Metropolis University (also abbreviated as Met U) is a college university in Metropolis. Among other things, it has a medical school and a strong astronomy program. It also has programs in journalism, botany, and biochemistry.

Met U also has a strong football program. The school mascot is the Bulldog. It sustained extensive damage during Dark Thursday.


  • Chloe Sullivan majored in journalism at Met U. She had also taken botany and biochemistry classes.
  • Lana Lang attended Metropolis University for a year, where she indulged her growing obsession with astronomy. She chose Met U over CKU specifically because CKU didn't have the classes she wanted in astronomy. After her breakup with Clark, she became addicted to the Limbo drug created by some Met U med students.
  • Lois Lane also attended Metropolis University for a year, before being kicked out for drinking. [1]
  • Lex Luthor studied at the University at some point, but was later thrown out by Edgar Huff when Lex played a humiliating joke on his son. [2]
  • Lance and Ally were medical students who created the Limbo drug, which when injected took the subject to a near-dead state of consciousness in which they can speak to their departed love ones. [3]
  • Buffy Sanders was a metahuman who became the vampiric President of the Tri-Psi sorority at Met U until she was killed by an infected Lana. [4]
  • Geoff Johns and Coop were football players who attended Met U, until Geoff Johns killed Coop and was then apprehended while trying to kill Lois Lane. [5]


  • Jonathan Kent and Martha Clark met while taking a finance class at Metropolis University. Martha asked Jonathan for some notes, even though she was the note-taker for the class. When Martha asked how he knew she would return them, Jonathan told her, "I prefer to believe in people." [citation needed] Jonathan Kent turned down a full football scholarship to Metropolis University. [citation needed] After his father's death, he went to Met U.
  • Jason Teague attended Metropolis University, and set a pass record while playing for the football team but tore his rotator cuff, ending his future in football. He later transferred to Central Kansas A&M.


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