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"Well, ain't that a mother?" - Sheriff Adams' last words, (Lockdown)

Nancy Adams was the sheriff of Lowell County. She was the hard line police officer who replaced Ethan Miller when he was exposed as corrupt.


Sheriff Adams didn't appreciate Clark's tendency to always be "at the right place at the right time." She warned him repeatedly against interfering in police investigations during the man hunt for Paul Hayden, but she accepted his help during the search for Van McNulty. She followed up on his tip regarding Jason Dante, but she was furious when it didn't pan out.

She had a dry, quirky sense of humor.[1]

She insisted on keeping a professional distance from the people in Smallville, in order to remain objective. [citation needed]

Season Two

The new sheriff in town.

Clark Kent made a negative first impression on Sheriff Adams when he threw Andy Arthur on top of her police car. Of course Clark was just saving Lana, but Adams decided to keep a close eye on him, so when Clark witnesses a robbery of a LuthorCorp truck, he phones in an anonymous tip rather than speak with her again, but it lead her to search Eric Marsh's locker and arrest him.

Season Three

Season Four

Sheriff Adams and Lois witness Clark's powers.

When Lois Lane and the sheriff saw Clark's superhuman powers, Kevin Grady used his memory altering powers to erase that memory.

Season Five

"Another day in Smallville."

Sheriff Adams led the capture of the metahuman convicts, Tommy Lee and the Twins. She was able to figure out that the metahumans were inside the Kents' house due to understanding facial expressions, conversation, and obviously realizing that Lana Lang does not smoke cigarettes. After Clark helped arrest these criminals, she asked if he ever thought about getting into law enforcement, commenting on another occasion that she could use someone like him on the force.

When Lex and Lana were held captive in the panic room at Luthor Mansion by two cops looking for the Black Ship, Sheriff Adams received an alarm and tried to break in and save them. Unfortunately, she was spotted on the security cameras, shot in the back, and killed by Deputy Harris.

Alternate Realities

Season Seven

Nancy Adams in the alternate universe.

In an alternate universe, Nancy Adams was alive and well in 2008. She worked for the government, saying that she left Smallville a long time ago. In this reality, she was secretly working with Lois Lane to expose President Lex Luthor's corrupt government.


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Season Two

Season Three


  • ID: She wants Clark to identify the man who started a fire.
  • Magic: Pete mentions her when telling Danielle and later Paige that they're stealing his heart.
  • Lies: She come to the Talon after Lionel's FBI Agents bugs the building.
  • Rampage: She mentions to Lex a lead she has on the murder of his scientist, Dr. Brody.

Season Four

Season Five

Season Seven

  • Apocalypse: She was alive in the alternate universe.


  • Nancy Adams appeared in 22 episodes, making her the 2nd most frequently seen recurring character in the series after Jor-El. She also appeared in more episodes than series regulars Whitney Fordman, Jason Teague, Kara Kent, Major Zod, and Davis Bloome.
    • Despite this, the series never touched upon the private life of Nancy Adams, nor her life prior to becoming the sheriff of Lowell County.

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Ethan Miller
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