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John's true martian form.

The Martians are a humanoid alien race that were once native to the planet Mars.

At some point in their history, an enormous civil war destroyed the entire Martian civilization, leaving Mars deserted with only one sole survivor: the Martian Manhunter, who fled to the neighboring planet Earth where he lived under the alias "John Jones." In addition to living on Earth, he was an Intergalactic Law Enforcer who helped the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El trap and imprison criminals from the 28 known galaxies. Years later, another survivor was reaveled- the white martain Megan Morse.

Physical Appearance

Martians appear to be distinctively different in their physical physique than other life-forms; because they can shapeshift into other forms, their complexion, size and weight aren't limited or subjected. However they are divided into two different breeds in appearance and culture:

  • Green Martians are humanoid creatures with dark green skin and red eyes.
  • White Martians are grotesque, noseless seven-feet-tall, thin humanoid creature with white pale skin, long limbs, a hunchback, pointed claws and tooth, red eyes and an oval skull.

Powers and Abilities

Martians and Kryptonians share some of the same abilities, but the characteristics of their abilities are quite different. Even though not dependent on a specific source for their powers (like Kryptonians), Martians appear even more powerful on Mars.

  • Super-Strength: Martians are extremely strong beings; as such, they can lift heavy objects, and can overpower and kill humans and metahumans. Their strength is on par with Kryptonians, and they can lift hundreds of tons with ease.[citation needed]
  • Flight: Martians can fly at hypersonic velocities, often leaving behind a stream of red light.[1][2][3] John flew Clark Kent to Earth's sun at an amazing velocity.[4] Martians can also hover or levitate.[1]
  • Super-Speed: Martians are extremely fast and agile with hypersonic reflexes.
  • Super-Stamina: Martians are able to exercise and exert force for long periods of time without tiring. They also require no sustenance and have no need to breathe.
  • Shapeshifting: Martians can manipulate their shape, weight, size, and density, allowing them to change their complexion.
  • Healing factor: Martians can heal themselves from virtually any wound, but this only works outside of Earth's atmosphere, possibly because Earth's oxygen levels are too much.[5]
  • Telepathy: Martians can read minds, enter them mentally, project their thoughts and can communicate with living beings by connecting their minds to them.[2][6] They can also attack others with this ability, being able to turn even a Kryptonian into a vegetable also their can make a mental shield.
  • Telekinesis: Some Martians can move and manipulate objects or people and make temporal shield or powerful push with their mind. But the Martians normally used this ability for flight.
  • Heat Blast: Martians can generate intense amounts of heat from their body.[1]
  • InvulnerabilityMartians are virtually invulnerable to almost all forms of physical and mental types of harm, and as such, are completely immune to all earthly diseases and sicknesses. Although, other cosmic beings, like Kryptonians, can harm them.
  • Intangibility: Martians have the ability to phase through solid or concrete matter (objects) by rearranging their body particles, elongating their body limbs as well as growing their bodies to immense size.[7][6]
  • Invisibility: Martians can render themselves invisible, allowing them to sneak up on people and opponents.
  • Memory manipulation: Martians can manipulate memories that are within a person's mind. They are capable of implanting or removing certain memories.[6]
  • Mind control: Some martians can take control of the mind and the body of others.
  • Martian Vision: Martians can release intense energy from their eyes.[6]
  • Longevity: Martians possess a much longer lifespan than humans; John Jones is nearly a century old and has shown no sign of weakening or growing old. Likewise, Megan Morse has been born near the end of "The Martian Holocaust" (which occurred decades ago), and is still considered young by martian standards.


Martians can be greatly weakened both physically and mentally by fire. However, in Checkmate, John is shown to shapeshift even when caged by flames. They can be hurt extensively by high-tier cosmic beings such as Kryptonians. Any environment with high levels of oxygen slows their ability to heal from bodily injuries to human-like rate. Direct exposure or contact with Earth's yellow sun can permanently remove their abilities. However, John was able to regain his powers when Doctor Fate teleported him to Mars, indicating that a powerless Martian could in fact regain them if in contact with Mars's atmosphere.


  • John Jones: The last remaining green Martian who fled Mars after his entire civilization was destroyed by an event known as the "Martian Holocaust". He traveled to Earth and shape-shifted into a human disguise; he currently resides on the planet while also working as an Intergalactic Law Enforcer. Due to exposure to the intense heat of the sun's corona, John temporarily lost his powers. However, thanks to Doctor Fate's last act of heroism, John regained his powers.
  • Megan Morse: The last remaining white Martian who was transported as an infant to Earth by her parents in a rocket ship, before the Martian Holocaust. She currently resides on the planet, acting as John Jones' protege.

Martian Devices, Artifacts, and Technology

Martian technology greatly surpasses that of human technology. John carried a piece of technology that was similar to the Crystal of El, which had the power to exorcise Phantom Zone wraiths from humans, suggesting that Mars's technology was, to some degree, on par with Krypton's (either that or he was given the technology at some point in the past).

  • Red crystal: The Martian Manhunter carried a crystal that allowed him to capture phantoms.
  • Infrared: Martians use infrared technology with their communications, as mentioned by Kara while talking with Jimmy Olsen about their shared interest in aliens in Cure.