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This article is about the LuthorCorp doctor, Dr. Otis Ford. For the article about see Lex Luthor's personal assistant, Otis Berg.

Dr. Otis Ford is a doctor employed by LuthorCorp to manage a defense contract project involving a gas that causes exposed people to hallucinate their worst nightmare.

Season Four

The project's laboratory exploded and several citizens of Smallville were affected by the gas. Lex Luthor ordered the project shut down, but Dr. Ford protested, saying it was a very lucrative project. However, he and Lex both realized the danger of the situation when an exposed LuthorCorp employee died from the effects.

Dr. Ford created an antidote, but it required several hours of intense heating. Clark Kent, desperate to save his friends and family members, used his heat vision to speed up the process and the antidote was able to be used to cure the victims.