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The Metro Coffee Stop is a café located in one of the main streets of Metropolis. It has outdoor service, with chairs and tables located on the sidewalk.


Season Eight

Davis at the coffee shop.

Chloe met Davis outside the café where the two talk about the feelings they have about each other. Chloe says that she needed to keep her distance from him for a while and left Davis abruptly. [1]

Chloe was walking out of Metro Coffee Stop when Clark appeared and confronted her about not telling him that Lana had visited her in the past. [2]

Lois waiting for Clark

Later, when Lois invited Clark on a date for coffee, they planned to meet at the Metro Coffee Stop but Clark changed his mind at the last moment and left Lois alone at the cafe. [3]

Jimmy Olsen was seen inside his car at the corner of the coffee shop, after breaking up with Chloe. [4]

Season Nine

Chloe at the Metro Coffee Stop

Clark met Chloe at the cafe to discuss Clark's new ability to hear the thoughts of others. [5]

Zod at the Metro Coffee Stop

Later, Oliver met Chloe for coffee to discuss the fallout from Victoria Sinclair. [6]

Clark met his blind date at the coffee shop when he was recording for a TV show. Later, while waiting to hear from a soldier in his army about Tess' interrogation, Zod opened an envelope while sitting at the cafe. Inside were the bloody dog tags of his soldier, suggesting that Tess had killed or injured him. Zod looked up and saw Tess Mercer on the other side of the street; a bus then passed between them, and Tess disappeared. [7]

Later, Clark meet Chloe at the corner of the coffee shop to discuss the idea of Clark of revealing himself at the press conference at which Ray Sacks called out the Blur. [8]

Tess met Oliver at the cafe

Tess summons Oliver at the cafe after deciding to hide from Checkmate to apologizes with him for everything she had done, and also to ask him for help. After Oliver's refused to help her, he left her sitting alone and smashed in the street. [9]

Lois and Perry wait for the Queen

After Lois teamed up with Perry White to cover the story of the Book of Rao and the mysterious Red Queen, the two go to the cafe to wait for her because she had given them that direction. Although the café was closing, the two waited patiently for the Red Queen, until they saw her on the roof of the building opposite and went after her. [10]

Season Ten

Lois at the coffee shop

To protect Cat Grant from a possessed Lois, Clark speeds Cat away to the café where she takes a picture of a coffee mug instead of Lois. [11]

On her day off, Lois was seen buying coffee from the store while arguing with the seller. When Tess fails to contact with Lois through her cell phone, she uses the cameras that were outside the local and intercepts the telephone line of a passerby to contact her. [12]

Later, Oliver was attacked by civilians on the outside of the coffee shop while trying to stop a mugger. [13]


Karma Jar

  • The employees of the café wear a purple apron.
  • Ironically, Chloe has been seen buying coffee from the seller that is on the other side of the street of the store. [14][15]
  • The café has a "Karma Jar". [12]


  • This is the third coffee shop to be regularly featured on the show. The first coffee shop was The Beanery and the second one the Talon.
  • The Metro Coffee Stop is located opposite the Metropolis Theater where Zatanna stayed during her visit to Metropolis. It also has a phone booth in the corner and a semaphore.
  • In a deleted scene, Lana appeared at the corner of the coffee shop and realized that Brainiac was hypnotizing the city and tried to warn people but was also mesmerized.
  • Since its introduction in Season Eight, the Coffee street has been one of the major locations featured on the series.