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Oliver Queen has had several near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
605Smallville0790.jpg 6x05 Reunion Oliver was nearly killed by Duncan Allenmeyer but Clark saved him.
607Smallville0887.jpg 6x07 Rage While trying to prevent a carjacking, Oliver was shot in the upper chest by a thug. He used the healing drug RL65 to heal himself. Lex Luthor shot Oliver with a gun, but Oliver used RL65 again to cure himself.
X11siren720pmkv 001155114.jpg 7x11 Siren Black Canary used her subsonic cry to make Oliver fall to the ground unconscious. After that, Lex tried to kill Green Arrow by shooting him but Clark saved him.
Lois and Oliver toxic.jpg 8x03 Toxic While on a desert island, he pricked his hand on a toxic flower. Tess Mercer saved him by using leeches to suck the poison out of his body. Later, he was poisoned again by the same toxin in Metropolis and saved by Clark and Chloe with a LuthorCorp antidote.
812Smallville0917.jpg 8x12 Bulletproof Rogue policemen started shooting at Oliver until Clark stopped them.
Requiem-smallville-4109651-1280-720.jpg 8x14 Requiem Oliver was caught in an explosion set by Winslow Schott at a LuthorCorp board meeting and was only able to survive by diving under a table at the last minute.
820Smallville0631.jpg 8x20 Beast When Oliver followed Jimmy into the Talon and discovered that Davis Bloome was still alive, he was held captive in the basement. After convincing Davis to not kill Jimmy, Davis attacked Oliver and nearly killed him before Clark supersped in and took Davis to the Fortress of Solitude.
821Smallville0872.jpg 8x21 Injustice Oliver was knocked unconscious by an explosion as the Injustice League attacked the Luthor Mansion.
X22doomsdaybluraymkv 001517931.jpg 8x22 Doomsday (episode) Oliver among other Justice League members were attacked by Doomsday but survived somehow.
903Smallville0899.jpg 9x03 Rabid Oliver was nearly killed by a zombie but he was able to shoot it before it attacked him.
904Smallville0924.jpg 9x04 Echo Winslow Schott trapped Oliver on a pressure plate that he claimed would trigger a bomb if he moved. Oliver attempted to kill himself by stepping off the plate, but in actuality, the pressure plate was a ruse and unbeknownst to Oliver, Clark had disabled the true trigger.
905Smallville0346.jpg 9x05 Roulette Oliver was nearly killed during Victoria Sinclair's game as he jumped into an empty car and realizes that the doors were locked and a truck sped towards the car and crashed into it.
906Smallville1284.jpg 9x06 Crossfire Mia Dearden's handler tried to shoot Oliver but he was saved by Clark.
916Smallville1136.jpg 9x16 Escape The Silver Banshee had planned to kill Oliver but Clark arrived just in time to stop her.
920Smallville0790.jpg 9x20 Sacrifice Zod burned his symbol into Oliver's chest and Oliver was only able to survive, as Clark got him to the hospital in time.
922Smallville1043.jpg 9x22 Salvation Oliver was attacked by something that he can only describe as "not Kandorian" and goes missing.
Lazarus 0450.jpg 10x01 Lazarus Oliver was abducted and tortured by Rick Flag until Chloe rescued him by sacrificing herself.
1005Smallville1049.jpg 10x05 Isis Oliver was almost hit by the energy blast of the goddess Isis.
1009Smallville0923.jpg 10x09 Patriot Oliver was confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Gen. Slade Wilson when he decided to register for the Vigilante Registration Act.
1010Smallville1524.jpg 10x10 Luthor When Clark Luthor began to destroy the Watchtower, Oliver risked his life to protect it.
1011Smallville0515.jpg 10x11 Icarus Oliver was about to be beaten to death by a mob of angry people but was saved by the intervention of Carter Hall and Courtney.
X12collateralmkv 001187102.jpg 10x12 Collateral When Chloe tried to disconnect Oliver from a virtual world, she almost killed him but stopped in time. After hacking the virtual world, she rescued Oliver but warned him that if he did not entirely trust her he could die when they jumped from the Daily Planet to the exit.
X14masqueradehdmkv 001142099.jpg 10x14 Masquerade Oliver and Chloe were threatened by FBI agents while investigating a case, but were able to escape working together.
S10e19-nd33.jpg 10x19 Dominion While in the Phantom Zone, Clark and Oliver were forced to fight to the death by General Zod. Luckily, they both had thought up a plan to escape without having to kill one another.
1021Smallville1336.jpg 10x21 Finale, Part 1 Oliver's life was saved by Clark after he was possessed and corrupted entirely by Darkseid.


  1. While partying with friends on a private yacht, Oliver's yacht was boarded by thugs and Oliver was almost killed. He escaped by activating an life raft. (Oliver Queen Chronicles)
  2. While adrift at sea in a life raft, Oliver was almost killed by sharks. He stabbed one with an arrow, and it swam away. (Oliver Queen Chronicles)
  3. Oliver was almost killed by a tribe of natives on the island, but a woman spared his life. (Oliver Queen Chronicles)
  4. Oliver stubbed his foot on a rock, but the island natives treated his foot. This prevented him from getting gangrene, a potentially fatal condition given the conditions on the island. (Oliver Queen Chronicles)
  • Oliver has healed himself at least twice with RL65.
  • Oliver's life has been at risk 26 times since his introduction in Season Six.
  • Season Ten is the only season that Oliver has the most near-death experiences with a total of 10.

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