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"I'm not the party boy who runs off on these lost rum-soaked weekends. I'm not the multinational corporate titan. That's not me. Underneath it all, the person I really am is Green Arrow."
— Oliver Queen to Clark KentIdentity

Oliver Jonas Queen[1] is a famous billionaire from Star City, the owner and CEO of Queen Industries, the co-founder of the Justice League, and also Chloe Sullivan's second husband. As the highly skilled vigilante archer Green Arrow, Oliver dresses in green and black and utilizes a variety of arrows and gadgets for many forms of defense.

Oliver had a near lifelong relationship with Lex Luthor which began with their parents' Veritas meetings and continued into their time together at boarding school. He also has a complicated romantic history with Tess Mercer.

When Oliver descended into depression after learning that Lionel Luthor killed his parents, he turned towards a lifestyle of women, drinking, and partying. He then again abandoned his Green Arrow duties and spent many months making the gossip pages. He eventually decided to get his life back on track, thanks to Chloe Sullivan's intervention.

In 2009, Oliver Queen agreed to merge Queen Industries with LuthorCorp after Tess Mercer, CEO of LuthorCorp, suggested it to Oliver after her betrayal by Lex Luthor. However, the day he was to discuss the merger with the LuthorCorp Board of Directors, every member was killed in an explosion. He and Tess follow through on the $10 billion merger and become full business partners. The details of the merger were never given to the audience except the $10 billion amount and that Tess and Oliver shared all of their assets after the merger: airplanes, stocks, etc. It is therefore unclear how much influence or stake Oliver currently holds in the company because of Lex taking back control of LuthorCorp, which he renamed LexCorp. It is revealed in "Guardian", that Oliver is currently rebuilding Queen Industries. [citation needed]

In late 2009, Oliver discovered a prostitute and street fighter named Mia Dearden. Seeing her fighting skills, Oliver took her under his wing and got her off the streets, training her in martial arts with the hope that she could be an ally for his team of superheroes.

Recently, due to the frequent bad press about costumed heroes being deemed menaces, and the loss of his true love Chloe, Oliver revealed to the public that he is the Green Arrow to prove the media wrong and hopefully be reunited with the woman he loves.

Physical Appearance

Oliver in Season Six

Oliver is 6'2" and 195 pounds. He has blond hair and brown eyes. Oliver had a scar in his chest in the shape of the Mark of Zod, from when he was burned by Zod's heat vision, ("Sacrifice") but has likely had the scar covered via plastic surgery. ("Lazarus")

Oliver in Season Ten

Oliver, unlike most others, has generally kept the same appearance over the last 5 years. His hair has stayed in the same style since his first appearance in "Sneeze", only sometimes it is seen grown out slightly. He is sometimes seen with an unshaven appearance, mostly when he goes on drinking binges. ("Echo", "Roulette")

Oliver's style in clothing is somewhat similar to Lex Luthor's, as they both dress in high class business suits and dress pants and shirts, which seem to be mostly green. Oliver also owns a leather jacket he sometimes wears when he's riding his motorcycle. ("Rabid")

The current Green Arrow costume

As Green Arrow, Oliver masks his identity with a green and black leather costume. It brands a green 'G' on the belt and also has a hood and black or green sunglasses, which contain a voice changer. His sunglasses have special electronic features, one of which allows him to communicate with Watchtower.[citation needed] He has been seen wearing his costume, as well as a more recent modified bulkier version, in the following episodes:

The outfit has been worn by Clark Kent on one occasion to act as cover for Oliver in Hydro in his attempt to prove Lois wrong when she suspected Oliver of being the Green Arrow. Oliver returned the favor by once wearing a very similar red and blue outfit to cover for Clark. ("Identity")


"Look, he's a good person who stands up against corruption and social injustice."
Lois Lane to Tess MercerToxic

Oliver is charismatic with an affable demeanor. Known for his wit and subtle humor, he is very easy to talk to.[2]

Oliver believes that in order to be a hero:

  • He has to be willing to make the difficult decisions
  • He has to put himself on the line for other people
  • He has to occasionally step outside the law for the greater good
  • Stealing: As Green Arrow, Oliver adopts a Robin Hood-type philosophy—he steals ill-gotten valuables from the rich and donates the proceeds anonymously to charity.[3] Clark Kent argued with him that stealing was wrong for any reason, but Oliver disagreed. Even as a teen Oliver would steal, as he and his friends stole midterm answers at Excelsior Academy.
  • Coming to the Rescue: He's Green Arrow for a reason. From his first save in "Toxic" or the numerous rescues..."Arrow", "Identity", "Injustice", etc., his methods may be unorthodox from time to time, but he is loyal.
  • Murder: Oliver has shown he is even willing to commit murder for the greater good or even in revenge, which is in stark contrast to Clark.
    • Oliver shot Lex Luthor and was willing to let him die, but Clark saved him with RL65. ("Rage")
    • Oliver was also shown shooting a LuthorCorp expedition member with a potentially lethal arrow while attempting to find a missing Clark. ("Odyssey")
    • After Oliver discovered that the Luthors were behind his parents' death, he attempted to kill Lex Luthor; he seemingly succeeded, but Lex ultimately turned out to still be alive.
    • Oliver also attempted to kill the untransformed Davis Bloome in order to eliminate Doomsday, even disabling Clark with kryptonite when he wasn't willing to go along with his plan. (Doomsday)

Oliver faced no legal consequences for his attempted murder of Lex or Davis. However, after Chloe and Roulette helped him become Green Arrow again, he had a greater apprehension for murder and showed restraint when fighting his old mentor, as well as telling Hawkman that vengeance and murder are not the way to get justice and in choosing not to murder Zod when he could have. ("Disciple", "Absolute Justice, Part 2", "Sacrifice" )

Oliver has been overcome with despondency in the past, going back and forth between a belief that his life has no purpose, and the belief that he makes a make a difference as the Green Arrow:

  • After his parents died, Oliver lost himself in partying, alcohol, and girls. After being wrecked on a desert island and learning archery from the natives, he decided to become the Green Arrow and fight crime in Star City. (Oliver Queen Chronicles)
  • During his youth, Oliver was mean, arrogant, manipulative, and would constantly bully both Duncan Allenmeyer and Lex Luthor. However, he would feel deep regret over these events later in life. (Reunion)
  • After Tess Mercer told him that Lionel Luthor was behind his parent's death,[4] Oliver loses hope and starts to party with girls on his private jet ("Identity"). Clark convinces Oliver to help him fool Jimmy Olsen into thinking that Clark isn't the Red Blue Blur; doing so reminds Oliver that being a hero is an important part of his identity.
  • After Oliver overpowered Clark in an attempt to kill Davis Bloome, he was overcome with guilt when Davis later killed Jimmy. He turned to gambling, drinking, and fighting in underground fight clubs to numb his pain ("Savior", "Roulette"). He even burned his Green Arrow outfit ("Rabid"). He was rejected in his advances by Lois Lane and continued to spiral out of control, even attempting to commit suicide ("Echo"). Finally, Chloe manipulated him with a series of tests so that he could face his demons and once again become Green Arrow ("Roulette").

Oliver easily assumes a leadership position and as Green Arrow has been the leader of Smallville's version of the Justice League. He holds great concern for his team members and friends and is willing to do whatever it takes to rescue them from harm.[5] Oliver believes that he has a duty to find people who need saving. [citation needed]

Oliver meets and rescues Tess

Ollie is portrayed to being quite fond of female company. His first love was Tess Mercer. Tess Mercer made Oliver want to become a different kind of man than the "billionaire playboy" he'd been before she met him stranded on the island in the south pacific that no one took seriously. It was on that island that he rescued her from the pirates that were holding her hostage - the first time he ever saved anyone in his life - using his newly learned archery skills to do so. They fell in love soon after and lived out the course of their romance in Star City.

Oliver invites Tess to come home

Oliver's long time best friend is Lois Lane. Although Oliver became "Green Arrow" saving Tess Mercer while being stranded with her on a deserted island, it was when he to Metropolis and began dating Lois Lane that the complete super hero persona came into fruition due to Lois's suspicion of Oliver's secret identity. Lois Lane was determined to find out who the mystery man in green leather was, and so the name "Green Arrow", conceived by the cousins Lois and Chloe came to be! Though Lois and Oliver only dated briefly, they have a lasting friendship.

Ollie's exception in his love life concerns his romantic relationship with Chloe Sullivan. He professed his love to her and was able to be completely open with her about his double life. He's also spoken about her in a prayer to his dead parents. Oliver was faithful to Chloe though she'd been missing for several months. Upon her return, Chloe and Oliver rekindled their relationship and are now married.

Ollie has also admitted that he is uncomfortable discussing Clark's alien heritage and believes that Chloe's proximity to Clark puts her in over her head. ("Bloodline")


Oliver's collection of bows and arrows in Season Seven

Oliver's arsenal in Season Ten

Oliver has no superhuman abilities, but he makes up for it with his extraordinary skills as an archer, as well as his athleticism.

  • Master Archer: Oliver Queen is extremely skilled archer. From the roof of Queen Tower, Oliver was able to hit the ornamental globe on the roof of the Daily Planet building almost a mile away; not only did he hit the globe itself, but he was able to specify a location he wanted to hit in Borneo. ("Sneeze") He was able to aim his arrow inside of the hole of a pop tab of a soda can. ("Wither") He was also able to anticipate a bullet in flight and block it with an arrow. ("Arrow") He was able to hit a super powered Zod with a kryptonite arrow, despite Zod being as fast as Clark. Oliver is now skilled enough that he can shoot 3 arrows at once. As a master archer Oliver uses a mechanical bow and crossbow he developed ("Finale, Part 2")
  • Master Martial Artist: He is proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat including Judo, Kickboxing and Karate.[citation needed] He is also exceptionally athletic. He has shown a great amount of physical strength on several occasions. Although he seems to be limited by his human physical prowess, relative to metahumans, he's quite powerful amongst humans. He swiftly outmatched Lex in a brief fight and was able to have the upper hand against a powerless Clark on a few occasions.
  • Expert Acrobat: Oliver has displayed on many occasions that he is an expert in acrobatics, and often uses this skill while evading enemy fire and scaling rooftops as well as through parkour.Wither, Guardian
  • Peak Human Conditioning: To be an effective vigilante and hero, Oliver has trained his body to work at its absolute peak. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and endurance are all at top human potential.
  • Skilled Leader: Oliver is a skilled leader and tactician, he led the Justice League on various missions. He was also able to locate various heroes across the globe and properly rally them to join him.
  • Multilingual: Oliver can speak fluent Russian (“Odyssey”), Spanish (“Echo”) and Arabic (“Isis”).


The second Green Arrow costume

The first Green Arrow suit

Queen Industries Oliver also has access to top of the line technology and electronics equipment through his corporation, Queen Industries and his enormous family fortune. This technology not only powers his quiver of super powered arrows; it also provides technology for members of his Justice League, including Cyborg. He also funds the research and development of drugs like RL65, a healing drug which allowed him to temporarily acquire the meta humans power of a healing factor. ("Rage") His satellites also provide him with imagery he is able to use for his superhero team, as well as to monitor his enemies. ("Sneeze") He used his company to help build watchtower into the high tech database it is.

  • Green Arrow suit: Oliver has worn various protective costumes during his superhero career.
  • Bow: Oliver has an advanced bow which he uses as his main weapon/tool. It is highly advanced and can shrink to a quarter of its original size. It also has another function to be used for his zip-line arrows.
  • Miniature Crossbow: Queen carries a small crossbow which he keeps on a holster at his side. Although his primary tool is his bow, he uses this often. It fires small but powerful darts. It is also strong enough to be used as a grapple for two people.
  • Glasses: Oliver Queen wears special glasses that provide him important heads up display, night vision (“Checkmate”), target assist and can zoom in similar to Telescopic Vision (“Arrow”). They could also record video of his vigilante escapades. (“Rage”) They also have thermal imaging. (“Odyssey”)
  • Voice Modulator: Oliver also uses voice alteration technology while he is disguised as Green Arrow. It is located somewhere in his hood.
  • Lock Pick: Hidden in the sleeves of his gloves Oliver has a lock pick tool. (“Checkmate”)
  • Magnetic Mines: During Justice, Oliver planted small magnetic mines all over the 33.1 complex, to destroy it. In Checkmate, he uses some to blow open the doors of the checkmate van holding him captive.
  • Grappling Hook: Oliver was able to use a small grappling device to pull the mace can out of Cat Grant‘s hand. (“Shield”)
  • Hacking Tool: Oliver carries a small computer hacking device on him, he later used it to hack into Level 33.1 mainframes.

Oliver's custom SM610

  • Motorcycle: As Green Arrow, Oliver rides a customized Husqvarna SM610 with customized tires, forks and headlights ("Arrow", "Detective").
  • Trick Arrows: Oliver has a quiver full of special arrows, each serving a different and useful function. Some of the specialized arrows Oliver has used and developed are:


As a otherwise normal human with no known metahuman skills or abilities, Oliver is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks.[6] As a result, he often uses his archery skills to maintain distance between him and his opponents.[7] Oliver also often carefully plans his assaults, such as when he's stealing jewelry to give to the poor ("Arrow"). He also uses technology whenever possible (such as from his satellites or from Cyborg's information warfare capabilities) to gain an informational advantage.

Oliver also compensates for his physical vulnerability by partnering with metahumans whenever possible. The ultimate manifestation of this strategy is his team of superheroes ("Justice").

Psychologically speaking, wrath is his greatest weakness ("Masquerade"). He could be quick to anger and may resort to violence. He is also extremely susceptible to depression, and has a tendency to go on extended binges of drinking and gambling when in a rough period. At his worst, Oliver has been known to become suicidal (Echo), willingly activating what he believed was a bomb underneath him after clearing out any civilians.

Early life

Five-year old Oliver with parents

Oliver was childhood "friends" with Patricia Swann, Jason Teague and Lex Luthor while their parents held secret meetings. The Queens, Teagues, Lionel Luthor, and Virgil Swann had formed a secret society called Veritas and gathered every summer to prepare to welcome "the Traveler". Due to their role in the society, Lionel Luthor killed Robert and Laura Queen, and the other members, because he wanted the Traveler all to himself.

Oliver at the Swann Mansion

Oliver's parents traveled frequently and extensively when he was young, associated in business and in research with the Teague, Swann and Luthor families. They died on October 14, 1989, en route to visit a prominent politician in Seoul, their plane was sabotaged and crashed into the ocean. Oliver was in the fourth grade, around age 9 or 10 at the time.[8] Oliver attended Excelsior Academy Preparatory School in the 1990s where he studied fine arts[9] and was a classmate of Lex Luthor.

Oliver "the bully" in prep school

Due to not having his parents to give him a stable upbringing, Oliver was a school bully, tormenting Lex and Duncan Allenmeyer, which resulted in Duncan being hit by a car on October 26, 1996. Having realized how badly his actions can affect others, Oliver resolved to become a better person. He graduated in 1998 and deferred admission to an Ivy League school to sail away in a private yacht to say goodbye to his parents. However, after he and his friends partied away, Oliver's yacht was attacked by a group of pirates organized by his own captain. Using his then-limited archery skills, Oliver barely escaped with his life, activating a life raft and washing ashore on a nearby island.

Oliver stranded on an island

Oliver was stranded for two years on the island, which had a harsh and changing weather. While on the island, Oliver improved his archery skills by making a make shift bow and arrows, which he would use to hunt wild boars on the island. According to the Oliver Queen Chronicles, Oliver encountered the island's natives after a couple of weeks in the island.

Oliver improves his archery skills

He lived among them for over three months during which time they taught him how to hunt and improve his archery skills. Upon further exploration, Oliver was shocked to discover the wreckage of his parents' plane on the island. He collected their wedding rings from their remains and also found a letter his mother had written to him the night of the crash.

While hunting one day, Oliver heard other people on his island. After checking it out, he found a group of drug runners that were stationed on the island. Before he could approach them, he pricked his hand on a toxic flower and collapsed.

Oliver first meets Tess

He woke up later in a tent with Tess Mercer, who was a prisoner of the drug runners, looking over him. She told him the flower was deadly and he had only 12 hours to live after the poison had entered his system. She was using leaches to 'suck' the poison out of his body, by releasing an enzyme to combat the poison effectively neutralizing it. Days later, Oliver staged an escape out of the island when the drug runners were leaving, knocking out one of them and poisoning the other with the toxin. He and Tess then left the island together by using the drug-runner's boat and returned to his home Star City.

The account in the Oliver Queen Chronicles regarding how Oliver escaped the island is quite different. Serendipitously, Oliver's stolen yacht, banked on the island eleven months after his arrival. Oliver resolved to get it back; he and the natives staged a coup and Oliver was able to reclaim his boat and go back to Star City.

For the next year, Oliver improved his archery skills further. He joined a cult of dark Celtic archers, and was taught by the expert archer Vordigan. Oliver eventually rejected the harsh and unethical teachings of the cult and left Vordigan, going back to Star City. There he vowed to use his skills for good, taking the mantle of the hero Green Arrow.

Smallville TV Series

Season Eleven

Mr and Mrs Queen six months later.

Six months later, Oliver currently resides within the walls of Watchtower, back in Metropolis with his wife - Chloe Sullivan-Queen. Oliver, in his Green Arrow getup, finds himself without work in Metropolis, as Superman has kept the streets clean for months. When Chloe asks if his night was long, Oliver admits it was "quiet, as always." The two share a coffee together as they wait for any signs of Superman before resuming their previous plans.

Oliver fights off a group of crooks.

Green Arrow later patrols the city and arrives to the Port of Metropolis, in order to apprehend a crew of thieves who attempts to raid a shipping container.He's surprised by one of the goons who has climbed on top of a stack of containers and trains an RPG launcher on the Emerald Archer. Before Ollie can react, the goon fires. Just before the RPG strikes him, Superman zips into the area and stands in front of it, shielding Ollie from the hit and the explosion.

Clark and Oliver after stopping the criminals.

Superman knocks the crew out and ties the bunch together around a pole. A short time after, Ollie and Clark, now in street clothes, watch as Metropolis PD comes by to apprehend the thieves. Ollie's a bit surprised Clark didn't stay in costume to greet the police, joking that Superman is "all about standing around, shaking hands, kissing babies..." As they walk off, Clark retorts that Superman has never kissed a baby. When Ollie asks if Clark Kent has, Clark mentions an exploding baby from his past. When Ollie exults about not having to experience such things when the Queens move to Star City, Clark expresses surprise that they haven't left yet. They were supposed to have left but the hold-up is on his wife, Ollie says. Chloe confides in Lois that Oliver is currently rebuilding Queen Industries while going out and being a hero, as she's busy taking care of Watchtower and setting up similar Watchtower hubs in each of the Justice League member's home cities while working her day job as a reporter for the Star City Gazette.

Lex ask Oliver about their childhood.

50 Miles outside of Metropolis, 10 hours before flight, Lex watches the LuthorCorp shuttle in the distance, Oliver angrily confronts him, and warns him that the military will shut down his project, and that they knows just what he's capable of. Lex counters, asking if Oliver ever considered the military won't stop because of it. Oliver then counters, saying he knows what Lex is capable of, to which Lex claims he doesn't know, because of the loss of his memories. Oliver questions Lex on Tess's suicide, and Lex justifies it, claiming LuthorCorp's decline and the world almost ending caused her to do it.

Oliver denies his claims, and threatens to reveal that Lex killed Tess. Lex counters asking what would happen if he revealed Oliver was building a secret moon base for his team. Lex then ask Oliver about their friendship as teenagers, which Lex claims he's glad to have forgotten.

Oliver expresses his concerns.

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver are searching through the crashsite for the missing ship, where Oliver lights a flare arrow to help them see. Oliver admits he wished they had brought back-up, considering their past experiences with aliens, specifically Kryptonian survivors but Chloe dismisses his concerns. They then stumble upon the ship, which has a Queen Industries logo branded on the side, and then a trail of footprints.

Oliver and Chloe find that the spaceship actually belong to Queen Industries.

Oliver finds a mysterious woman in the fields.

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver follow the trail of footprints which also have burn marks surrounding them. As they search, Oliver questions Chloe whether or not she wants to leave Metropolis for Star City, as she seems reluctant. She admits she doesn't wish to, but knows that they need to in order to officially begin their adult life, saying it is different from the awe of Metropolis. Oliver disagrees, stating it has the second highest crime rate in the country behind Gotham City, but Chloe admits she is fine with that. They find a second trail of prints as well as small drops of blood. The two ready their weapons, as someone watches them from behind.

Oliver fights the mysterious woman.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Chloe meet the survivor of the ship crash. It is Chloe's counterpart from Earth-2. Earth-2 Chloe explains what has happened in her timeline before she is killed by an unknown figure. Her last words reveal that Earth-2 has been destroyed.

Oliver learns that Chloe of Earth-2 died.

Oliver watches the corpse of Chloe's doppelganger and worries about the Crisis.

Meanwhile, at Metropolis General Hospital, Oliver and Chloe look at Earth-2 Chloe's corpse. While she is shaken up by the sight of an alternate version of herself, Oliver tries to comfort her, telling her to contact Clark in order to tell her a crisis is coming.

At Watchtower, where Chloe gets a disturbing phone call from Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs. Oliver arrives with coffee for Chloe. Chloe tells Oliver that Emil is close to accessing the black box from the late Earth-2 Chloe's space ship. Meanwhile, Oliver has no lead on whoever it was in the cornfields that killed Chloe-2. Plus Oliver's been getting gibberish emails that he'd like Chloe to get to the bottom of, if she's not too distracted by this "Crisis". Next thing you know, Watchtower's Trouble Alert which alerts them to a prison breakout at Stryker's Island. Oliver gets his Green Arrow suit and bow and arrow and immediately heads to Stykers.

Green Arrow Vs Nightwing.

Elsewhere in Stryker's, Bruno Mannheim is on the run as Nightwing arrives with her electrified weapons and with the Batwing. Next thing she knows, a green arrow from the Green Arrow smoke bombs her. Nightwing attempts to annoy Green Arrow by repeating whatever he say. As Arrow and Nightwing fight, the Batman bids Superman adieu, leading Clark to recall the exact words when Bruce Wayne left the meeting with Lex Luthor at the Ace of Clubs and realize the truth. Clark asks why does Bruce want Mannheim leading Bruce to reveal the connection between Intergang and Joe Chill.Superman starts to sympathize with Batman.Green Arrow and Nightwing haven't gotten the memo from their respective bosses that they've reached a détente and it's time to stop fighting. Evenly matched, Arrow and Nightwing have spilled arrows and Batarangs all over the place trying to smack each other down. Superman arrives to break up the fracas when Bruno Mannheim pleads for sanctuary from the Man of Steel. Superman then snatches Mannheim and takes him up, up, and away for questioning.Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Mannheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments.

Chloe tells Oliver about the new imformation she found out about the encrypted e-mails.

At Watchtower, Chloe jokes with Ollie over getting beat up by a 19-20 year old girl, mentioning that the Wonder Twins are a call away. The talk leads to encrypted e-mails Ollie's been getting, and while there is a pattern, Chloe says he won't like where it leads.

Lex finds out the truth about the e-mails.

Meanwhile, at LexCorp, Lex Luthor is enjoying video of the showdown between Superman and Batman. Lex keeps pausing and rewinding Batman, powered by red sun energy, beating up Superman. Lex also thinks he has a television that allow him enhance and move around corners inside the frame. He's bummed when Otis reminds him his TV can't do that. Maybe Lex should invent one? Otis liked the other match between Nightwing and Green Arrow better . Oliver Queen then bursts into Lex's office to accuse Lex of harassing him with those coded emails. When Oliver leaves, Lex notices the time stamps are all from the dead of night.Lex and Oliver argue about the e-mails that keep flashing on Oliver's computer, and Lex comes to realize that Tess has been controlling his body while he's asleep in order to send them.

Chloe hacks into the traffic system so noone will get hurt during the chase.

News stations cover the pursuit of the "murderer Batman kidnapping a wounded Superman" just as Lois and Ollie meet up (wondering where Batman is taking Superman) and Chloe is hacking into the traffic system so no one is hurt during the chase.A road block is set up, with cops surrounded, so Batman can't "go through it" like before, so he comes up with a different idea. Shifting the front tires to a "X" position, and firing the boosters from below, the Batmobile literally goes around the road block from above. The cops, and even Lois and Ollie, can't believe what they saw. A helicopter approaches, with an EMP on board, and Batman knows this and but can't do anything about it, until Ollie messages him that he can. Ollie simply "pops up" to the helicopter, and it goes away.

Green Arrow gets arrested.

Nightwing takes control of the Batmobile, leading it outside the Leviathan ship. Batman performs the surgery inside the car, just as Lois arrives and she sees it happening. After getting the bullets out, Batman reprograms his vest and splash Clark with yellow sunlight, just as the police report that they lost the Batman. Chloe is relieved that it's over, but Batman and Nightwing respond that it isn't; they need to make sure that the authorities know it was Freeze and Prankster who killed Chill. Ollie agrees, but also asks for his lawyer to be called too (he's been arrested).

Chloe represents her husband.

In interrogation; Ollie tells the interrogator, yet again, that he was not helping a criminal escape but helping another hero who needed medical attention after being hurt by two other villains. The interrogator doesn't believe it, but then two agents enter and inform the interrogator that Ollie's representative has arrive with proof that Batman is not a murderer, Green Arrow is innocent, and the two men responsible are Prankster and Freeze. And who is Ollie's representative? His wife, Chloe.

Green Arrow against Mr. Freeze.

Green Arrow appears and finds Freeze is under The Prankster's control, and is attacking the citizens of Metropolis, but in actuality, his suit's fuel cells are overloading, and will explode. And with Freeze above the city's water purification plant, anyone within one mile will die. Batman heads out in the Batboat to take care of Freeze, while Superman goes to handle Prankster. Ollie stops Freeze from attacking the cops, but Freeze yells at Arrow to get clear as he is about to explode, affecting the plant below.

Batman ignores Green Arrow.

However Batman arrives in time to take down Mr.Freeze. Armored up in a thermal suit Batman approaches Mr.Freeze who is reaching critical mass of explosion, Batman removes the power-core cell unit from Freeze's back container and in the process saves the day.

Chloe tells Oliver that she is pregnant.

Later, Oliver and Chloe talk about the possibility of Mia Dearden become his (Oliver's) sidekick. Just then, it starts to snow. The reason is Superman used Mr. Freeze's freeze gun to create snow. At last, Chloe reveals that she is pregnant.

Chloe and Oliver discussing the Earth 2 Chloe and the baby.

At Watchtower, Oliver sits at the desk, drawing plans for a jetcraft amidst a number of parenting books. Chloe practices shooting his bow and arrows and Oliver notes that she seems to be getting better. Chloe attributes it to their child growing within her. When Ollie notes that he's the only one of the two who has spent any time with the books, Chloe teases him that he's only been doodling images of the Batwing. He shows her his plans and proudly proclaims it is the Arrowjet.

Ollie then asks why she hasn't told her best friend or her cousin about the pregnancy and admits to being anxious to let everyone know. Chloe reminds him that as long as Clark is irradiated and being tracked by Lex, she doesn't want to risk Watchtower's location being discovered. Besides, she is more concerned, at the moment, with decrypting the warning her doppelgänger gave regarding "the Crisis" that is coming. Ollie laments that they can't just ask her as she is dead. Chloe makes a suggestion that there might be a way that they could.

Oliver and Emil discussing Impulse's problem.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Oliver and Emil chat about the accident that happened in the speed assessment lab with Bart and Clark. They make their way into another lab and Emil reveals that they were able to place Chloe's dead doppelganger in cryogenic freeze using technology Clark confiscated when he and the Batman captured Mr. Freeze. Naturally worried, Oliver asks if the plan will work and if they'll even be able to access her memories.

Emil posits that Chloe might only be able to access the other's most recent accessed memories given how long she's been dead. Oliver guesses this to mean the flashes of her life before her eyes just prior to dying. Looking for assurance, Emil is only able to admit that with the technology and the similar biochemistries of the two Chloes, he's making educated guesses as they're going along. Oliver asks if the baby will be affected by the procedure and Emil says that unless there are psychosomatic effects caused by the mental link, the baby should be fine.

Oliver worried about Chloe.

Meanwhile, Emil places Chloe inside the Project Intercept apparatus to begin the "mind dive" procedure. Oliver asks one more time if she's sure about doing this. Mentioning that she's "been possessed by a witch, rewired by a Kryptonian computer, and mind controlled more times" than she can count, Chloe assures him that she's prepared for what she is about to do. Emil starts the link and Chloe is instantly transported into the memories of her counterpart.

In Metropolis, Chloe gets frustrated that she can't do help more and can't sort out her counterpart's memories. Suddenly, she's stricken by a memory and falls into Oliver's arms.

In the present on our Earth, Chloe 1 finishes explaining the memory to Ollie while in the tub. They're both baffled by the supposed romantic encounter between their doppelgangers. Chloe asks if Clark and Bart had any luck in Utah. A speed storm alert on Ollie's phone tells them no.

Chloe, after having another memory of her parallel self, and Oliver keep a track of Impulse.

On Earth 1, Chloe sheds a tear from the flashback and doesn't want to talk about it with Oliver.

Chloe wakes up in Oliver arms with her wondering with what happened with Bart, the lives the other Oliver and Chloe lead, the lives Green Arrow and Watchtower lead, the destruction of Earth 2, How can they bring a baby with a crisis on the way.

At LexCorp Plaza, Lex heads towards his office only to find that the lights aren't working. As he calls for Otis, Superman appears with Lex realizing that he found a way to remove the radiation off him. The Green Arrow appears revealing they are here to take Tess back. Then Lois appears surrounding Lex. As Green Arrow is about to use a taser arrow, Lois slaps Lex knocking him unconscious. As he wakes up, He is help by Otis. He realizes what the heroes did, he asks where is Tess. Tess is "resurrected" by her friends.

At Watchtower, Clark, Lois and Oliver stands patience as Emil downloads a grateful Tess into a computer system making her a hologram. Clark wonders where Chloe,Oliver reveals she's outside waiting to reveal something to him.

As Oliver and Lois watch Chloe and Clark in the sky, she wonders out loud, "How cool is it that your kids will have an uncle that can fly?" with Oliver dryly saying don't remind me as the group says their goodbyes for now.

Oliver helps rebuild Pier 39.

When Chloe accompanies Lois at the Daily Planet, Lois asks her about Oliver and she says he is in San Francisco, where he just closed a deal for Queen Industries to provide financial assistance in rebuilding Pier 39. Chloe says the more they help cities get back on their feet after super-related disasters, like they did with Washington and San Francisco, the less crime will have the chance to take advantage of the situation.

Oliver misses being in the middle of the action.

In Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe talk about their upcoming child. Oliver, seeing his equipment says that he misses the action. Chloe responds by saying that even though they don't like the fact that they are away from any action and danger, as they decided to do, they have to stay that way so their son would have an intact set of parents when he is born. Chloe also reminds to Oliver that they both lost their parents, who weren't even directly in the line of daily fire. Oliver agrees but says that at least Chloe had the opportunity to go to Gotham City.

Oliver sees the green light of the power ring.

Later, Oliver sees a bright green glow in the sky, caused by Clark's Green Lantern power ring, and tells Chloe he's going out for a jog.

Oliver tries to learn some information about the bank robbery.

Oliver confronts Officer Turpin and Sawyer at the crime scene that Superman intervened in. He questions the officers trying to figure out what were the criminals trying to steal in the first place. Both officers refuse saying that they can't because then they have to tell their superiors they told capes sensitive information. Which leads Ollie to bluff, saying that his tech team is sifting through their crime data as they speak. Turpin revealed they don't know much, and Maggie says the amount of cash didn't warrant the giant robot, leading Oliver to wonder the motives of the mastermind.

Oliver, Tess and Chloe find out the truth behind the mysterious robbery.

Meanwhile at Watchtower, Oliver and Chloe ask Tess to help them investigate a mysterious robbery but Tess questions whether they will keep their promise to abstain from "hero work" until the baby is born. They both insist that this has anything to do with "hero work" and Chloe says that they are just sleuthing but Tess notes that "sleuthing" got her into trouble with Batman weeks ago. Tess decides to help them with their investigation but she warns them that she will keep an eye on them both. She reveals, as Oliver suspected, that the heist was just a faint. At the same time the alarms were tripped at the bank, silent alarms lit up at an unregistered address in the Suicide Slums and even though Tess couldn't find out what was stolen, she found that it led back to the D.E.O.

Lois talks to Oliver, Diana and Steve about the theft from D.E.O.

Oliver is invited to join the investigation.

At her office in the Daily Planet, Lois and Oliver hold a video-conference with Steve Trevor and Diana Prince of the D.E.O. about the theft on their premises. They suspect that LexCorp had something to do with this as they routinely attempt to break D.E.O.'s firewalls in order to get access to the Russian crash site. Oliver asks what did they keep in the warehouse and Steve responds that there they kept debris that fell through the atmosphere during the contact with Apokolips, probably wanting to use these weapons like Intergang did a while back. They then say that D.E.O.'s mystics were able to conjure an image of the person responsible, an unidentified man wearing a big armor with highly advanced weaponry. Steve says that they dispatched Agent Cameron Chase and a field team their way and Oliver along with his "alter-ego" are invited to join the investigation. Suddenly, Lois and Oliver see a bright green light and realize that Clark is fighting something. Oliver asks her if she is worried about him and Lois says why should she be, he is Superman after all.

Green Arrow teams up with D.E.O.

Prometheus takes Oliver out.

Oliver wakes up at Metropolis General.

At Watchtower, after learning of the Manhunters battle, Lois says that Oliver might have been right to tell her to be a little more concerned about Clark. Chloe asks where is Oliver with Lois being surprised that he hasn't told her. Meanwhile, Oliver joins D.E.O.'s team, led by agent Chase in their search for the man who stole from its facilities. Chase asks what could Green Arrow bring to the table and Oliver says that he was the one who disabled all the traps they already walked through. When they find Prometheus, the mercenary attacks them with all kinds of weapons making them temporarily lose their hearing and sight. As he goes through D.E.O.'s soldiers he leaves Oliver for the end and after he takes him out, he says "Game on" and passes through a boom tube.

Oliver and Chloe talk about what to do next.

Oliver wakes up in Metropolis General Hospital after he got beat up by Prometheus, being left with a few bruises but survived. Chloe is by his side and instead of giving him a stern lecture, she says she is not mad because he is alive. She informs him that Agent Chase is in critical condition and another member of D.E.O.'s team is dead. Oliver then asks Chloe what they will do next and she says they will go after Prometheus.

Oliver and Chloe focus on Prometheus.

Oliver suits up in a new armored costume.

Oliver, Chloe, and Tess are monitoring the yellow rings and the subsequent mayhem they're causing. They communicate with Superman, who is fighting with the Yellow Lanterns in Gotham and tells them to focus on threats that are unrelated to the rings and let him deal with them because a situation like this is the perfect chance for other minor threats to go unnoticed. Intent on joining the fray, Oliver programs a 3-D printer to create a new armored suit so he can go after Prometheus despite being recently beat up by him.

Oliver gets ready for his new mission.

Director Trevor confirms to Watchtower that there have been incidents related to the yellow rings in Washington, D.C. as well. Then Trevor informs Green Arrow that new activity was detected by D.E.O.'s mystics in the boom tube Prometheus has been using. Steve asks Oliver if he is ready for the mission and he responds positively so Steve tells Zatanna to teleport him with one of her spells to where Prometheus was spotted.

Green Arrow ambushes Prometheus.

Green Arrow bursts on Prometheus.

Green Arrow reports to Steve Trevor after defeating Prometheus.

Oliver and Chloe decide to keep their promise this time.

Prometheus and his men arrive at Fort Knox via Boom Tube, intending to steal the gold that is kept there, but Green Arrow is waiting for them. After taking out his men, an one-on-one battle ensues between Arrow and Prometheus. Prometheus wonders if Green Arrow cares about his real identity but Oliver says that if he is not his counterpart from a parallel Earth he doesn't really care about it. During the fight, Oliver succeeds to get the upper hand and start beating Prometheus, raging over what he had done to Agent Chase's team and the fact that he almost took him away from his child, finishing him off with a massive headbutt. After that, he reports to Steve Trevor that the area is secure.

Oliver and Chloe decide to be clear and promise to each other to not put their selves in danger anymore for real this time, at least until the baby is born.

Oliver receives an offer from Steve Trevor.

Oliver and Steve talk to Chloe and Diana about D.E.O.'s proposal.

In D.E.O.'s headquarters, Director Steve Trevor is talking to Oliver about his victory over Prometheus and asks him to help in the training of a new elite branch of D.E.O. field agents, as it was suggested by the President of the United States, strictly until the baby is born and Green Arrow is able to suit back up. Before Ollie can give an answer, they meet with Diana and Chloe, who was revealed that she was already aware of the proposal and then suddenly the entire group receives a call from Watchtower, alerting them of Superman and Lois' disappearance.

In the Antarctic facility, Booster, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking, while Booster tells them he will keep them posted.

Zatanna is attempting a locator spell to discover where Clark and Lois have gone as the others look on. When the ritual is complete, she announces that Lois and Clark are in Metropolis. When the others tell her otherwise, the sorceress smirks and points out she never said the pair were in this Metropolis.

Later, Tess warns all the other members and allies of the League to stay away from Metropolis in order to prevent them from being possessed by Eclipso.

Oliver and Chloe say the Crisis is here.

The President is briefed on the situation by Director Trevor, Chloe, Oliver and Diana. The arrival of the Monitors on Earth means the extinction of the mankind and while they haven't found a way to stop them yet, they can try to protect themselves for a while thanks to the magic of Zatanna and the mystics, but there is nothing more they can do. Chloe says a Monitor vessel just crashed on Earth in a region near Nepal and there is a chance its Superman, but even if it is, he is too late, as the Crisis is here.

Oliver thinks of a way to get them out of Washington.

Chloe Sullivan is nursing her baby bump after suffering pains from her womb trapped in the facility inside the bubble, which Oliver and the doctor assures her that it it just anxiety and false labor cramps. Oliver vows that he will find a way for Chloe and the baby, as well as everybody else to escape with something he took from a bad man during a previous mission in order to survive the 'trans-reality extinction event'.

Oliver tazers two soldiers.

In NORAD beneath the Rock Mountains, a group of soldiers are confused as they witness a bright yellow light appear out of nowhere. However before they are able to do anything, Oliver tased them with a few of his arrows, with the president telling them to stand down as they are bringing everyone they could from the D.E.O. Headquarters. Zatanna is exhausted from her part, while Chloe and Diana are by her side and brings a medic to help her. Oliver uses another Boom Tube saying this is where they must part ways.

Clark asks Oliver and the others to learn everything they can about the Crisis.

Superman and Lois finally arrive at Watchtower where Tess Mercer, Chloe and Oliver along with Batman, Nightwing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Jay Garrick and his team of teenagers. Clark tells Chloe, Tess and Bruce to find out everything from one of the Manhunters he destroyed about the Crisis, because more ships are on their way. As Batman starts to examine the crumpled Manhunter head he wonders where are they going, Clark grimly says everywhere.

Oliver and Tess talk about the crisis.

Oliver finds out Tess' fear.

Tess and Oliver, who manufactures a new arsenal for himself with the 3D printer, talk about what information they got from the Manhunters. Tess points out Henshaw left and the D.E.O. and S.T.A.R. Labs haven't been able to gain any more information than they already knew. Without a body she feels at a loss but Oliver points of that Tess can be tangible again if she wanted to. She has access to a 3D printer and can fashion a body out of it much like he does for his Green Arrow armor and the base they now have on the moon. Tess then confesses that she is afraid of dying and if she does again after becoming physical she might not be able to ever come back.

Oliver and the rest of the team gather together.

Soon Clark gathers all of the heroes onto his rooftop and gives them the lowdown. They can distract the Manhunters with physical attacks while Watchtower leads an evacuation to the heartland. If the distraction they provide fails everyone will die or be 'rebooted', but if they win everything will stay as it was and how they all remember the world. Clark tells them to say goodbye to their loved ones and suit up ready for war.

The Lanterns save Green Arrow and Speedy.

Superman delivers a rousing speech to the heroes. The other Earths might have been erased or rebooted but they are determined for their Earth to survive and their continuity to continue. With that Superman, Luthor and all of Earth's heroes attack the incoming Manhunters.

All the heroes are fighting valiantly, Green Arrow, with his long range weapon races across rooftops trying to get a vantage point and is rescued from a deadly fall by Speedy. The powerhouses are stuck with their specific missions and none would be able to succeed and return to help Green Arrow and Speedy in time. Fortunately, out of nowhere, the cavalry arrives as Green Lanterns John Stewart and Aya shield the archer while Blue Lantern Saint Walker uses his ring to blast away their attackers.

The heroes try to save Chloe's life.

Superman spots a pod approaching Earth. Green Arrow and Batman are thrown backwards by the sonic boom's force but stare in horror as the pod speeds up and aims itself at Watchtower. Ollie begs a pregnant Chloe to get out of the base before it is destroyed, but a tearful Chloe tells him there is no time left as she can't outrun the pod. Ollie refuses to give up, ejects his armor and with the help of Batman's bat-grapple he tries his hardest to get to Watchtower.

All the heroes race to the Watchtower but are too late to stop the destruction as the pod crashes into the side and it begins to crumble to dust. A tearful Clark pours on the speed as Ollie cries out. They are shocked to see a red tornado explode from the rubble landing Chloe safely on the ground. Superman approaches with a devastated Ollie but as the dust clears Chloe is unharmed and joined by Tess, in her new Red Tornado form. Lois and Ollie then hug Chloe.

Clark tells Batman to fall back, get Lois and Chloe to safety and try to re-establish the link to the Monitors' ship. Batman is reluctant and asks about Arrow, but Ollie points out he would be a better protector for Chloe and Lois as he has a better skill set for it.

The Justice League decides on the Monitor's fate.

The League stands in the Fortress standing judgment over the female Monitor. The universe is now back to normal though all that died is still dead. The female Monitor asks to die but J'onn points out that Clark would never kill anyone. The League then decides to send the Monitor to the Phantom Zone. Arrow asks Clark what they do now the threat is over, Clark smiles and tells him that we should, endure, survive and live our lives and with that though on their minds they all race off.

The Justice League members are finally recognized as heroes.

Three weeks later LexCorp holds a major press confrence and Lex introduces the public to a new monument built on the former Watchtower site. In a massive turnout Lex publicly admits that if it weren't for the heroes of earth the universe would be lost. Then Superman makes a speech that is broadcast all over the world. As the tarp falls away it reveals a stunning bronze statue of the Justice League.

Outside of Washington D.C., under the ocean in the D.E.O. Headquarters, Oliver, Chloe, Steve and Diana discusses the events of what has occurred recently, with Steve staying that D.E.O. will ring a bell "if anyone starts throwing shade this reality's way". Diana asks Oliver and Chloe if they considered their offer to become members, with Oliver saying they would have accepted sooner but the world 75% ended. Steve hands them their badges as he asks if he wants to meet their ragtag group of misfits, with Chloe replying hurry back if her water breaks. Diana shows Ollie his five new students, which are composed of dropouts from Quantico, West Point and a few convicts. Diana tells him they are all his, with Oliver tells his new group of "Outsiders" their first lesson would be with a bow and arrow.

Chloe worries about the dangers in the world and the rise in heroes. Oliver reminds her they all fight for justice and will ensure their new baby will have a safe and healthy upbringing. Chloe laments that family should be here for their big occasion and Ollie smiles as he wheels her into the waiting room to be greeted by their 'family' composed of the Heroes that they met over time. Lois and Clark are shocked to be named God Parents and coo over the new addition. Clark remembering the losses they have suffered over the years is truly touched to meet a new life brought into the fold and even more so when they reveal the baby's name to be Jonathan.

Alternate Timelines

Season Nine

Oliver stands alone against the Kandorian army

In an alternate future, Oliver joined Chloe and her ranks to fight the Kandorians using kryptonite weapons.

They raided the Luthor Mansion to save Lois and Clark from Zod. Oliver sees Tess shot by a kryptonite arrow, fired by Chloe. He rushes to a dying Tess's side, gathering her in arms and assured her that it wasn't

Tess dies in Oliver's arms

him who shot her. Crying and mourning, Oliver realizes that it was Chloe who did this to Tess and is angered by Chloe's coldness. He then sadly buries Tess's body while Lois stands by his side, still not entirely sure what's going on. After Chloe initiated a virus to take the Solar Tower down, Oliver donned his Green Arrow costume and stood alone to hold off the oncoming army of Kandorians while Lois retrieved the Legion ring. As the massive wave of Kandorians approached, Oliver drew back his bow, ready for battle.

Alternate Realities

Season Ten (Earth-2)

See: Oliver Queen


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In the Comics

Green Arrow as he appears in the comics.

A playboy who inherited millions of dollars when his parents died, Oliver Queen never gave much back to society and lived his life how he wanted; of course he made many rivals and enemies. After being pushed overboard by one of his own employees on his boat, Oliver was presumed dead and lost at sea, but, unknown to the world, he had survived and was lost in a deserted island. Oliver had a talent for archery and using his own initiative built a bow made out of spare parts of a broken generator; using his makeshift bow Oliver began hunting in order to eat. Later a plane came towards the island and Ollie began to signal it; they opened fire. Using his bow Ollie managed to gain the upper hand and downed the plane. He was able to get off the island when some drug smugglers mutinied and took over a cargo ship. Dressed in a leafy disguise he had made his way on the island, he managed to capture the mutineers and save the crew. It turned out that they were the drug smugglers who had killed the islanders, picking up his bow Ollie began fighting back and overpowered them. His first taste for crime fighting came when he handed the drug smugglers over to the police and returned to a world he was set on changing for the better. Using his vast fortune, he began to create various trick arrows to use under his new mantle.

Green Arrow in his original costumes.

In his original "Golden Age" appearances beginning in 1941 and continuing through the late 60s, Green Arrow was very similar to Batman as portrayed at the time; he had an "Arrowcar", an "Arrowcave", a quiver of trick arrows instead of a utility belt, was summoned by an "Arrow-signal" and had a teen sidekick the first Speedy, Roy Harper.

In 1969, writer Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams revamped the character with a new look and personality. Green Arrow became a hero championing anti-establishment. After the Crisis On Infinite Earths miniseries, he was given a "grim and gritty" makeover becoming more of a vigilante than a superhero. However, he was eventually revamped yet again to restore him to the mainstream DC continuity. For a time, he retired; at one point he seemingly died, and was replaced as Green Arrow by his son, Connor Hawke. However, he was restored to life in the highly successful Quiver storyline.

In current DC continuity Oliver had to be convinced to join the established Justice League of America. He originally felt that mass teams of heroes were "soulless" and that they "sacrificed the little guy." Unbeknownst to the team, however, Oliver bankrolled the newly established Justice League in the years preceding Batman's funding.

Oliver's best friend in the comics is Hal Jordan, better known as Green Lantern. One of DC's most celebrated works included the creative team of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams showing Oliver and Hal confronting questionable social issues that had never been explored in comics before, such as racism and drug use.

Also, Oliver is known as having a very sarcastic sense of humor and usually uses political anecdotes in most of his conversations. He is also a full fledged liberal and an advocate of gay rights, social mobility and affirmative action. Ollie's liberal politics sometimes humorously clash with Hawkman's conservative ideology.

2 of Green Arrow's most famous costumes.

Ollie also believes that Aquaman's ruling monarchy over Atlantis is tyrannical, and as a member of the Justice League of America, Aquaman should govern his land by democracy. 

Recently in the comics, Oliver was elected mayor of Star City. After tricking the corrupt city leaders into giving that job to his closest aide, Ollie recently proposed and at last married Black Canary, culminating their long courtship. Due to the events in the series Cry For Justice and the upcoming Fall of Green Arrow storyline Oliver has suffered great losses due to the destruction of Star City and death of his granddaughter of sorts Roy Harper's daughter Lian. Oliver sought justice by killing the villain who caused these events Prometheus. Wanted for murder, he was on the run from those people who he once called his friends, intent on killing all those who were involved in Prometheus' plan. After failing to kill the Electrocutioner, the trigger man for Star City's destruction, Oliver turned himself in to the authorities and was outed as Green Arrow to the world. The jury found him not guilty on the count of murder but the judge didn't agree with the verdict and instead banished Oliver from ever setting foot in Star City. Meanwhile, Dinah, unable to deal with Ollie's "mistakes" and lies anymore, returned to him her wedding rings, stating their marriage and relationship was over. Whether or not they have officially divorced yet however, has not been made clear.

Green Arrow in The New 52.

In the New 52 Green Arrow's appearance seems to be based on Smallville's version of the character with highlight his new costume. Oliver is now younger, and lacks his trademark facial hair.

Oliver Queen is now based in Seattle, and using a subsidiary of Queen Industries called Q-Core as a front for his operations as Green Arrow. In addition to masking the research and development of his trick arrows, Q-Core had developed several very successful products like the Q-pad and Q-phone, making Oliver a billionaire mogul. With the help of a hacker named Naomi and an engineer named Jax, Oliver worked covertly as Green Arrow while dodging his responsibilities to Queen Industries. Meanwhile, the police considered the hero a dangerous vigilante, requiring him to keep a somewhat low profile.

Oliver also makes scarce allusion to his former partnership with Roy Harper, but Roy's memories establish that the pair fell out badly, leading Oliver to expel him from Q-Core, and prompting Roy's own downward spiral.

As a result of his absence, Queen Industries was bought out by Stellmoor International, a fate which even a trip to China could not change. Ollie is reduced to solving petty crimes on the street while his inherited company collapses.

Most recently, Queen's CEO Emerson is murdered by the new villain Komodo, and the Q-Core building destroyed. The new villain Komodo makes an attempt on Queen's life, but he survives through the intervention of the mysterious Magus. This intervention sparks a journey back to the island where it all began.

Ollie is currently in Vlatava, battling Count Vertigo and meeting Shado along the way.

Other faces of Green Arrow


Oliver Queen's promotional poster for season 10

  • Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941).
  • According to Toyman's files, Oliver is 6'3, weighs 196 pounds, has green eyes and blond hair.
  • Oliver Queen's home town is Star City. (Wither)
  • He speaks fluent Russian, (Odyssey), Spanish (Echo), and Egyptian Arabic (Isis).
  • Oliver Queen is allergic to peanuts. (Wither)
  • Oliver almost always refers to Tess Mercer as "Mercy." (Toxic, Committed, Bloodline, Bulletproof)
  • According to Lionel, Oliver was a very "convincing actor." (Wither)
  • Oliver Queen's parents died when he was in fourth grade in 1989, placing his birth year around 1979 or 1980, the same time as Lex. This makes Oliver around the age of 30 or 31.[10] However, he has also told Clark Kent that he was five years old when his parents died, putting his birth year around 1984 or 1985.[11]
  • Lana Lang and Oliver Queen had mothers named Laura. In the comics and Oliver Queen Chronicles Oliver's mother's name is Moira Queen, which make Chloe Sullivan and Oliver

    Oliver Queen dressed as Robin Hood.

    Queen have mothers named Moira.
  • When Oliver dressed up as "Robin Hood" at Lex's ball, the costume he wore looked like Green Arrow's Silver Age uniform from the 60's.
  • Oliver and Dinah Lance have not been shown to be romantically involved. However, according to Mia Dearden, Dinah is the "not quite ex-girlfriend" of Oliver (Titans). Implying that they have dated and have unresolved feelings for each other.
  • Although Green Arrow uses crossbows and compact bows on Smallville, in the comics, he has a strong distaste for them.
  • Oliver's phone number is 207 555-0173. (Odyssey)
  • Another phone number is 209-555-0193 which is registered under the Artemis Global Consortium and used to communicate with members of his team. (Justice)
  • Chloe Sullivan is the only woman he ever said "I love you" to, on the show. (Salvation)
  • Oliver is Catholic (Supergirl, Dominion).
  • Oliver has close connections to both the Sullivan and Lane families in Smallville. He marries Chloe on Earth-1 and gains Lois as a cousin-in-law (she had been his ex-girlfriend previously). On Earth-2 he marries Lois and gains Chloe as a cousin-in-law (they had been lovers at a previous point).
  • During the sixth season of Smallville, there was talk of spinning off Justin Hartley's portrayal of the character Green Arrow into his own series. Hartley however refused to entertain the idea, feeling it was his duty to respect what Smallville had accomplished in five seasons, and not "steal the spotlight" because there was "talk" of a spin-off after his two appearances. According to Hartley, "talking" was as far as the spin-off idea ever got.[12][13] Following Justice a spin-off series in which Oliver led the Justice League made it into early development. The series was to have been helmed by Stephen S. DeKnight.[14]
  • Following Smallville's conclusion The CW prepared a new series centered around the character Green Arrow. Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim were announced to be developing the series.[15] A week later, the series, now known as Arrow, was ordered to pilot, which was directed by David Nutter, who also directed the the pilot for Smallville.[16] When developing the series, producer Marc Guggenheim expressed that the creative team wanted to "chart [their] own course, [their] own destiny", and avoid any direct connections to Smallville and Hartley's incarnation of the character, they opted to cast a new actor in the role of Oliver Queen. [17] At the end of the month, Stephen Amell was cast in the titular role of Oliver Queen.[18] This decision led to the development of the Arrowverse.
  • Justin Hartley would become famous for the role of Kevin Pearson in This Is Us. Kevin finds out about his uncle Nicky's past under the alias of "Clark Kent". As a child, Nicky mentions being a "Lois Lane" to his protective brother Jack, while their grandfather is portrayed by Michael Ironside (Sam Lane). Milo Ventimiglea, who auditioned for the role of Clark, portrays the adult Jack (Kevin's father) in that series.
  • Justin Hartley would also voice Superman in the DC animated movie Injustice.


  • According to Bryan Q. Miller, after Oliver left the island, he was back on land for 2 years before he came to Metropolis in Sneeze.[19]
  • Coincidentally during Oliver's first episode in Sneeze at the end, he wore an entirely white suit very similar to Lex Luthor's destined suit for when he is President of the United States. He again wore it in Roulette.
  • Oliver originally aimed to keep his identity as the Green Arrow a secret, however Clark discovered it in Arrow, Lois found out in Siren, Lana found out in Bride, Chloe told Oliver she knew in Justice and Tess found out in Checkmate. In Supergirl, Oliver publicly announced that he is Green Arrow.
  • Green Arrow can be seen on security camera footage that Lex views in Combat.
  • Oliver's chest was severely burned by Zod's heat vision, yet he later appears to have healed from it a few episodes later. This represents either a continuity error on the part of the writers, or meant to indicate that Oliver had the scar repaired via plastic surgery off-screen.
  • Smallville's version of Oliver Queen has several similarities to Bruce Wayne/Batman - he is a wealthy playboy, uses his company's technology to support his crime-fighting career, has no true superpowers, uses the shadows as cover, is Clark Kent's closest superhero ally, is a founding member of the Justice League, and (through the use of his considerable personal fortune) serves as the primary financial backing for the Justice League.
  • Oliver is the founder of Smallville's version of the Justice League and is the first known member to wear a costume. He rescued most of the other members before asking them to join.
  • Oliver has a net worth of at least $10 billion mentioned in Beast. In Roulette, the amount of money shown to be contained in Oliver's bank is $3,137,012,336,96. This could be due to during his fall into alcoholism and self-destruction, his company's stock-worth went down dramatically although it is unlikely Oliver lost just under $7,000,000,000. It could also be the difference between Oliver's assets and his cash on hand. $3 billion is a remarkable large amount of money to keep in a bank, as the return on his investment would be very small. Though in Crossfire, it is said that Oliver is now richer than the Luthors were, possibly due to his control of LuthorCorp.
  • In the alternate cover to Green Arrow #31 The Fall of Green Arrow, Green Arrow's costume seems to be based on Smallvilles version. Although this may be just artistic license as he is wearing his traditional costume in the actual pages of the issue.
  • Oliver is the fourth person to attempt suicide in the entire run of the series. The first was Lionel in Season Three's Crisis, the second was Chloe in Season Five's Tomb (Although it should be noted that she was actually possessed by another spirit and did not try to commit suicide herself), and the third was Davis Bloome in Season Eight's Eternal. None of them succeeded: Lionel reconsidered, Clark kept Chloe from bleeding to death and took her to the hospital, Davis discovered he was immortal, and Oliver failed because Toyman lied to him about the supposed pressure plate he was standing on.
  • Oliver revealed during a press conference on national television that he is Green Arrow. (Supergirl) In the comics Oliver is publicly unmasked as Green Arrow after he turns himself in to the authorities to stand trial for murdering the super villain Prometheus in Green Arrow and Black Canary #32 - The Fall of Green Arrow.
  • Oliver was the only hero shown to have been corrupted by Darkseid.
  • In Finale Part 2, it is shown that Oliver still has the metal shuriken he previously stole from Carter Hall. [citation needed] It is seen as a part of his arsenal. [picture needed]


Male Relationships
Female Relationships
  • Chloe and Oliver: Details of their evolving relationship from professionalism to friendship and love.
  • Lois and Oliver: Details of their brief romantic relationship and enduring friendship.
  • Tess and Oliver: Details of their profound relationship from professionalism to heroism and romance.
Love Triangle

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  1. Oliver's middle name is spoken by his father in Volume 1 of the Oliver Queen Chronicles. It is also shown in his marriage certificate in Season Ten's Fortune.
  2. Even though she is his ex-girlfriend, Oliver offered a friendly ear to Lois in "Bride".
  3. Clark sees a collection of articles documenting Ollie's Robin-Hood like deeds in "Arrow"
  4. He discovers this in "Identity"
  5. He led the team to rescue Bart Allen in "Justice", Clark Kent in "Odyssey" and expressed concern over Chloe Sullivan's well-being in "Bloodline".
  6. He was shot by Lex Luthor, but cured himself with RL65 in "Rage"
  7. In the Oliver Queen Chronicles, he shoots a purse-snatcher in the leg while perched on a remote rooftop.
  8. "The Oliver Queen Chronicles" However, he later tells Clark in "Echo" that he was five when his parents died, even though he was clearly seen to be the same age as Lex or older in "Reunion". It is unknown why this detail was changed.
  9. Lionel mentions this in "Sneeze"
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