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Maxwell's nightclub.

Maxwell's is a nightclub based in Metropolis owned by Maxwell Lord. The club caters to wealthy gentlemen looking for an escape, as such it is one of the more popular and most profitable establishments in the city. Additionally, the club also manages the BDSM-centered Club Desaad.

Season Nine

Lois got into Maxwell's dressed as a sexy bunny so she could destroy a picture of the Blur that would be given to Ray Sacks. Clark was also there and Lois pretended she was punching his face to complete what she started.

Season Ten

Darkseid, in the body of Gordon Godfrey, goes to the club to feed on the dark energy in the souls of the club goers. The campaign against heroes has apparently been starving the dark entity causing outbursts that may raise suspicions of people against Godfrey. Lois posed as his limo chauffer and drove him there. Later she dressed as a dominatrix and tried to seduce Godfrey in order to expose him.