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"Would you rather have a PlayStation-addicted dork wearing a Star Wars T-shirt?"
— Molly Griggs, Delete

Molly Griggs (aka Brainwave) is a psychopathic former patient of the Summerholt Institute.

Early life

Molly was recruited by MIT at the age of 15. She was a brilliant engineering student until she had a psychotic break and tried to kill another student. Then she was sent to the Summerholt Neurological Institute. Several months after her release, Chloe Sullivan interviewed her for an article. Chloe became interested in the institute when she learned that Ryan James had been held there against his will. Although she was adamant that Lawrence Garner had changed her life, Chloe's article was going to be an exposé with enough ammunition to shut down the institute.

Season Three

Molly developed a mind control program and stole the hard drive from Chloe's computer after it had been shipped to LuthorCorp. In this way, she was able to obtain the e-mail addresses of everyone Chloe knew. She delivered her mind-control program via e-mail under the pseudonym Brainwave: however, she had to rely on other people to do the deed for her, as the human survival instinct was so strong that she could not just e-mail Chloe and make her kill herself. She sent her first message to Clark, who tried to run Chloe down with his pickup truck. She then affected Lana, who tried to kill Chloe with martial arts and an axe. Then, she had Max Taylor killed by his secretary. Eventually, Lex and Clark discovered her location, but she had already sent her final message to the Kents, who lured Chloe to the Kent Farm and tried to kill her with a scythe. Clark intervened and Chloe was saved. Lex claimed he sent Molly to get "real" help.

The Vengeance Chronicles

It was later revealed that Molly was sent to Level 33.1 where she met a group of super-powered beings that were being experimented on. Molly and her boyfriend Nick Yang managed to escape and enlisted the Angel of Vengeance's help to expose Lex for what he was doing. She attempted to kill Lex by installing a mind-control program into his personal computer that would brainwash him into killing himself, but Andrea and Nick stopped her and convinced her that exposing Lex's crimes would be a better alternative than murder.

It is later revealed by Chloe, by an unknown source, that Molly Griggs was admitted to Belle Reeve on the night the mission failed, indicating that she was captured after her computer and mind-control program was destroyed by Nick. It could be speculated that Andrea and Nick may have abandoned Molly after realizing that Molly would not agree to stop her attempts to kill Lex.



  • Since Clark attempted to kill Chloe by running her down in a truck rather than using his abilities, it seems likely that Molly's e-mailed brainwashing 'instructions' also included some 'suggestions' for how her subjects might kill Chloe based on what she believed they would be capable of, rather than just giving them the order to kill Chloe and leaving the fine details up to them.

In the Comics

  • In the comics, Brainwave (Molly's computer handle) was a longtime villain and opponent of the Justice Society of America. He could control minds, generate illusions, as well as fire brain blasts.
  • There is a comic character named Elaine Griggs who was Lex Luthor's abusive foster mother.

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