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Meteor freak is a derogatory term used to refer to humans who have acquired superpowers through exposure to meteor rocks, particularly in regions around the Kansas town of Smallville after the 1989 meteor shower.




Lionel: Meteor freaks? You're not in high school anymore, Miss Sullivan. This is the real world.
Season Six, Static

Chloe: Thanks, Jimmy but I can't exactly run out to Smallville for frozen sweet corn. I've got stories I've got to file.
Jimmy: What's gotten into you? Chloe, someone set this girl's dial to deep-freeze. This has "meteor freak" written all over it. It's exactly the kind of story that your new editor ordered.
Season Seven, Fierce

Jimmy: You know, when we first got together I thought that you were pretty prejudiced... Quick to jump to the conclusion that some meteor-infected murder was behind every bad thing that happened in Smallville.
Chloe: Jimmy...
Jimmy: But you were right. I've seen enough now to know that sooner or later they all... snap. So, from now on, it's open season on the infected. What do you say we clean up this town, partner?
Season Seven, Fierce

Chloe: I'm a meteor freak... and... I want to be cured.
Season Seven, Cure

Pierce: I've seen a lot of terrible things in your town. How could a place called Smallville be filled with such death and destruction? I think it has something to do with you.
Clark: Maybe you want to reconsider keeping me in this cage. You work for the government?
Pierce: I was head of security for 33.1. I've tracked down a lot of meteor freaks, but you... you're in a category all to yourself. The government wouldn't know what to do with you... but I do.
Season Seven, Traveler