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The Metropolis Inquisitor is the Metropolis newspaper in competition with the Daily Planet. It is a less reputable newspaper than the Planet, but is very popular. In X-Ray, Lex Luthor says that although his father is obsessed with the Planet, he is more interested in the paper that people actually read.


On career day, Chloe Sullivan was stressing over the fact that it was so difficult to get an internship at the Daily Planet. Pete Ross suggested that she try for an internship at the Inquisitor instead. Chloe found the suggestion unthinkable. (Crush)

Donald Jacobi used the stories in the Inquisitor to help corroborate some of the more stranger stories found in the Smallville Torch. (Strange Visitors)

It was later revealed that Roger Nixon, an Inquisitor reporter, had agreed to write favorable stories for Lex whenever he needed them. (X-Ray)



The Metropolis Inquisitor has never actually appeared on the show. However, it's been mentioned in several episodes:

  • Season One:
    • Crush - Chloe mentions that she only wants to intern at the Planet, not at the Inquisitor. Clark Kent finds a copy of the Inquisitor with an article about how Justin Gaines' doctor lost his hands. The article is headlined, "GOING DOWN! DOCTOR LOSES HANDS IN FREAK ACCIDENT."
    • X-Ray, Leech, Obscura, Tempest, Vortex - Inquisitor reporter Roger Nixon worked for and eventually betrayed Lex Luthor.
  • Season Two:
    • Visitor - Helen Bryce walks in with a copy of the previous day's s Inquisitor with the headline: "Gold-Digging Doc Bags Billionaire Baldie!"
  • Season Five:
    • Thirst - Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Pauline Kahn dismisses Chloe's story about sorority vampires as tabloid fluff only worthy of the Inquisitor.
  • Season Six:
    • Sneeze - Lois began working at the Inquisitor and got her first byline, writing about a barn door that fell out of the sky
    • Hydro - Chloe said to Linda Lake about Clark's secret that the Inquisitor wouldn't believe the story.
    • Combat - Lois wrote a story for the Inquisitor about underground fight circuit being broadcast over the Internet
    • Noir - Lois investigated Lana's shooting at the Planet, trying to get the scoop for the Inquisitor.
  • Season Seven:
    • Kara - Lois mentioned the Inquisitor to Grant Gabriel, shortly before he hired her at the Planet to investigate the story behind the Red Ship.


Grant Gabriel: Tell me about your close encounter.
Lois: Can't share a trade secret. I work for your rival, the Inquisitor.
Grant Gabriel: Our rival? This is the Daily Planet, read in virtually every country across the globe. We have no rival.
Season Seven, Kara

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