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Memory manipulation is the ability to create amnesia in others, or to freely remove or view other people's memories.

People With Memory manipulation

Technology With Memory manipulation

  • The Jor-El artificial intelligence has the ability to restore and alter the memories of any person he chooses.[1]
  • Brainiac demonstrated the ability by removing Chloe Sullivan's memories one by one until she could only remember Davis Bloome. (Abyss)
  • A lot of technology that can manipulate memories come from Summerholt and Lex Luthor. After beginning to work with the technology and adding it to his own projects, Lex developed ways to manipulate memories through science that was shown to be used by Agent Carter to interrogate Kara and Dr. Curtis Knox to wipe memories away after taking away powers from meteor freaks. Summholt developed the technology with Lex advancing it further. It was also the technology that Lex helped build that destroyed his memories with the neurotoxin Summerholt created. (Lara, Curse, Finale, Part 2)


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