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In 1989, a boy named Kenny Cavanaugh lost his father Frank to a meteor shower. In the present time, Clark and Pete are driven to a stream by Jonathan for some fishing. On his way to leave, Jonathan is captured by Kenny, who due to meteor rock is able to turn invisible through means of camouflage and stealth.


October, 1989.

A young boy named Kenny is hunting in the woods with his father. They find a good watering hole and decide to split up to watch for deer. Kenny points out the importance of camouflage to his father, putting a stick in his hat. As soon as they are in place, deer stampede, and to Kenny's horror, a meteor lands on his father.

The present.

Jonathan leads Clark and Pete to a deserted stream full of more fish than they can imagine. They thank him, and he heads back to the truck.

Seemingly from nowhere, Pa Kent is hit with a piece of tree and knocked out.

At the campsite, Pete goads Clark into testing his abilities. After all, this is where Pa took Clark the summer before he started Kindergarten to learn to control his abilities, right?

Clark starts a fire.

Clark throws a stone into the air, and after a minute, it lands in the stream, throwing up a great gout of water.

Clark takes a tree and pole vaults, but gets stuck in the air and falls down. In the rubble, he gives Pete a thumbs up. Pete sees him buried, and tells him that the last one back to camp has to make dinner. Clark is already there.

Pete rides Clark through the woods. They notice that Pa's truck is driving by, but Pa should have been gone hours ago.

In an underground cave, Jonathan awakens with bums that have been in this cage he's in for nine months. There are dead people. A voice introduces itself as Kenny, telling Jonathan that he's a good dad, and that his father, Kenny's, is gone.

Kenny asks Jonathan to be his new father. Jonathan figures out who Kenny is, and what happened. He starts trying to tell Kenny to take him to the cabin his father built, in the woods, when Clark and Pete arrive. Kenny sneaks out and attacks.

Clark catches him and throws him high into the air.

Back at the cell, Clark breaks the lock with his hand. The bums stare in awe. One says, "They raise 'em strong on the farm..."

At the truck, they hop in and speed off. Kenny is underneath the grill, invisible.

At home, Lex tells the Kents that he has a security team on the way. They haven't found Kenny, however.

Lana meets with Clark at the Talon. Meanwhile, Jonathan goes to the feed store, only to be met by Kenny, telling Jonathan to come with him or Martha will be hurt.

Lana is having coffee with Clark talking about family ties when she notices that the Kent truck is going by outside. Lana says, "Isn't that your ride?", but Clark's already gone.

He sees Kenny pointing a shotgun at Jonathan, and leaps onto the truck. Inside, Kenny hits the accelerator. Clark flies off into a kitschy souvenir shop sign, which explodes.

Clark walks out of the fire, and a man is waiting there with a phone. Clark asks if he can use it.

He calls Chloe, who has information on Kenny. She points out the cabin Jonathan talked about with Kenny. Clark takes off.

At the bridge leading to the property, Clark and Jonathan tell Kenny that Clark would feel as distraught as he did if they took Jonathan away. The bridge breaks, and Clark runs down, leaps up, and catches the two of them, telling Kenny it will be all right.

At home, Lex assures the Kents that Kenny will receive the best care possible. He calls the asylum to make sure that the cameras are in place.


  • Paterfamilias means the male head of a household; the father of a family; a man who originates or is a leading figure in something (as a movement, discipline, or enterprise)
  • In this story, Kenny wants Jonathan as a father, while Clark wants his father back.



Clark: Thanks for keeping us posted. Kenny's made some mistakes, but we're all worried about him.
Lex: As much as I pity him, there are worse things than raising yourself without a father ---- At least he made a wise choice in Jonathan Kent.

Clark: Kenny! Drop the gun!
Kenny: Just leave me alone, Clark.
Clark: I can't do that. Remember how you felt when that meteor took your father from you? I'd feel the same way if I let you take my dad.
Kenny: But... But...
Jonathan: When you mother died -- You were just a baby -- Your father told me... "You can't replace what's gone, but you can remember it forever."

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