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  • Thanks for your additions to the opening credits.

    Regarding to your commentary: "Like to point out that it's impossible for that shot to be first used in Accelerate considering this is Season 1 and thats Season 2", I looked trough all the episodes of the sesaon 1 DVDs, where different still images are used to open scenes at the barn, but not this exact perspective. Since it is not taken from a scene, but an extra image, it may well have been shot for season 1, but only been used there for the opening credits, and used within an episode for the first time in Accelerated. It may, however, also have been used in a deleted scene in season 1 which is not on the DVDs. I could, for example, not find at all the exact representation of the rooftop used as a background for John Schneider or of the Talon used in the season 4 opening credits as a background for Kristin Kreuk.

    one polite request: If you change the contents of a column (here: "used"), please also change the explanation thereof, otherwise the reader will get confused.

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    • I just made a screencap from the DVD which has this resolution. Where did you get your image from?

      On my DVD version, however, there are no different opening credits for season 4, and Allison Mack is credited from 4x01 on. I therefore used the corresponding screenshot from "Hereafter".

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    • I got my screen cap from the opening somewhere on YouTube.

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