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New Krypton is the current home of the clones from the former Kandorian army brought to Earth in the OrbClark Kent used the Book of Rao to transport the Kandorians there from Earth. The planet is also known as the new Kryptonian colony, Argo.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Vala - Vala is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet.
  • Basqat - Basqat is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet.
  • Beh-Osk - Eradicator Beh-Osk is a Kryptonian from the 31st century and lives on New Krypton. There he works for the Judgment Council and wanted to arrest Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl but was interrupted by Superman and his cousin Supergirl.
  • Pa-Vel - Chancellor Pa-Vel of New Krypton is a Kryptonian from the 31st century. He showed Superman the Hall of Scion and told him that the war between New Krypton and EarthGov isn't just about politics.
  • Kara Zor-El - Kara has rejoined her people after she time-traveled in the 31st century. She works as a spy for the Kryptonians to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb on Earth. She later returned to the 21st century on Earth.

Notable Places

  • Hall of Scion - in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years

Season Nine

All the Kandorians, incluing Zod, were teleported to the new Kryptonian colony via the Book of Rao.

In Between

The Kandorians arriving on their new home planet.

Once on their new planet, the self-designated planet Argo, the Kandorians not only survived there but also flourished as their own society. They also imprisoned Zod in the Phantom Zone for the murders and deception he committed.

The ring searches for a new recruit on New Krypton.

It is mentioned that the day the Kandorians arrived on their new home planet, their arrival was heralded by a good omen, a green light in the sky of a legend known as Flamebird. It is later revealed that the green light was actually the power ring of the Green Lantern Tomar-Re, protector of space sector 2813, where Krypton belonged to, and after detecting Kryptonian life forms returning to its sector, it began its search through space for a suitable bearer of its power. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants of Argo served as suitable recruits, because they were artificial lifeforms, being clones of the original Kryptonians, so the ring had to search elsewhere.

While their ancestors worshiped Rao, Krypton's red sun as their God, the Kryptonians on New Krypton worship other Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years. They have built statues for each of them placed in the Hall of Scion so they can be worshiped by the civilians. One particular figure is maybe the most important figure for them, Faora. Her tale that was told by Argo's settlers and eventually became myth. They believe that her body holds the key of unlocking their future as a people.

Kara joins The Legion on a diplomatic mission to New Krypton.

The Kryptonians have formed a very technologically mature society and the civillains live peacefully with each other. The have also formed a group somewhat like a police battalion which protects the citizens and maintains the order on the planet.

Years later they applied for membership to the United Planets but they were declined because they were "too young" as they were told.

War breaks out between Earth and New Krypton.

When Kara arrived in the 31st century, she was welcomed by the Legion and after joining them they launched a diplomatic mission when they discovered Argo, the lost Kryptonian colony, but was sabotaged by someone from EarthGov and that event lead to the start of the war. After that Kara left the Legion to rejoin her people. She then became a spy for them and was caught on purpose by EarthGov.

Season Eleven

In the 31st century New Krypton is at war with Earth. 

Kirt Niedrigh is the Minister of EarthGov and is leading Earth to a war against New Krypton. At EarthGov holding facility he informs his superiors about wanting to transfer his prisoner, Kara, off-world to a more secure location. He then informs them about a Legionnaire with the Mark of El on his chest who attacked his men earlier stating that the Legion is collaborating with new Krypton and that it is only a matter of time before he comes to free the other Kryptonian he is holding hostage. Suddenly Superman brakes in the facility and frees Kara.

Kara and Clark moments before they arrive at New Krypton.

In space, Superman reunites with his cousin, Kara. Clark questions Kara how "Supergirl" was involved in ther war between Earth and New Krypton. After that Kara hits with her heat vision one of the gravity buoys and when Clark asks her what are they, she explains that it is the only way for Kryptonians to fly through space. Kara also reveals that she was not an actually a prisoner but a spy for the Kryptonians.

Inside the EarthGov holding facility, Minister Niedrigh informs his superiors about the Kryptonian's attack and they tell him that he must focus on their planned assault on New Krypton and Kirt reassures them that his agents are already in place.

Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl undercover on New Krypton.

Kryptonian homecoming!

On New Krypton, the Legionnaires Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl disguised among the crowd try to locate Niedrigh's agents and stop them. Rokk succeeds to catch the agents and Imra disables the bomb but suddenly a group of Kryptonians, which protects New Krypton's citizents, leaded by Eradicator Beh-Osk appear and take into custody the two Legionnaires who are charged with terrorism. Rokk tries to explain that they mistake their actions and they were on New Krypton only to ensure peace but the Kryptonians do not believe them. Suddenly Superman and Supergirl appear on the scene defending Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. When Beh-Osk hears the Legionnaires call Superman as Kal-El, he realises that Superman is the last son of ancient Krypton and gets astonished by that revelation. He then calls all the Kryptonians to kneel before "Argo's salvation". Clark seems not so happy about that action and Kara says to him "Welcome home".

Clark sees the statue of Faora.

Later, Cancellor Pa-Vel escorts Superman in the Hall of Scion in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years. Cancellor also mentions that Clark liberated their ancestors from the tyranny of General Zod and that is why every Kryptonian on New Krypton calls him "Liberator". Cancellor also explains to Superman a bit about their religion, how proud enlightened people they are and that their war is more about that despite the violence. He also reveals that the main cause of the war is to recover the body of their God. A confused Clark questions him about his revealtion knowing that the God they worship is Rao but Cancellor says that Rao was worshiped only by their ancestors and they now worship a new one, showing him the statue of their Goddess and also revealing to him that Clark actually knew her.

Superman reveals the truth about Faora to Supergirl and Cosmic Boy.

Cosmic Boy, who was let free along with Imra thanks to Superman, asks Kara to tell him what she has learned while she was a spy for the Kryptonians and help the Legion stop the war. Superman arrives on the scene and says to Kara that she doesn't have to say anything, betraying the Kryptonians' trust because he already knows everything. He reaveales to Supergirl and Cosmic Boy that the war is not about politics but actually for another more religious reason. The Kryptonians actually want to recover Faora's body. They believe that her body holds the key of unlocking their future as people and that is why they sent Kara as a spy to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb without her actually knowing what she is looking for.

Doomsday arrives on New Krypton.

Later, some Kryptonian scientists inform Cancellor Pa-Vel that energy is spinning across the worldship. Suddenly the citizents hear a loud noise. Then the Cancellor states that it has began.

Superman vs. Doomsday.

Superman and Saturn Girl find Doomsday, the hulking brute having almost killed off the Eradicators and caused mass panic in the city. Clark asks Imra to make a link with the minds of all the Kryptonians. Clark then informs them about who he is and Doomsday's origin. He also encourages them to help him defeat the beast. Unfortunately, Clark and the other Kryptonians' efforts are not enough to stop Doomsday so Clark decides to take the monster and throw it to the sun. Cancellor Pa-Vel says to Clark that he isn't powerful enough to escape the sun's gravity, and Clark responds that he is aware of that.

Later Superman succeeds to defeat the monster by throwing it into the sun, saving the planet and its citizens.

In the Comics

New Krypton in the comics.

Now residing in Earth's orbit, directly opposite it, New Krypton is home to the residents of Kandor rescued from Brainiac by Kal-El. Since their rescue from Brainiac, the scientist of Kandor have been busy attempting to unravel the secrets of his technology. In the end they were successful, and Alura concocted a plan to deal with their problem on Earth. Having citizens of the city lift it and the surrounding terrain into space, kept safe by Brainiac's force-field technology, they used his tech to tera-form a new planet Krypton, placing it into orbit on the opposite side of Earth's orbit, placing the sun between them. Its presence, is both a beacon of hope for Kryptonians, and a possible threat to humans everywhere. New Krypton is destroyed when a kryptonite bomb, placed inside the villain Reactron by Lex Luthor, explodes, destroying the planet and most of its inhabitants.

New Krypton in other media


  • The phrase "New Krypton" was never mentioned on the show but in Smallville: Season Eleven storyarc titled Argo, Brainiac 5 names New Krypton as being the enemy of Earth.
  • New Krypton was part of a storyline in Lois and Clark the 1990s show with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher with the villain Lord Nor as a General Zod type figure.
  • Zod was there and being punished for killing Faora by the Kandorians by exiling him to the Phantom Zone. This indicates both that the Kandorians have recreated some form of the Kryptonian government on New Krypton, and that New Krypton has the means of recreating Kryptonian technology.
  • It is the place with the largest amount of Kryptonians in the galaxy.


Zod: (to Clark) Better to rule in hell, than to serve in Heaven.
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