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"You act as though the marks weren't there to begin with."
Desaad to Clark Kent. Masquerade

The Omega Symbol is the insignia with which the Apokoliptian dictator Darkseid imprints upon those who have become susceptible to his corrupting influences. The symbol is visible only through x-ray scans, as it is imprinted into the forehead of the victim's skull as a dark brand.

Process and Effect

Granny Goodness erasing a girl's mind.

It is said by Clark and Tess that Darkseid's symbol is very similar to the Mark of the Beast in Revelations, in that those who do not bear the mark will eventually be killed off, while those who are marked will be spared. Darkseid is fueled by fears, doubts and weaknesses that exist within people and he uses his powers to corrupt and increase the dark side that lives inside of them. Once the person falls completely at the mercy of the darkness, the symbol is engraved on their skull as a sign of total corruption.

This mark is later revealed to not only have been a sign of corruption but also acted as magnet which pulled Apokolips through the cosmos to Earth.

Normally, people do not know what is affecting them, as well as very few realize that they have been infected. As a result of being marked, the darkness influences them and people start to act differently and especially start to do bad things they normally would not do.

It seems that the better a person who was branded the more resistance they have against the Mark. Zod taunted Oliver that while he had resisted the Omega Symbol's power so far that Darkseid could take him over when ever he wanted and had just been playing with Oliver for the moment by letting him retain his free will.

Desaad infecting Oliver.

As a process to infect people, Darkseid uses his triad of prophets to prepare vessels for his arrival. He uses Gordon Godfrey to sow doubts in the hearts of people through his radio show and break their spirits, Desaad is in charge of binding the bodies of people, collecting them after being abducted and Granny Goodness clearing their minds so that people would not oppose in any way to the dark. Separately, they can also infect people completely corrupting them with the sin in their hearts.

Desaad hinted to Clark that the Omega Symbol was not just a sign of corruption and are part of a bigger plan. When Clark tried to push him for answers only for Darkseid to briefly emerge and say "Now that would be telling," before slamming Clark with a vortex of Darkness.


Oliver's Omega symbol vanishes.

The Omega symbol is revealed to have somewhat worked as a gravitational pull for the planet Apokolips. Before knowing the weakness of the mark, Clark speculated that it may have been possible to have freed the people from Darkseid's influence by defeating him. Granny Goodness revealed that the Bow of Orion could have removed the mark from Oliver and speculated that it was the only thing that could have done that describing it as, "A light that the world shall never see again".

The citizens of Metropolis are free of the Omega.

It is later revealed, however, that Clark Kent, though not for everyone, can remove the stain from an individual, as shown with Oliver Queen.

Known victims

  • Oliver Queen received the Omega Symbol mark when he beat up Desaad.
  • Slade Wilson received the Omega Symbol mark as a result of working with Darkseid.
  • Orion was revealed to have been marked long ago but managed to remove it with his bow, allowing him to turn away from his father Darkseid. (Prophecy)
  • Various citizens of Metropolis have also shown signs of being infected with the darkness and marked with the symbol. (Icarus, Masquerade)