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The Nicodemus flower

James Beels has stolen a Nicodemus flower for Lionel Luthor.

"On God's green earth, this flower was the thief in the temple, the silent temptress that, with a single sneeze, brought out the basest instincts in men and drove them to violence." - Lex Luthor (from the diary of a priest), Nicodemus

The Nicodemus flower is a rare and once extinct flower that releases the inner urges of people. It was re-created by Dr. Steven Hamilton, who used meteor rocks to resurrect long dormant Nicodemus seeds.

Early History

The Nicodemus flower caused a plague of fever, madness, and eventual death in the area 100 years ago.

Season One

The revived flower came from Dr. Hamilton's experiments with meteor rocks, in which he attempted to resurrect dormant seeds through meteor rock irradiation. The flower released spores into the bloodstream and infects a LuthorCorp employee and later Jonathan Kent, Lana Lang, and Pete Ross. Lex Luthor and Dr. Hamilton find a cure from an old diary, which they used to heal the three infected individuals. After they are healed, they have no memories of what happened while they were infected.



  • The origin of the name is that of Nicodemus in the Bible. He was a Pharisee who came to see Jesus by night. Jesus told him he must be "born again", which is what the flower does. It causes a "rebirth" of a new personality.

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