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Metron Pharmaceuticals is a LuthorCorp subsidiary that Lionel Luthor used to develop the Lazarus Serum.

Early History

LuthorCorp officially shut down the Metatron pharmaceuticals facility Seven years prior to season 3. Lionel Luthor secretly arranged to have The laboratory recommissioned so he could have the Lazarus Serum developed. Luthor arranged for molecular biologist Dr. Lia Teng to marry a  LuthorCorp security guard so she could get a green card and move from North Korea to the US and lead the project.

Season Three

The Metron Pharmaceuticals lab was used to hold drug trials for the Lazarus Serum. Vince Davis and Adam Knight Were both used as test subjects for the drug. The ultimate purpose of the test trials was to perfect the drug and prevent Lionel Luthor from dying of liver disease.