied by a man of her own kind. You desire those who are extraordinary - first Orin, then Oliver, now Clark.
Lois: You've gotta be kidding me? Little Mermaid? Your prince and I dated for a day.
Mera: It's understandable that you would seek a superior being companion. I'm just surprised that powerful men would choose someone of lesser ability.
Lois: Listen, squid lips, you don't know anything about me or Clark.
Mera: I know you came here looking for Clark. You're in the dark...protected but not included. Do you really want the harsh light of truth?

Tess: (appears on screen, to Clark) I ran some tests on the alloy you found and... (sees Lois with Clark) Lois. Hi.
Lois: Okay, you know how I hate being all emo-relationship chick? It's just, I can't get you on the phone, but Tess can Skype with you?
Clark: This isn't a social call.
Lois: And I am? We practically share a desk chair, but now I'm still not the real work wife.
Tess: Sorry to interrupt "The Real Housewives of Metropolis," but there's something we need to know about this alloy we tested.

Clark: Slade! I'm not gonna let you continue destroying people's faith in justice.
Slade Wilson: Made of steel, or just a man? You can't be both. (shoots at Clark, bullets ricochet off him) So it is you. (Slade presses a button on the wall, kryptonite-lined wall surrounds Clark)
Clark: What are you doing? I need to get you out of here!
Slade Wilson: This whole place was built for the express purpose of containing your kind. And your weakness was the hardest to learn. You see? You're not above the law. You're not even above me.
Clark: How can you be so determined in seeing us as the enemy, instead of working with us. Look... let me save you. You'll never get out!
Slade Wilson: I know, but it's worth it. To destroy the single greatest threat to democracy, no civilian in this country should be more powerful than the law. That's what keeps the order. That's what keeps us strong.
Clark: Shut it down. Let me help you.
Slade Wilson: I'd rather die for my country than be saved by an abomination like you.
Clark: You asked me a question. I guess you'll get your answer. I am man and steel.

Arthur: Glad you didn't find your Davy Jones down there after that explosion.
Clark: I know how much you love the water, but I couldn't be happier to have my two feet on solid ground.
Arthur: Oh, just as well. 'Cause let's be honest, underwater, you look like a clown fish.

Mera: I thought Orin was exaggerating, Clark, but everything he said about you is true. Even when the tide is turning, you work hard to bring change by delivering justice. Not bombs. As a patriot to the country, not just the cause.
Arthur: That's our Boy Scout.

Lois: You didn't tell anyone about the darkness because you think you're supposed to be invincible. Right? And it terrifies you that you're not.
Clark: Lois, how am I supposed to protect people, protect you, if I can't protect myself from the darkness?
Lois: By not trying to do it alone. We're in this together now -- all of us. And the team needs to know the bigger war we're fighting.

Lois: Wow.
Clark: Welcome to Watchtower -- the official headquarters of the home team.
Tess: Which you are clearly on now. Finally.
Lois: Is that a com-sat hook-up? I take back the whole "work wife" thing. Your satellite officially trumps my cellphone.
Tess: Forget it. From now, mi com-sat es su com-sat.

Clark: We all know what the government was up to. But those prisons were part of a much bigger threat. Hate crimes are up. People like Slade, they're getting more control. And Godfrey's anti-vigilante message -- it's reaching more ears than ever before, and I don't think it's a coincidence.
Tess: Sadly, Clark, there's no mystery to human fear and hatred.
Clark: This time, there might be. I think there's something more behind the darkness, something that hero haters like Slade don't even know is affecting them. When I sent the Kandorians away through the portal in space, I opened a door for something else to come to Earth.
Oliver: Are you seriously trying to tell me that, out of all the intergalactic bad boys we've ever faced, this one's actually worse?
Clark: This is much worse. We can't even see it to fight it. This thing is like an evil that's spreading over the Earth. It preys upon the dark side that we already have. It feeds on our doubts, our fears, and our distrust.
Oliver: Well, I'd say, from where I'm standing, it's already on the winning side.
Clark: I think it even affected Slade. Just before the facility exploded, I saw something on Slade's skull -- the Omega symbol. It was like it was branded there. Almost like the mark...
Tess: ...of The Beast in Revelations.
Lois: Which would explain why he veered so far off his marching orders.
Oliver: I'm guessing you don't think that Slade's the only pledge to the Alpha-Omega-Die fraternity, right?
Clark: I think the Omega is the sign of corruption. A mark of the darkness has fully taken over someone.
Lois: Didn't Kara say that a person had to be open to the darkness? That it can't infect anyone of pure heart?
Clark: And which one of us doesn't have that weakness? A hidden hatred or fear that this thing could prey upon?
Oliver: So, basically this thing doesn't have to do anything.
Lois: It just waits for everybody's weaknesses, and then we destroy ourselves.
Clark: If we can't stop it, the darkness will infect every person on this planet.


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