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Meteor infection is the mutational process of acquiring metahuman powers due to green kryptonite exposure.

Meteor-infected individuals who acquired their powers from a meteor shower, especially if they use their abilities to threaten, hurt or kill other people, are often referred to as "meteor freaks." Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang, however, have started using the terms "meteor-challenged" or "meteor-infected" instead. (Cure) After Jimmy Olsen learned about Chloe's meteor power, he also stopped using the phrase "meteor freaks." (Gemini)

Powers and Abilities

Two factors greatly increase the odds of meteor infection:

  • The specific type of exposure: ingestion, inhalation, envenomation, sting, viral/bacterial/fungal infection, injection, genetic manipulation, etc.
  • The amount of exposure, especially with chronic irradiation.
  • A catalyst such as electricity, magnetism, intense heat, or even death itself.


The extraterrestrial green kryptonite is highly radioactive and can cause mutations of human DNAs, leading to strange physiological changes and sometimes unnatural superhuman abilities. It also in many cases causes psychosis, causing the victims to lose moral control, for which there is no known cure other than removing the factors which cause the meteor power; Dr. Curtis Knox developed such a cure.[1] It can also cause the "jitters," resulting in uncontrollable tremors, which are generally associated with a terminal level of meteor exposure.

Type of Exposure

Meteor infection most often are caused by radiation exposure (experienced by most residents of Smallville), although it is most likely to occur quickly if the kryptonite directly enters the body. This can include several means:





  • Greg Arkin was bitten by kryptonite-exposed insects, giving him the insect-like enhanced strength and speed, as well as the ability to spit silk. (Metamorphosis)
  • Sasha Woodman was stung by bees that were exposed to kryptonite, and was subsequently able to control bees. (Drone)
  • Buffy Sanders received her vampiric powers from the rabid bites of kryptonite-infected vampire bat. (Thirst)

Wound & Skin Puncture

  • When Earl Jenkins was exposed to a green mist when an explosion in the fertilizer plant occurred, the kryptonite also penetrated his skin. (Jitters)
  • Tyler Randall had a piece of kryptonite directly embedded in his wrist and then died but was saved with life saving drugs and medical procedures. (Reaper)
  • Seth Nelson was hit in the head with a snow globe containing meteor rock, putting flecks of the kryptonite directly into his head and later exposed to an MRI. (Magnetic)

Medical Treatment and Injections

Cosmetic and Skin Treatment


Genetic Manipulation



Certain catalysts greatly increase the chance of a successful meteor infection:







  • The Isis Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the meteor-infected. It was founded by Lana and was later run by Chloe until late 2009. Its current status is unknown.


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