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The Monitors are entities that caused the Crisis that destroyed Earth-2 and many other parallel Earths across the Multiverse. They wish to end all existence so they can maintain order.

Among the Monitors, there is a special breed of them called the Weavers, who have been trained since birth to manifest the Bleed as a weapon.


  • Ray-Lan

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Because the Monitors are beings outside the laws governing their universe, their energy is not governed by the physical laws of other universes, making super powered beings from several Earths inferiors in front of them.

Early life

The Monitors annihilated Earth-2 and one of them followed the sole survivor of that world, Chloe Sullivan, to Earth.

Season Eleven

A Monitor watches Oliver and Chloe.

A Monitor kills Chloe of Earth-2.

The Monitor then finds Earth-2 Chloe in Smallville of Earth-1 where Chloe and Oliver Queen of that world were investigating the crashsite of Earth-2 Chloe's ship. He says to her that she has ran far but her quest has ended and this Earth will die just like the other one. The Monitor reveals her body is filled with Bleed, the anti-matter that separates all universes, which causes Chloe and her Earth-1 counterpart to repel each other apart. He then proceeds to kill her.

A Monitor falls from the sky.

Months later, in Russia, a trucker, while driving his truck, watches something falling from the sky. He observes what at first he believes to be a meteorite but as he approaches, he sees in the middle of a smoking crater a man dressed in a strange attire and an apparatus on one of his eyes.

The President shows photos of the fallen Monitor to Superman.

After the crash, the U.S. president summons Superman showing him some photos of the fallen Monitor. Superman recognizes the person as a Monitor and when the President asks him what Monitor is, Superman responds by saying that he will know as soon as he does. Superman then promises he will investigate the matter, and that is something that everyone should be concerned. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is informed about the crash in Russia by the newscast. His assistant informs him that the recent crash in Russia has yielded similar readings to those of the ship that crashed in Smallville months ago and it is now kept in S.T.A.R. Labs. Lex realizes that the "thing" that fell in Russia may be from a parallel reality too so he orders Otis to prepare the jet so they can travel to Russia.

The Monitor is imprisoned by the Russian government.

Meanwhile the Russian Prime Minister is informed that the President wants to talk to him about an important matter but he says that it has to wait because he wants to meet with Lex Luthor and find out what he has to offer for his prisoner, revealing that he has already imprisoned the fallen Monitor.

Luthor negotiates with the Russian Prime Minister about the Monitor.

In Moscow, Lex Luthor meets with the Russian Prime Minister and they talk about the alien. Lex tells to him everything he knows about the being who fell from the sky, that it is not of this world and is responsible for the destruction of an entire parallel Earth. The conversation is settled with Lex Luthor taking a look on the captive Monitor, and offering a lot of money to the Prime Minister to take him back to the U.S.

Lex questions Ray-Lan.

Lex makes an offer to Ray-Lan.

Lex questions the Monitor, who reveals that his name is Ray-Lan. Luthor attempts to negotiate with him but Ray-Lan shows his contempt for this world, so when Lex, seemingly disappointed with him, decides to leave, Ray-Lan says that he knows what is happening on this world and what actually happened to his mind, offering to fill his memory gaps. Luthor then asks Ray-Lan what does he want in exchange.

Ray-Lan is freed and ready to battle the Rocket Red Brigade.

Later, Clark arrives at the door of the premises where the Monitor is in, which is also the base of the Rocket Reds. Suddenly the alarms of the facility are activated and Clark, removing his glasses, uses his X-ray vision to see what happens. The warning is fully justified as Ray-Lan has somehow been freed from his chains and makes a hole in the wall, killing a member of the Rocket Reds. Alexi says he does not want to hurt him, but Ray-Lan says he will have to.

Ray-Lan protects himself from the Rocket Reds.

Ray-Lan attacks the Rocket Reds.

Ray-Lan battles with Superman.

The Monitor is killing soldiers on his way out of the facility. Lex asks him why he does that, and Ray-Lan responds that if he does not understand his purpose, he doesn't deserve to live so he proceeds to kill Lex too.

Fortunately, Superman's timely intervention saves Luthor, and the fight between Superman and Ray-Lan begins. While fighting the Monitor mocks Superman's weakness and then Superman asks him what is the "Crisis", to which Ray-Lan is surprised that Superman doesn't know. Superman gives him a headbutt in the face and both contenders are separated by the blow. Ray-Lan, who lands on a building, succeeds to escape, while Lex wonders where he has gone, but Superman, seeing his own blood on his hands wonders how the Monitor could hurt him.

Ray-Lan confronts Lex and Clark.

The Monitor prepares to attack the trespassers.

Later, Lex and Clark trace Ray-Lan and discover his spaceship in Chernobyl.

Lex and Clark explore Monitor's spacecraft. Lex tells to Clark that the meteor shower that caused the accident of Karolyev ("Guardian") were the remains of a destroyed parallel Earth, and that suggests the existence of others. In fact, deep inside the spaceship, the two discover a glass tube-like structure that somehow contains several parallel earths that have already been decimated. But before they could react to the incredible view, the Monitor appears and tells them that their world has already far exceeded its useful life, and the two of them will not live to see its end.

Ray-Lan stalks Lex and Clark.

Ray-Lan shoots Clark.

Ray-Lan grabs Lex taking him out of the water.

Ray-Lan decides to answer one last question to Lex.

Beneath Chernobyl, Clark and Lex try to escape from the Monitor, who is stalking them through his ship while revealing bits and pieces of his plan. Ray-Lan explains that he has been destroying alternate earths one by one, and in a specific order and that order wasn't followed to the letter by one of his fellow Monitors, which is why he ended up on this earth, along with possibly a few other alternate earth inhabitants. Ray-Lan also says that his fellow Monitors should be trying to prevent the inhabitants of the Earths they destroy from learning the truth about the fate of their world and Clark realizes that is why another Monitor killed Chloe Sullivan of Earth-2, when she set foot on this Earth. Ray-Lan says that this is the reason why he is planning the destruction of this earth ahead on the agenda, even though his superiors do not approve of that. Eventually Lex and Clark manage to escape the ship, which fires its thrusts in preparation to take off. Clark takes advantage and flies himself and Lex out, timing his movements to make it look like they were thrown out by the blast. They land on a bridge, and the Monitor surprises them and shoots Clark in the chest, sending him flying through the air and into a frozen lake.

Ray-Lan is ready to kill Lex.

Superman attacks Ray-Lan, saving Lex's life.

Lex is diving into the frozen lake trying to reach Clark, but another shot coming from the Monitor hits Clark and makes him sink deeper in the water, making him unreachable. Ray-Lan grabs Lex from the icy water, throws him on the snow and says to him that he will end up dead like Clark because he does not deserve to witness the majesty of the final destruction of this Earth. Lex, who is suffering from hypothermia, asks Ray-Lan to answer him just one question for himself, why does he hate Superman so much and why, though his memories are gone, he still feels that terrible hatred for him when he sees the "S" on his chest. Ray-Lan does not have the time to answer Lex's question as Superman appears and attacks the Monitor, throwing him far away in the forest.

Superman attacks Ray-Lan.

Superman defeats Ray-Lan and proceeds to destroy his ship.

Superman finds Ray-Lan's corpse.

Superman destroys the Monitor ship.

Ray-Lan remotely controls his ship but Superman swoops down and destroys his arm cannon. Lex tells Superman to kill the Monitor or else his peers will keep coming. Superman tells him that's not his style and then flies directly into the beam of the ship, using it against itself and destroys it. As he falls, the ship causes a great explosion throwing shrapnel and fire. When Clark falls from the sky, wounded and blistered by passing through the beam of the ship, he sees Ray-Lan lying dead among the rubble, impaled by a metal rod on his chest. Regretfully, Superman apologizes and closes the corpse's eyes.

Emil Hamilton examines Ray-Lan's body.

In a D.E.O. quarantine zone, Dr. Emil Hamilton performs an autopsy on the Monitor's body, while Director Steve Trevor observes. At the same time, Agent Diana Prince examines Ray-Lan's equipment and informs Trevor that an item is missing. This apparent comms device which was present at the scene, was somehow lost and nobody knows where it might have gone.

At LexCorp, Lex, Otis and a scientist connect Ray-Lan's comms device, which Lex stole, with a radio station to launch a powerful message to the multiverse.

The Monitors take over another parallel Earth.

Transported to a parallel Earth, Superman and Lois Lane emerge from the wormhole to find themselves in a destroyed Metropolis under siege by the Monitors. Clark realizes they are lost in the Multiverse and Lois asks how are they going to return back but Clark says he doesn't know if they will, starring at the sky, which is full of the Monitors' ships.

On the parallel Earth, Superman and Lois are fighting some Manhunters, who are chasing them so they can kill them. Lois puzzles over why the Manhunters were hunting them given the fact that the Green Lanterns are their usual opponents but Clark says these robots were running on Bleed instead of Lantern energy, suggesting that the Monitors probably use them to deal with the "supers" and "metas" of each Earth while they move their ships into firing position.

The Monitors begin to destroy this Earth.

When they find the last survivors of this Earth, a shocked Lois looks at her doppelganger while Superman asks her what happened. The alternate Lois explains that the Monitors put one ship on each side of the planet and they did something to Earth's core and it's only a matter of time until they destroy this Earth once and for all. Suddenly, the ships above Metropolis begin to fire and a worried Lois tells Clark they need to get out of there immediately, in which he agrees.

The Monitors begin the purge.

Lois tells everyone inside the church that they have to leave the place immediately, as the Monitors' ships are firing. Her doppelganger says there's no hope, however, and this is just the next in line of numerous attacks on Earth's cities. Superman is fighting with the Manhunters, preventing them from attacking the refugees. The Manhunters suddenly evacuate in preparation for the "purge." Superman and Lois then set off in search of this earth's equivalent of the Fortress of Solitude, as it is their only option for survival.

A Weaver attacks Superman and Lois.

Inside the Monitors' ship, Superman and Lois lay low while Monitors investigate the duo's forced entry, unaware that stowaways have entered the ship and fearing of Bleed contamination.

The Weavers take down Superman.

The Monitors hear Lex Luthor's offer.

In Bleed space, Superman and Lois search for their Earth among a large number of dead ones. Suddenly a Monitor appears, calling himself a Weaver, who has been trained since birth to manipulate the Bleed as a weapon, and declares that he is going to kill them like Superman killed one of their architects, Ray-Lan. Superman says to Lois he will try to make the Weaver hurt himself, as the Bleed can probably hurt him too. Just then, three more Weavers appear and they say that no one else from the multiple Earths has ever get aboard a Monitor's ship. Together, they render Superman unconscious. After Superman loses his senses and the Monitors take both him and Lois to a holding cell, until the Council decides their fate. After that, Superman wakes up and they suddenly start hearing a very familiar voice. That voice belongs to Lex Luthor, who suggests the Monitors, rather than razing his universe, simply "reboot" it.

The Monitors sentence Superman and Lois to death.

The Monitors listen to Lex's proposal to reboot the universe. Superman interrupts his proposal, saying that what he is proposing is madness. Lex is surprised to see that Superman and Lois are still alive, as he was wondering where have they ended up. Lois calls him a monster but Lex insists he's the only one actually trying to save the world by reasoning with the Monitors. The Monitors end the transmission, saying they have much to discuss. Lois is shocked when she learns that the Monitors are actually going to consider Lex's offer. The Monitors then recognize Superman as the person who killed Ray-Lan, so they decide to sentence both of them to death so they won't be able to interfere again in their plans. They intend to kill Superman and Lois by jettisoning them into the Bleed, as no one can survive it, not even the Monitors.

A Monitor puts Lois in the chamber.

The Monitors realize Superman survived the Bleed.

The Monitors arrive on Earth.

Superman allows himself to be put into a chamber, which the Monitors flood with Bleed. A tearful Lois watches him being expelled from the Monitors' vessel. However, despite the rigors of Bleed Space, Superman manages to return to the ship and force his way back in. He reenters just as Lois is about to be expelled from the ship as well. Just as a Monitor is ready to expel Lois, an alarm starts ringing. The Monitors leave to deal with the Bleed overload in the ship and Lois finds the chance to race to the lifeboats, but unfortunately she meets a group of Monitors on the way. Upon seeing her, the Monitors comment, they have underestimated their prisoners and Lois, raising her fists, responds, "You bet our ass you did."

After Superman and Lois escape back to their home a Monitors' ship follows them and arrives at Washington D.C., beginning the attack.

The Monitors proceed with their new plan.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Clark and Lois are almost home, watching the Monitors rebooting the universe which Lex convinced them to do as they break the water and air down to base elements and collecting it as they prepare to reassemble it, realizing Lex may have bought them some time to stop this. Clark wonders if Lois is ready to see this but Lois rationalize since they are possibly one of the last journalists, they have no choice. Lois wonders if her dad and his mom, along with everyone else in D.C. being vaporized is better than being terminated, Superman says he doesn't plan on finding out and would only take time to grieve if they can't save the day. However he tells tells her they need to focus because one of the ships releases a group of Manhunters on them.

The Monitors send the Omega Monitor.

In deep space the Monitors have converged for a meeting discussing the goings on planet side. They know from monitoring that Superman and the other superheros are converging to create an army. One leader requests that they launch deconstructors and end the planet however he is outvoted by another who suggests for their defiance towards the Monitors Superman and the others should experience oblivion as a punishment before the reboot.

The Monitors meanwhile realize their computer network has been compromised and that the Monitors on Earth are dying. The leader orders that the forces of Manhunters and Monitors pull out to be replaced instead by Deconstructor ships. The female Monitor vows that this Earth will no longer be part of the reboot and live in the brave new world, while the heroes think they have won the day. Instead of a fresh start the Omega Monitor will be launched on them to usher in oblivion.

When it arrives, the Omega Monitor launches a series of cables that capture Superman. Clark cries out refusing to be rebooted but the Omega Monitor laughs wheezily that he no longer has a choice. Superman later succeeds to defeat the Omega Monitor with the help of the League.

The Monitor is sent to the Phantom Zone.

The Monitors realize that everyone in the universe is opposed to their rebooting plan and waits to see what happens.

The League stands in the Fortress standing judgment over the female Monitor. The universe is now back to normal though all that died is still dead. The female Monitor asks to die but J'onn points out that Clark would never kill anyone. The League then decides to send the Monitor to the Phantom Zone.



  • Ray-Lan is the main antagonist of Alien and the Monitors as a group serve as the main antagonists of the whole Season Eleven.

Other faces of The Monitor

In the comics

The Monitors as they appear in the comics.

The Monitors are a multiversal race charged with the protection of the Multiverse. During the first multiverse, there were only two, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, who oversaw the multiverse and the anti-matter universe respectively. Both were killed during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

After the creation of the 52 in the new multiverse, a new race of 52 different Monitors is seen to be active trying to protect the multiverse from corruption as a community. Each monitor is assigned to its own world, and they all vary at least slightly in appearance. A version of the Anti-Monitor is also seen to be active helping the Sinestro Corps on Qward. Although they are seen again, the Monitors play their next biggest roles in Countdown.

Controversy emerges for the Monitors when two with radically opposing viewpoints argue about how the multiverse should be maintained, the chief concern being the presence of "Multiversal Anomalies" (people who have hopped from world to world). Monitor Solomon of Earth-8 believes such disturbances should be immediately eradicated, and goes as far as to hunt down and kill Duela Dent. Despite his violence and zeal, he manages to convert almost all of the Monitors to his way of thinking. However, New Earth's monitor, Bob, believes a much more peaceful approach should be taken, and establishes the Challengers from Beyond, a group made of anomalies to help him track down Ray Palmer who he believes is the only man capable of averting the upcoming Great Disaster.

The violent actions of the majority of the Monitors, including the genocide of the Forerunners, attracted the ire of Monarch, who believed them to be tyrants. Using the Bleed as his headquarters, he gathered an Army from all over the multiverse to challenge and destroy them, almost succeeding, culminating in the destruction of Earth-51. Monarch's whereabouts are currently unknown, all of the Monitors survived the Monarch War, except for Bob who was specifically killed by Solomon as Solomon attempted to directly absorb Bob and amass Bob's power for himself.

Although the Monitors were originally very close (some were specifically female while the bulk were male gendered), they have been changed drastically developing individual personalities and choosing through mutual best interest rather than a resulting singular mental/intellectual focus as shown when their base individual realities were drastically changed by Mister Mind during the end portion of the interdimensional 52 event. Thus the Monitors have also, they also changed to reflect them, and have since been becoming more and more individual and acting in mannerisms that would be considered individual greed of their particular reality and at times of their own individual person which resulted in the attack and removal of Solomon from their collective assembly.

Recognizing that the Monitors are more or less now completely individuals and thus increasingly dangerous to the stability of other individual realities, the Monitor of the destroyed Earth-51 Nix Uotan has recently put together a team to monitor the Monitors . The Monitor Guardian team consists of Ray Palmer, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner and Forager. Recently Nix was sentenced to life on New Earth as a human, because of his failure to save Earth-51, though many of his peers felt the punishment unjust. Due to the machinations of the New Gods, he was able to regain his powers, and has become something new. Though what the rebirth of the New Gods, especially Darkseid, means for fate of the Monitors and the Multiverse remains to be seen.