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Pamela Jenkins was Lex Luthor's nanny and Tess Mercer's biological mother.

Early History

Sometime after 1980, Pamela was hired by Lionel Luthor to be his son Lex's nanny. While in the service of the Luthor family, Pamela had an affair with Lionel, which resulted in a daughter that Lionel gave up for adoption.[1] Around 1993, Pamela was forced by Lionel to leave after Lex's mother's death.[2]

Season One

Lex initially spurned Pamela until Lionel told him that he was afraid that Pamela would ask his son for money as she was dying of cancer. Lex later visited Pamela at the hospital, bringing her a book she had admired earlier when visiting the mansion. Pamela expressed that she is ashamed it took her so long to come and see Lex. She was angry with herself for letting Lionel scare her away. Pamela regretted that she couldn't help Lex grow up and told him how proud she is of the man he has become. Pamela later died with Lex by her side, as he accepted her apology.[2]

Season Ten

Years later, Tess Mercer discovered that she was the daughter of Pamela and Lionel Luthor.[1]



  • Although Pamela Jenkins was revealed as Tess Mercer's biological mother on the birth certificate for "Lutessa Lena Luthor", her name is never spoken aloud in Season Ten, nor does Tess ever acknowledge Pamela to any other character.
  • Like Pamela, Tess has red hair.


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