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The mirror box

The mirror box is a piece of Kryptonian technology, that allows humans and Kryptonians to travel between Earth and Earth-2.

Physical Appearance

The mirror activated

The device is a silver-plated polyhedron which when activated takes on the appearance of a crystal mirror. It has engraved on it a variant of the Mark of Transference and works like a puzzle that needs that the parts of the same frame to activate it.

When activated, the Mark of Transference shines and the person disappears in a light wave.

Powers and Abilities

The Mirror box has the capability to transport someone through parallel universes and is the only known way, besides the use of the Fortress of Solitude, to travel from Earth to Earth-2 (Kent). It also causes one to switch places with their counterparts in the respective universes.

The box not only works on Kryptonians, but also on humans as well. Some believe only Kryptonians are able to activate the box, since Lionel Luthor (Earth II) possessed it for a long time and never activated it. However, in the episode, "Kent," Emil Hamilton was able to repair the box and used it to bring Clark Kent back to Earth I. If Emil was able to use the mirror-box, then some humans are somehow also able to activate it.


The box destroyed

Kryptonians can easily break the box, as proven by Clark Luthor when he stepped upon his and destroyed it. The Mirror Box was later repaired by Emil Hamilton

Season Ten

Clark with the mirror box

Tess Mercer received the box as the legacy of Lionel and when Clark discovered it in her possession, accidentally activated the device and went to a parallel universe. When he discovered what the box was capable of, Kent looked for it everywhere and finally found it in possession of the alternative Lionel. After fighting with him, Kent activated the device again and returned to his dimension, dragging Lionel with him.

After all that, Kent destroyed the box so that nobody use it again.

Emil attempts to repair the box

Although Clark Kent destroyed the mirror box of his universe, Clark Luthor used the box from Earth-2 to return to Kent's universe. After sending Kent to Earth-2, Luthor crushed the box, rendering it destroyed. However, Emil Hamilton was able to repair the box and use it to bring Kent back.


Lionel's drawing in Prototype

  • In the Season Six's Prototype, Lionel is seen drawing Kryptonian symbols into his office while watching the video of the phantom that appeared in the Patagonia. One of the symbols he had drawn is similar to the symbol of the mirror box and was entitled "Mirror".
  • There are two separate mirror boxes, one in each universe. Clark Kent destroyed the mirror box on Earth, but Clark Luthor was able to use the Earth-2 mirror box to come to Earth. They didn't switch places though, since the Earth-1 mirror box was not functioning at the time.
  • It is unknown just how Lionel Luthor obtained the mirror box in both universes. It is stated that the mirror box is a Kryptonian relic.
  • It is also unclear as to why Lucas Luthor did not inherit it, as a known heir of Lionel, which is most likely just a continuity error, or that ignoring him allowed the story to flow, which his inheritance would have prevented
  • Like any kryptonian device that is in charge of any transference, the mirror box has the Mark of Transference on it but with a little twist. In the devices used to transfer the essences of people into another body, the mark has two straight lines that symbolize the change of essences. However, when the change is about two people that are in different planes, the mark retains only one line that symbolizes that different bodies are being traded.


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