Nathan Dean was a metahuman with the ability to shriek powerful and deadly sound waves to nearly deafen a human being and shatter glass.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sonic Scream: He was able to emit powerful sound waves that can shatter glass and nearly deafen humans. He was however immune to his own scream.

Season Three

Nathan worked Walt Masterson to rob a jewelry store that Clark was shopping at. As he entered the building he used his sonic scream ability to shatter the glass and detain the civilians in the store, including Clark. Walt walked in and Clark used his heat vision however some of it was reflected into his eyes by a set of Green Kryptonite earrings that were launched during the attack and he was inadvertently blinded. Masterson was detained and Nathan escaped. Nathan later on kidnapped Pete Ross and threatened to kill him if his mother, Judge Abigail Ross did not grant the motion to dismiss all charges against him.


Nathan locks Pete in a trunk

Clark found out using his newly acquired power, super hearing, and stopped him. However Walt waved a blow torch infront of his eyes, only to cause Clark to regain his vision after his attack destroyed the Green Kryptonite in the scar tissue that was preventing Clark's eyes from healing. He soon fought Clark later on and used his Supersonic sound ability, only to be crushed by a pile of cars in the junkyard, killing him.


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