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Orion is the original keeper of the Bow of Orion and Darkseid's biological son.

Early life

Kara revealed to Oliver that Orion is the son of Darkseid while they searched for the bow. Rather than being raised by his father he was raised by another being who was dedicated to spreading the light just has much as Darkseid is to spreading darkness. That being's influence ultimately made Orion a powerful ally to the side of light and a key player in one of the early defeats of his father. (Prophecy)

Season Ten

Symbol of Orion

Oliver Queen went after Orion's bow to remove his Omega symbol and to help Clark defeat Darkseid.

After defeating his father, Orion hid the bow behind a series of traps in a temple so that future heroes could use it to defeat his father when he would one day return. The traps would ensure that only the worthy could wield the bow and that his father's prophets would be unable to acquire the bow and destroy it.

In the Comics

Orion as he appears in the comics.

Orion is the second son of Darkseid, half brother of Kalibak and Grayven, and the husband of Bekka. As a child, he was traded for Scott Free in a peace effort between New Genesis and Apokolips. Raised as the son of Highfather Izaya, he was taught to control his rage and anger, becoming the most powerful warrior either world has ever known. This in itself was not an easy task given that his heritage boiled with the rage of the brutal and merciless Darkseid. Learning how to control his dark nature consumed much of Orion's youth, but as he grew, his friends among the New Gods helped him direct his anger. He is a hero dedicated to the ideals of New Genesis. His fighting skill and stamina have earned him the nickname "The Dog of War".

Orion kills Darkseid.

In his own series, Orion was able to obtain the Anti-Life Equation, the source Darkseid was in search of. He then went to Apokolips and confronted Darkseid about his birth, and fought for control of Apokolips. He refused to use the Anti-Life Equation due to issues of pride and earning his destiny unaided. He defeated Darkseid and gained control of Apokolips. With the Anti-Life Equation, Orion went to Earth to begin creating intergalactic peace. He turned Earth into a utopian world that began disrupting the balance of the universe. It was revealed that Darkseid, alongside Metron, allowed Orion to defeat him, so he could understand the potential of the Anti-Life Equation.

Orion has served two terms with the Justice League. He first demanded to join the League alongside his friend Lightray. They were accepted into the ranks and stayed on until after the battle with the Evil Eye. Later, he and Big Barda were sent as agents of New Genesis to serve in the JLA. During his time in the League, Orion helped to defeat the returned Starro when its actions put almost the entirety of North America to sleep and also aided Green Lantern, Steel, Plastic Man, and Barda in capturing a White Martian that had regained its original memory. On one occasion, when he and some of the other Leaguers were abducted by the apparently insane Adam Strange as part of a plot to defeat a telepathic race, Steel was forced to steal Orion's Mother Box and use it as a telepathic shield; Orion was so enraged that the Mother Box was devoting too much energy to keeping him calm to do anything else. However, Orion and Barda's central mission was to help mobilize Earth's heroes against the coming of the omnipotent Mageddon. Once again, Orion abandoned his Mother Box, giving it to Oracle while he confronted Mageddon at full ferocity, Oracle using it to set up a telepathic online network that could coordinate the heroes as they fought to stop the wars that Mageddon's presence was inciting. Once Mageddon was defeated, he and Barda resigned.

Years later, Orion returns to Earth via Boom Tube for his final battle with Darkseid. During the massive fight, Orion ultimately kills him by ripping his heart out, creating a firepit of Apokolips from Darkseid's chest cavity in reference to the prophecy of their final battle. As Darkseid dies, a battered, wounded Orion walks away from the battlefield having "won" the battle against his father once and for all.

Orion dies.

However, Darkseid's life essence endured even the death of his body and fell back in time, where he was reborn as "Boss Dark Side". Darkseid sought his revenge against his son by firing a time travel-based gun backwards in time to kill Orion once and for all. The bullet killed Orion, who by this point had realized that his father and his fellow evil New Gods still lived and were now possessing human beings as host bodies. With his last strength, Orion warns the man who finds his dying body, Detective Dan "Terrible" Turpin, that "They are not dead- He is in you all." His final command, appropriate for the Dog of War, is for humanity to "Fight..." before he finally dies.

Orion in The New 52.

In The New 52, Orion has appeared as a recurring character in the Wonder Woman title. He claws his way out of a grave and dons his helmet. He then transports himself through a boom tube to an undisclosed location. He has been sent to Earth by the Highfather to deal with a threat, a baby, that would end the source-which means the end of time and existence. Orion works with Milan and later Wonder Woman and Lennox to deal with the situation. Together they find War, who takes them to where Hermes and Demeter are hiding the baby. Orion states that he in fact does not want to kill a baby, even though he might have to later on. After a battle with the First Born, Orion takes Wonder Woman, the now named baby Zeke, Hera and Zola, Zeke's mother to New Genesis. Highfather is disappointed at Orion for bringing the threat of the universe to New Genesis. Against Highfather's wishes, Orion brings Zeke back to Earth, where they will help fight the First Born and his army.

Meanwhile, Orion has also been sent to destroy Hector Hammond's mind inside of Superman.


  • The constellation Orion appeared to be connected somehow to the location of the Bow of Orion. In Season 3, Alicia Baker recalled the ancient Greek legend of Orion, referring to him as a strong and powerful warrior. It is unknown whether in the Smallville universe the Greek myth of Orion is in any way connected to Orion, Darkseid, and the New Gods, though it is certainly possible as Granny Goodness hinted to Tess in Finale, Part 1 that fragments of Darkseid's story were present in many of humanity's legends .

Other faces of Orion


Kara: (referring to the Bow of Orion) You never told me why you were seeking it.
Oliver: Well, promise you won't tell anyone, but I'm trying to change my fate. The Bow of Orion is the key. It worked for him, right?
Kara: Only after he found the strength to turn away from the darkness, even though that meant turning away from his father.
Oliver: Orion is Darkseid's son.
Kara: Yes. He was raised by some who believes in spreading the light instead of the darkness his birthfather created. And, eventually, he swore to serve that light instead.
Season Ten, Prophecy