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The Metropolis Police Department is the policing division for the city of Metropolis.

Known Officers

Former Officers

Season One

Detective Phelan talk with Jonathan Kent in Smallville.

Sam Phelan was a rogue cop who Lionel Luthor used to clear Lex's criminal record. Sam later black-mailed Clark Kent but was shot in self-defense by cops.

Season Two

When Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent are held hostage by a team Lex Luthor hired in his office, police lieutenant Maggie Sawyer was the officer dealing with the situation aiming to get them out safely and trying to negotiate with the captors.

Season Three

Cops led by Lieutenant Maggie Sawyer.

After Clark Kent began wearing a red kryptonite ring, he became an alternate personality with no inhibitions known as Kal who went on a crime spree for the 3 months that he wore the ring. He stole money from cash points, causing Maggie Sawyer to try and track him down and bring him to justice.

When Lex was trying to find out what happened to his grandparents after Chloe asked Lex about Lachlan Luthor, he contacted a former officer, Officer Mason. He was working on the case of his grandparents death but Lionel paid him to drop the case.

Officer Mason is investigating the murder of Lionel's parents. He tells Lex that Chloe Sullivan is also investigating Lionel Luthor, and goes to the Torch office to ask her why. Chloe refuses to discuss it with him, and he warns her that she is in over her head with Lionel. Chloe arrives late at the Torch to find the office has been ransacked. Officer Mason is there, but she doesn’t call the police because then she would have to explain why he might be interested in her research. He takes her computer and leaves. She goes to the mansion and accuses Lex, but Lex denies involvement. He takes Chloe to the morgue to show her that Mason has died of natural causes. Lex thinks his father did it and he offers her his protection.

Detective Cage investigating in the Luthor Mansion.

Clark is at the mansion when Detective Cage of the Metropolis Police Department arrives to search the grounds for evidence relating to the eight homicides committed at Metron labs. Lex tries to send Clark away, but Detective Cage insists that he remain to answer a few questions. Detective Cage has surveillance video of Lex with Dr. Lia Teng in the lab. When they find memos, signed by Lex as acting director of the lab, he realizes that he is being set up. Meanwhile, back at the mansion Detective Cage has decided that he has enough evidence to place Lex under arrest. Just as he is putting on the cuffs, Agent Loder arrives from the FBI.

Season Five

Maggie Sawyer with other police.

When Jack Jennings was suspected of being a murderer to a stripper, police detective Maggie Sawyer was the investigating officer who along with other officers, raided the strip club where she worked and arrested Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan for being underage but were later released after Lex Luthor had them freed. They later had to release the real killer as he was a special guest in the country and could not arrest him due to international politics.

Clark stops the police car.

The car that crashes through the window of the basement of the Daily Planet offices is a Metropolis Police Department squadcar.

Season Six

In a dream by Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent was an undercover cop in the forties who worked at the Daily Planet as a ploy to uncover the truth about Lex Luthor and Lana Luthor. He eventually shot Lana Luthor whom he was sleeping with and had Jimmy arrested.

Season Seven

Several cops were investigating Lionel's death.

After Lionel Luthor was killed after falling from his office window at the LuthorCorp Plaza, Detective Maggie Sawyer was the investigating officer dealing with the case who was on the scene with lots of other officers trying to figure out how his death occurred.

In an alternate reality in which Clark Kent never came to earth, Chloe Sullivan is engaged to a member of the Metropolis Police Department.

Season Eight

Detective Jones helps Clark investigate the attack on the Ace of Clubs.

After John Jones lost his powers by helping Clark regain his, he joined the Metropolis Police Department as a detective so that he could still help people without his powers. He has since been investigating the serial killings in Metropolis that all relate to Davis Bloome and has also been running serious interference for Clark every time he saves something or somebody to keep his identity a secret.

Clark and Dan holds a thief.

John Jones was working on a project in which he was investigating corrupt cops who were killing criminals. The cops found out and when Jones was arresting somebody, they shot him but failed to kill him. Clark Kent then went undercover to reach the bottom of who shot Jones and found out that it was a group of officers involving Dan Turpin, Joe Simmons and Talbert. Turpin who was unsure of their motives anway, turned on them and arrested the group of officers.



  • The Metropolis Police Emblem is the shape of a Kryptonian pentagon and the future shape of Clark's hero alter ego Superman's shield.


  1. Identified as a lieutenant in Insurgence. Identified as a detective in Exposed