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"Pandora" is the ninth episode in the ninth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-eighty-third overall. It aired on November 20, 2009.


Tess kidnaps Lois to find out where she went after she disappeared for weeks. Lois' memory of the future depicts a Metropolis under General Zod's rule and Clark powerless under the red sun, while Chloe forms a resistance group with Oliver. After learning of these future events, Clark makes an important decision about Zod.


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Lois' memories of the future are shown in green.


Lois in a coma.

At LuthorCorp, Oliver is on the phone, trying to get three of the best doctors to MetGen for Lois when Clark arrives, reporting that Lois has gone missing. Oliver is shocked, noting that Clark has been at the hospital all night with Lois. Clark said he had left to check whether Oliver had called, only to return to find that Lois wasn't there, with no releases or any witnesses. Oliver said that someone had called the hospital for a copy of Lois's test results, Emil Hamilton. Clark questions why Emil would be interested in Lois's condition, and Oliver speculates that Emil isn't, just the person he works for, Chloe.


Tess connects herself with Lois's mind.

An unconscious Lois is seen being dragged unceremoniously down an empty corridor into another room. Lois is then hooked up to computer software by Stuart Campbell. He asks Lois's kidnapper, Tess Mercer, whether it was really necessary to kidnap Lois since Tess had been spying on her computer and hacking into her medical records. Tess replies that there is a mystery concerning Lois, and that she wants to know what it is about. He asks if it is because she told her therapist that she was having flashes of the future and Tess looks surprised as she had never told him anything. He admits to sneaking a peek at what he was hacking and Tess tells him to establish boundaries. She then states that Lois's visions might not be imaginary since she had been investigating the orb before she vanished without a trace for three weeks. He asks her whether they were repressed memories, and Tess tells him they are about to find out. On the computer screen, images of Lois's visions appear, which include a man wearing Zod's symbol, landing in front of the solar tower. In the present, construction of this hasn't even started and the plans have not gone public yet, revealing that Lois had gone to the future.


Lois wakes up in the future.


Lois sees the red sun over the city

Lois wakes up at the Daily Planet right after her showdown with Tess, wearing the Legion ring on her finger. She is confused to find the office empty and Tess nowhere to be found and with red light shining through the windows. Lois goes outside to find the streets of Metropolis in ruins and deserted, but, strangest of all, a red sun high in the sky. Then, flying from the direction of the solar tower, a Kandorian, Basqat, lands in front of her, demanding to know why she is out of uniform. She retorts that she dropped out of girls scouts years ago. Seeing her bleeding, he realizes she is a human and has gotten herself into restricted territory. Believing it all to be a dream, she questions his attitude and he replies that it is not her place to ask questions; she retorts that she is a reporter, and that it is in her blood to ask questions. He tells her slyly that "it would be a shame to spill it", and Lois runs off but finds him blocking her path again seconds later. Seeing a phone booth, she declares that the Red-Blue-Blur will stop him, but Basqat says he cannot under a red sun. Pointing to the Blur's ripped shield hanging from a piece of wood, he states the Blur is dead.


Tess connects herself to Lois.

At Belle Reve, Tess is being hooked up to Lois's mind through a Project Intercept apparatus. Stuart thinks it's a bad idea, but Tess wants to see Lois's memories clearly as the computer showed only jumbled images. Stuart is still unsure and asks whether they should have someone from Summerholt there. Tess states that Zod said the tower would change the world and Lois's memories are going to show her how....

Lois wakes up on the floor of a barn with Zod's symbol on the wall. She sees a mother taking her children for food before she goes out to find herself with several more people obviously "caged up". She then sees a woman, Alia, dragging a man by the back of his neck outside, telling him that there is a penalty for stealing, before burning Zod's symbol onto his back with her eyes. She sees Lois staring at her and approaches her. Lois doesn't want trouble, just some food to eat. Alia asks her what she has to trade, and a man shoves his watch in her face, telling her it is all he has in exchange for Lois to be let go. Lois realizes it's Clark, looking weary and tired. Alia accepts it - for now.


Clark and Lois reunite.

After she leaves, Lois and Clark hug. He is relieved and happy to see her, as he thought he had lost her forever and thought she had died. Clark tells Lois she isn't dreaming, and that it is all really happening. Lois is confused about why the Kent Barn is being used as a prison and why Clark would give up his Dad's watch that is priceless to him; Clark tells her he did it for her, and that Earth has been invaded by aliens. Lois says that Tess knew about the 'alien technology' orb which contained life inside it and Clark replies that Tess may have contributed to the invasion itself.

Clark admits he tried to fight their leader, Zod, but he made all the wrong choices and a lot of people died. Lois asks him if Chloe died but he says he doesn't know, and that, after Lois disappeared, he left and hasn't spoken to Chloe for months. Lois is surprised when Clark says she has been missing for a year as she believes she had fought with Tess only hours ago, just before she put on a gold ring. Clark realizes she has the Legion ring which is probably why she is there and she says she still has it in her pocket. Then Basqat arrives, telling Lois General Zod wants to see her, so Clark tells her to protect the ring, before trying to punch Basqat who throws him across the barn. Basqat leaves dragging Lois away.


Chloe calls Stuart.

At Watchtower, Chloe is typing at her computer, looking at Lois's files on the monitor when Clark arrives, asking her for Lois's whereabouts and why she had Emil look into her records. Chloe responds she did it out of concern for her cousin. When Clark knows Chloe has kept secrets for months and when he accuses her of kidnapping Lois, Chloe realizes he's on the right track - but questioning the wrong person. She speculates that it could've been Tess who has been keeping an eye on Lois for months. Because Lois was in a coma, she couldn't possibly answer any questions but Chloe says that Tess can still run tests on her. Tess has an obsession about Lois's whereabouts when she went missing and that this all could be about Lois's trip to the future. Chloe gives Clark Lois's medical report, revealing that Lois had been suffering post-traumatic-stress disorder, and every time she has a memory, her body relives the trauma. Clark knows he has to find her, so Chloe calls Stuart, her guy on the inside.

Stuart's phone rings, but he is busy attending to Lois and Tess. Suddenly both women start trembling as Lois goes into another memory...


Lois meets "General Zod".

Lois is in the Luthor Mansion. She spots a table full of food and approaches it, about to take something to eat, when a man behind her suggests she try the truffles. Turning around, she sees Zod on the upper floor but before she can take anything, he appears next to her and takes a truffle, saying that something like that could mean life or death for 'her kind' before eating it himself. He introduces himself as "General Zod". He tells her he will give her food in exchange for telling him who sneaked her into the restricted zone. Lois tells him her father was a general too, but he couldn't coax information out of her and neither can Zod. She attempts to leave but he stops her. Zod says that her resistance will never take down his tower and he takes the Legion ring out of her pocket.


Zod prepares to execute Clark.

As he asks her what the ring is, Tess comes into the room and tells Zod that Lois worked for her before she disappeared. Seeing her allegiance with Zod, Lois hits Tess in the face, calling her a traitor. Tess angrily states she's Earth's savior as she helped Zod take power to ensure Earth's survival. Lois angrily calls her an "Eco-terrorist" just as Zod notes that she was seen speaking to Clark Kent. He knew that the resistance would get to him soon but Lois wants to fight both of them and snaps that Clark would back her up. But Zod says the only reason Clark is still alive is because he had hoped Clark would join him. Tess says that she also tried to convince Clark of the "good" they were doing, but he wouldn't budge. Zod then decides that neither Clark nor Lois are of any use to him and sentences them to a double execution for defying him. Telling Lois she can "enjoy a glorious last meal", he and Tess leave the room.


Tess dies in Oliver's arms

Outside, Zod gives Tess her dog-tags, officially making her a member of his army. Inside, Clark is brought in for his execution. He tries to go to Lois, but Basqat stops him. He pleads with Zod to spare her life but Zod replies that by defying him, he had forced his hand. Basqat forcefully shoves Clark to his knees as Zod draws his sword. He wanted Clark to join him in this new world, but now he has to bury him beneath it. As he prepares to decapitate him, a kryptonite arrow breaks through one of the windows and brings down one of the soldiers. From the ceiling, resistance fighters appear, shooting kryptonite arrows at all the Kandorians. Faora grabs Zod and forces him out of the room, saying there is too much kryptonite. Zod and Clark exchange a brief look of hatred before Zod super speeds off with Faora. The resistance fighters kill the remaining Kandorians as well as Basqat, and one them is revealed to be Oliver. Lois is happy to see him and he says the leader is Chloe who hugs her cousin.

Clark, Oliver and Chloe exchange awkward looks as though they are uncomfortable to be in each other's presence but Oliver immediately goes over to Tess, who has been shot by an arrow. At first she thought Ollie shot her, but he says he didn't. She says she has acted to save the Earth, even if it meant betraying her own people, and then dies in his arms. Oliver is devastated and turns to find Chloe standing beside him. She coldly admits she shot Tess. Later, Oliver removes Tess's dog-tag and buries her body, with Lois watching.


Stuart refuses to do as he's told.

Tess wakes up in shock and is horrified to have learned that Chloe will kill her in the future. Disengaging herself from Lois's mind, she orders Stuart to erase all Lois's memories about this vision of the future. Stuart is unsure, noting that if something went wrong, Lois could end up catatonic. Tess tells him not to argue and he reluctantly accepts her instructions, but then decides to pull Lois out, saying they were messing with her mind. But before he can do anything, Tess shoots him from behind. She attempts to erase Lois's memory herself, just as Clark arrives but he is weakened by all the kryptonite around. Tess lies to him, saying Stuart went rogue and that he kidnapped Lois, and she tried to stop him. But seeing Lois, Clark roughly pushes Tess aside, throwing her into a table and she falls unconscious. Clark starts to disengage Lois from the computer software but instead accidentally connects himself to Lois's memories.


Clark goes into Lois's mind.

Chloe, Oliver, Lois and Clark are discussing the fact that they "won the battle" but they know that Zod will come after them. Explaining how Lois got there, they realize she time-traveled to their present time. However, Lois tells them that Zod took the Legion ring from her. Clark decides that they have to get the ring back and send Lois back to the past to stop Zod from constructing the tower, in order to prevent the future they are in. Chloe thinks it's a good idea, but she no longer trusts Clark after he left to fight Zod alone, and Oliver is on her side. Clark admits he tried to fight Zod like the enemy but he is with them now. Lois doesn't know why Clark went to fight Zod by himself, but they are all in it together now. Clark tells them they have to shut down the tower and bring back the yellow sun; it's the only way he can get the ring. Chloe still doesn't trust him, but finds the plan acceptable. Chloe explains to Lois that the solar tower is the source of the Kandorians' powers. It collects the yellow sun's radiation, turns it red and sends it to the LuthorCorp satellites, from where it is sent back down to earth, creating the Kandorians' abilities. If they take down the tower, it will take away the Kandorians' powers.


Oliver gives Lois a kryptonite knife.

Lois doesn't see how they can do that as the Kandorians outnumber them, but Chloe says she powered down Watchtower so the Kandorians couldn't find it and can now send a computer virus to the tower from there to shut it down. Clark says if they power down the tower, he will be able to find the ring. Lois is confused how changing the sun would help Clark and Clark cryptically replies that he and Zod have history.

Later, Lois finds Clark washing up and he asks her if she is okay. She recaps everything that has happened that day and out of everything, she says she can't believe that he and Chloe are no longer friends. Clark says it wasn't Chloe's fault, since he turned his back on her because, after Lois disappeared, he found it difficult to be near Chloe and Oliver as they reminded him of her and that was too painful for him. So he left and went to train

Clois love scene1

Clark and Lois make love, consummating their passions.

himself to fight Zod. Lois wants to know why Clark has a history with him, and Clark admits he made mistakes and people died because of it. She urges him not to blame himself and says that he is not alone. She tells him they could all die tomorrow, but he says "I died when you left." She says she's here now, and they kiss and make passionate love.

Back at Belle Reve, Emil is examining an unconscious Clark, trying to get him to respond, while Chloe reports that an ambulance is coming for Stuart who has lost a lot of blood but is alive. Emil explains to her that Clark and Lois's brainwaves are connected but he may be able pull Clark out of it. Chloe stops him, telling him that the reports Tess had on Lois stated that the more times she went to see her therapist, the more memories she recovered. Emil states that the memories are physically damaging, but Chloe continues, saying that the future assassin told Clark that he would destroy the world, and Lois's memories are the key to Clark stopping it from happening.


Chloe dies.

Chloe and Oliver take Lois to Watchtower. Oliver suits up in his Green Arrow costume and gives Lois a kryptonite knife encased in lead. On the computer screens, there are videos of what has happened to the world with the Kandorians in control. Chloe starts taking down firewalls before uploading the virus into the tower. Oliver knows the Kandorians are coming so he goes ahead to make sure the coast is clear. Chloe tells Lois to go on as well and she'll catch up.


Oliver prepares to fight the kryptonian army.

Lois runs through the streets of Metropolis and ducks behind a burnt car. Chloe comes into view and Lois signals to her. Chloe makes a beeline for her but Alia swoops down in her path, blocking her. Chloe prepares to fight, but Alia draws her sword and stabs it through Chloe who falls to the ground. Lois is horrified. Oliver approaches them, arrow at the ready, but Alia super speeds away. Lois hurries to her cousin's side but Chloe dies in her arms. Oliver tells Lois she can't do anything now but get the ring and go back to the past and stop this nightmare of a future from happening. Still grieved about what happened to Chloe, Lois runs off, leaving Oliver to defend himself against an approaching swarm of super powered Kandorians.


Zod drags Clark.

Zod drags Clark by the leg through the deserted streets. He says he knew Clark would come after him, just to save a doomed race who would die rather than unite under one leader and do what was required to create a new world. He finds it tragic that Clark would fight him like this. Metropolis would not have been destroyed if Clark had stopped fighting and joined him but Clark says he'd never stop fighting, and humanity will never lose its spirit. When Zod turns his back, Lois arrives and throws the knife to Clark but Zod crushes his outstretched hand with his foot. Zod sees Lois and bends over Clark, telling him "Goodbye, son of Jor-El", and then super-kicks Clark through a building into the other street. Clark crashes into the road, unconscious. Shocked, Lois tries to run to him, but Zod stops her just as the solar tower starts to malfunction. He stares, disbelieving, as the tower shuts down and the red sun becomes yellow again.


Clark has his powers again.

Clark appears behind him, telling him his reign of terror is over and that he is sending Lois home to stop the tower from ever being built. Zod is angered, shouting that Clark forced him to unleash his power and together they could have made Earth a paradise but Clark states that it already was; Zod never gave humanity a chance. He takes the Legion ring from Zod who remarks that humanity has made him weak. Before Clark knows what is happening, Zod stabs Clark with the kryptonite knife. He whispers that if Lois goes back, the lives they know would cease to exist, and as he strengthens his grip on the knife, he tells Clark he has destroyed their world. With a mighty effort, Clark shoves Zod away, sending him flying into a van, knocking him unconscious before he himself collapses to his knees and wrenches the knife out of his stomach. Lois hurries to his side, and panicking, tries to reassure him that everything will be alright. Struggling to breathe, Clark tells her to put on the ring and go back to the past. She refuses, so Clark orders her to do so immediately. She's scared she'll never see him again and he assures her she will if she goes back, before kissing her goodbye. He looks over her shoulder and sees Alia staring over at them, so he slips the ring on Lois's finger, just as Alia super speeds over and grabs onto Lois. The two are sent back a year to the day Lois mysteriously reappears in Metropolis after being missing for three weeks.

Clark wakes up and Chloe reassures him Lois will be all right; she'll just wake up with a headache. Emil reports that when Lois wakes up, she will no longer have memories of what happened in the future. Seeing the look on his face, Chloe assumes the future isn't good and asks him what he saw.


Lois holds Clark's hand.

Later at the Daily Planet, Clark escorts Lois back to her desk, telling her she has to take things slowly since she got back from the hospital. Lois says she only has hypoglycemia, and that she'll be fine, but Clark doesn't want to risk losing her again. After a few moments of silence, Clark asks her what they are doing. Lois notes she's eating a doughnut and he is invading her personal space by standing so close. Clark says he meant 'us as a couple' and Lois is startled by his sudden change of behavior. She tells Clark to slow down and let her get back on her feet and Clark says she can lean on him for strength, because he feels stronger when she is around. Lois says she's done the "dating thing wrong" several times and Clark says they'll do it right, they just have to take their time. Lois says nothing. Then she suggests they get a cup of coffee and they walk to the elevator as Lois lists all the things they would do in order, amusing Clark. As they stand in the elevator, Lois takes Clark's hand.

Clark arrives at Watchtower and Oliver is surprised that he's so cheerful. Clark says he's just happy Lois is going to be okay. Chloe says Emil ran every test and has ensured she won't remember a thing - except the 5 dozen roses Clark sent her. Chloe is surprised that the two men are grinning after they just found out they will all die tragically in the near future. Oliver wants to take out Zod before he can take power, but Clark says that fighting Zod would make him more powerful. Chloe still thinks fighting Zod would be better but Clark says he'll just come back with everything he has. Oliver wants to know if Clark thinks they could just "hug it out" but Clark remembers that, before he died, Jor-El told him to save Zod. He now thinks Jor-El meant him to save Zod from himself. Chloe states that it would be a mistake to befriend him. If the solar tower went up, Zod would get power and they would have none, including Clark. Clark tells her he knows what would happen if he treats Zod like the enemy, so now he is going to do it the right way.


"Kneel before Kal-El!"

Zod addresses his soldiers, giving them assignments to help build the solar tower. Then Clark arrives, dressed as the Blur. Zod faces him and tells the Kandorians to "Kneel before Kal-El". They do as they're told and bow, all except for Zod who stands upright with Clark.



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  • In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (in modern accounts referred to as 'Pandora's box') which released all the evils which afflict mankind— although the particular evils are not specified in detail — leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.
  • In this case, it refers to Tess releasing all the bad that happens in the future after she activates the Orb, much like 'Pandora's Box'.
  • It also refers to the secrets locked in the mind of Lois Lane which are compared to the things that were locked in Pandora's box and are 'released' in this episode.


  • Antagonist: Major Zod
  • Tess trying to transfer Lois's memories of the future to her own mind by using a kryptonite concoction is very similar to the events that occur in Memoria, Lara, and Fracture.
  • Zod refers to himself as "General" instead of "Major", the rank the original Zod would eventually attain on Krypton. In this case, it is likely a self-promotion as dictators often do.
  • Tess's transfer of Lois's memories of the future to herself begins with Lois waking up on the floor of the Daily Planet office and ends with Oliver Queen burying Tess's future self. Tess regains consciousness in the present and disconnects herself from the machine. After Tess shoots Stuart Campbell for refusing to erase Lois's future memories, she attempts to do it herself but Clark prevents her. He then accidentally connects with the machine and his memory transfer begins with Lois and himself united with Chloe and Oliver and Chloe reprimanding him for "abandoning" them, and ends with Lois putting on the Legion Ring to return to the present. So neither Tess nor Clark Kent (and his allies) have a complete picture of Lois's time in the future.
  • This is the fourth episode this season to have all the main cast appear.
  • Clark intercepted Lois's visions by the force of kryptonite, very similar to what happened in Lara when he tried to save Kara, but instead went into her visions by the force of kryptonite.
  • This is the first time we see what happened to Lois when she disappeared with the Legion ring back in Doomsday; it also explains how the future Alia came back to the present.
  • This is the first time Clark and Major Zod have a face-off.
  • This is the first time that Tess dies, but it was part of an alternate future.
  • This is the eleventh episode in the series that shows Clark as a mortal (no powers), the others being Leech, Asylum, Transference, Spell, Arrival, Mortal, Hidden, Blue, Odyssey, and Injustice.
  • Lois and Clark finally decide to become a couple at the end of the episode.
  • Clark decides at the end of the episode that it would be better to try and befriend Zod and the other Kandorians. This is somewhat in line with what the clone of Jor-El asked him to do in Kandor.
  • The question of how Alia obtained Jonathan's watch is answered when it is revealed that Clark gave it to her in a trade so that Lois could be given food after being taken captive in the future.
  • No reason is given for why the Kent Farm in Smallville was chosen as the location for a prison camp.
  • Several of the exterior scenes that take place in the future were shot on the 'Watchmen' set.
  • The Blur's shirt, as shown to Lois on the street, is reminiscent of the cover of the famous graphic novel The Death of the Superman. In the graphic novel, after a fight with Doomsday, Lois finds Superman dead on the street and his cape hangs on a pole.
  • When Basqat tells Lois that the 'Red-Blue Blur' is dead, Lois looks at a pole and she sees the Blur's t-shirt. Lois should not have known that was the Blur's symbol, because Clark changed his outfit while she was 'missing' in the future. However, it is likely that she was following Basqat's gaze as he was looking at the shirt specifically after he said the Blur was dead, and inferring the meaning from the look of the shirt would not have been difficult.
  • This is the first mid-season 'finale' not to feature Lex Luthor and/or Lana Lang.
  • This is the first episode of the season to have all the series regulars appear in the same scene.
  • In the future, General Zod addresses Clark as "The Son of Jor-El" before he super-kicks him. In Superman II, General Zod refers to Superman as "The Son Of Jor-El".
  • Chloe's line, "Take that, Master Control!" upon shutting down Zod's firewalls is a reference to the movie Tron.



  • When Lois wakes up in her dream, she is at the Daily Planet, yet when she goes out of the Daily Planet front exit, she ends up in a suburban street with downtown Metropolis seen in the background before Basqat, including the Daily Planet.
  • Some things aren't clearly explained in this episode. For example, how the Kandorians had powers under the red sun; this is not explained how Jor-El irradiated the Orb with blue kryptonite for this effect since blue K is only shown to remove powers of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun.  Also, when the tower was rendered useless by the virus, the yellow sun empowered Clark and left General Zod powerless; yet Alia could superspeed and thus follow Lois back to present time. This should only be possible if Alia had some of Clark's blood.  This is however consistent with what we saw of Alia in the season opener Savior in which she had superpowers under the yellow sun and used blue kryptonite to depower herself and Clark. Tess mentions helping Zod into power. It is possible that, instead of something Jor-El did with blue K, that Tess helped Zod with LuthorCorp technology to overcome the effects of blue Kryptonite and use red radiation to empower the Kandorians, over and beyond providing the Solar Tower and LuthorCorp satellites. But the show doesn't confirm this and no other Kandorians are shown to have the abilities without the red sun.
  • While time-travel and its effects always has the excuse of being unpredictable, Lois's memory loss immediately after traveling back to the present is inconsistent with her intact sense of time and place after her first time-travel trip. Chloe does mention that Lois suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (likely from seeing Chloe die and Clark get stabbed in the future) and her mind might have simply blocked out the 'future memories'. It's also possible that the knock on the head she took when the monorail went off track in Savior could have had something to do with it.
  • When Lois comes to the future, she has come from a time, when the Blur had not yet revealed his shield to Metropolis; yet Lois seems shocked and quite aware of the significance of the torn black t-shirt on the pole, on which there is a silver 'S' shield.  Though Basqat makes the pronouncement that "your Blur is dead" and then directs his eyes unmistakably towards the shirt, which should be a fairly obvious indication that the shirt is the Blur's.
  • There is a question about Lana in this time period: considering she is now covered in kryptonite and may have had enough power to defeat the Kandorians because of it. Oliver and Chloe don't know where she is, but even without any outside contact with anyone, she should have been able to see the changes to the sun and come to investigate.
    • Lana's suit contained alien DNA. It was never established from which alien. However, the only alien shown to be able to absorb Kryptonite was Bizarro, who was killed by Blue kryptonite. If the alien DNA was his, then Lana's suit might also be vulnerable to Blue Kryptonite. In Savior, the Alia from the future was shown to be carrying Blue Kryptonite. This could explain Lana's absence as the Kandorians having used Blue Kryptonite to kill her (keeping some with them, in case there's another like her) or to keep her at a distance.
    • While talking to Lois, Clark remarks that a lot of people died in an attempt to fight Zod. It is possible that this includes not only Lana Lang, but Bart Allen, Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, Dinah Lance, and John Jones also (which would explain their absence in the future).
    • A later story, Valkyrie, depicts Lana as being slower and physically weaker than Metallo (a cyborg created by the Kandorians), who takes her out in less than a minute. In the same story, Lana loses the suit thanks to a minor upgrade to Metallo's Kryptonite heart by Winslow Schott. The story also depicts Lana as being bulletproof, but it is unknown if she would be able to withstand the force of a Kryptonian's Heat Vision. Finally, all of the Kandorians are depicted as being able to fly, an ability that Lana does not possess. In the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode "Metallo", Superman (Dean Cain) is able to avoid the effects of that Metallo's Kryptonite heart (and a physical confrontation with him) by merely floating in the air above Metallo (then using his Heat Vision to melt the lower half of Metallo's robotic body).



Lois: The Red-Blue Blur - he'll stop you.
Basqat: Not under a red sun. Look around you. Your Blur is dead.

(Clark and Lois hug after being reunited in the Kent barn)
Clark: I thought I lost you forever.
Lois: Clark. Thank God.
Clark: I can't believe you're alive.
Lois: This dream just got ten times brighter.
Clark: What do you mean, dream? Lois, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you're not dreaming.

Lois: I'm pretty sure I didn't walk a whole year into the future—not in these heels. The thing is, I lost the ring. That one-named wonder, Zod, took it.

Lois: Stop beating yourself up. You are not alone in this. The truth is... we could all die tomorrow.
Clark: Lois, I died when you left.
Lois: I'm here now. (they kiss)

Clark: I made all the wrong choices. A lot of people died...

Lois: (to Tess) You betrayed the entire human race for some crappy dog tags. Way to go!

Zod: I'm General Zod. And all of this is mine to give if you give me the names of whoever snuck you into the restricted zone.
Lois: My Dad's a general, too. And he still couldn't get me to spill how I got an M1 Abrams tank to take me to the prom. So I'm definitely not telling you anything.

Lois: (seeing the Watchtower) Okay, Chloe, remember when we were 10 and I kicked you out of my clubhouse for spilling soda and you said you'd just build a cooler one? You win.

Lois: I just have one more question. How does turning the sun yellow make Clark our number 1 draft pick for taking on the Zod guy?

Zod: You chose to fight me! You forced me to unleash my power! We could have made this planet a paradise!
Clark: It always was. But you never gave humanity a chance.

Clark: What are we doing?
Lois: I'm eating a maple doughnut, and you're kind of invading my personal space.
Clark: I mean us. Lois and Clark. Clark and Lois. As a couple.
Lois: Cowboy! You just went from 10 to, like, 110 in 2 seconds flat. Let's just slow it down. I still need to get my feet back under me.
Clark: You can lean on me for strength. I feel stronger when you're around, anyway.

Zod: NO! (after the solar tower is deactivated by Chloe's virus)
Clark:: Zod! Your reign of terror is over, Zod. I'm sending Lois home to the past, so she can warn us about the tower before it's ever built!

Oliver: Five dozen roses? Wow. That's subtle.

Chloe: I really don't get why the two of you are grinning, considering the fact that we're all about to die terribly tragic deaths in the not-so-distant future.

Clark: I understand you've been looking for me.
Zod: My brother and sister Kandorians, he has come. Kneel before Kal-El.

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