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Chancellor Pa-Vel is a Kryptonian citizen of the 31st century's New Krypton. [picture needed]

Powers & Abilities

As a Kryptonian, Pa-Vel has many powers and abilities under a yellow sun.

Season Eleven

Cancellor Pa-Vel escorts Superman in the Hall of Scion in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years. Cancellor also mentions that Clark liberated their ancestors from the tyranny of General Zod and that is why every Kryptonian on New Krypton calls him "Liberator". Cancellor also explains to Superman a bit about their religion, how proud enlightened people they are and that their war is more about that despite the violence. He also reveals that the main cause of the war is to recover the body of their God. A confused Clark questions him about his revealtion knowing that the God they worship is Rao but Cancellor says that Rao was worshiped only by their ancestors and they now worship a new one, showing him the statue of their Goddess and also revealing to him that Clark actually knew her.

Later, some Kryptonian scientists inform Cancellor Pa-Vel that energy is spinning across the worldship. Suddenly the citizents hear a loud noise. Then the Cancellor states that it has began.

Superman and Saturn Girl find Doomsday, the hulking brute having almost killed off the Eradicators and caused mass panic in the city. Clark decides to take the monster and throw it to the sun. Pa-Vel says to Clark that he isn't powerful enough to escape the sun's gravity, and Clark responds that he is aware of that.