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Martha and Jonathan Kent had a mostly idyllic relationship, though it was not without its difficulties.

Early years

Jonathan met Martha Clark at Metropolis University. She asked him for some notes, even though she was the note-taker for the class. After that, the two began dating.

Jonathan later went to ask Martha's father, William Clark, for her hand in marriage: however, Martha's father didn't like the fact that his daughter was going to marry a farmer and believed that she deserved better than that. Jonathan hit William and the two became estranged. Jonathan and Martha married anyway and lived on the Kent Farm together. They were respected members of the Smallville community, as they raised animals and produced organic crops.

The Kents find a little boy and take him home.

Martha was incapable of conceiving a baby, but that never interfered with the depth and closeness of her relationship with Jonathan. Nevertheless, both longed for a child and on October 16, 1989, during a visit to Nell Potter's florist, Martha made a wish with Lana Lang dressed as a fairy princess. Nell was pleased that Jonathan was visiting her and seemed to have feelings for Jonathan, as they used to date. She was disappointed when she realized that he was accompanied by Martha. Nell's reactions did not go unnoticed with Martha but she trusted Jonathan enough to not make a big deal about it.

Jonathan reveals his fateful alliance with Lionel Luthor in 1989.

Martha confided in Jonathan that she had wished for a baby and shortly afterwards, during the meteor shower, Martha and Jonathan found a 3-year-old Kryptonian boy and brought him home. The Kents decided to adopt him and named him "Clark" after Martha's maiden name but needed to Lionel Luthor's help to do this. This resulted in Lionel calling in a favor by making Jonathan compromise his integrity and convince the Ross family to sell Ross Creamed Corn, thus allowing Lionel to gain a foothold in Smallville. This started Jonathan's lifelong resentment of the Luthor family. Jonathan and Martha raised Clark with strong values, making sure that he knew right from wrong.

Clark's adoption created tension in the Kents' relationships with others. Martha decided that Clark's powers meant that she couldn't reconcile with her father without trusting him with Clark's secret, but with Jonathan's long-standing history of disagreement with William, they decided this was not an option.

Seasons One

Jonathan and Martha were a very close couple, largely due to working on the farm together and keeping Clark's secret. Nevertheless, their relationship experienced problems like any marriage. Whereas the often agreed over problems with Clark's secret, they often clashed over issues with the Luthors. Jonathan was a very proud man, which occasionally frustrated Martha. When Martha became concerned about the Farm's finances, she arranged a meeting with Lex to discuss funding. Due to his previous involvement with Lionel, Jonathan argued with Martha about relying on the Luthors for money. Nevertheless, they both went but Jonathan spoiled their chances of success by confessing to Lex that he wasn't sure he could trust him.

Jonathan Kent is feeling the influence of the Nicodemus flower.

Despite their money problems, Jonathan and Martha celebrated their anniversary in Metropolis, where Martha confessed she missed the big city. Nevertheless, she insisted she had not regretted moving to Smallville to be with the man she loved. Their love for each other was only surpassed by their love for their son and when they couldn't contact Clark they returned early from their trip to find that Clark had had a secret party with his friends.

As the money problems continued, Martha was shocked and angry to discover that Jonathan had sold the Farm to Bob Rickman. Jonathan was bewildered by his own decision and they soon discovered that Rickman was a Meteor freak with the power of persuasion with just one touch. Fortunately, they were able to reclaim the Farm after Rickman's death.

When Jonathan was infected with the Nicodemus flower, all of his inhibitions were removed, which Martha quickly noticed. Although they were a close couple, Martha found Jonathan's increased passion unusual, as he started kissing her passionately in the kitchen. When Lex interrupted them, Jonathan became aggressive about the Luthors, much to Martha's shock and concern. Martha soon noticed that he also had a fever and when he fell into a coma she relied on Lex once more, as he pledged to do everything he can to cure him. As Martha waited by Jonathan's bedside, she confided in Clark about how they met at Metropolis University. To Martha's relief, Jonathan was saved shortly afterwards by a Native American cure that was discovered by one of Lex's employees.

The Kents say goodbye to Ryan.

When Martha hit a boy named Ryan James with her car, she drove him to Smallville Medical Center and quickly became attached to him when they were unable to contact his parents. Having faith in their strong relationship and strength together as parents, Martha suggested that they take care of him, like they did with Clark. Jonathan joked that she always had a soft spot for strays. Nevertheless, Ryan moved to Edge City to live with his Aunt.

Martha and Jonathan went to the storm cellar during the tornado storm and discovered Roger Nixon gathering evidence on Clark. Once again, Jonathan's commitment to protecting his son came first and he ran out into the storm after Roger, leaving Martha concerned about his fate.

Season Two

Jonathan and Roger argue about revealing Clark's secret.

Martha was concerned about Jonathan when there was no sign of him after the tornado. She tacked his picture up on a missing persons board in the hope that someone would know where he was. Pete Ross and Clark searched for Jonathan and showed Martha some maps of the area. Knowing her husband, she predicted that he may have gone into an old church crypt to take shelter from the storm. This theory proved to be correct and Clark rescued him, much to Martha's relief.

Jonathan and Martha's relationship was put to the test when Desirée Atkins seduced Jonathan with her meteor-enhanced pheromones that made men do anything she wanted. Jonathan went to see Desirée to confront her about her lies, which caused Clark to be arrested. However, when he arrived she was skinny dipping in the Luthor Mansion pool. Out of loyalty to his wife, he tried to keep his distance and avoid looking at her naked body, but once she released her pheromones she had complete control of him and made him try to kill Lex with a shotgun to complete her plan of making Lex's murder look like the outcome of a jealous love triangle. Clark intervened and once Desirée was arrested, Martha never confronted Jonathan about this, as she was fully aware of the strange goings-on in Smallville and completely trusted her husband.

Desirée uses her powers to control Jonathan.

Despite their love for their son, keeping Clark's secret did strain their family life, but any new developments with Clark were met by Martha and Jonathan confronting them together. They supported each other when Clark's personality changed when he was infected with Red kryptonite. However, Jonathan was not able to support Martha's decision to work for Lionel Luthor as his personal assistant, due to his ongoing feud with him. Martha thought it was a sensible decision in order to supplement their earnings from the Farm. Jonathan insisted that it was a bad idea but Martha took the job anyway, which disappointed Jonathan.

Martha impresses Lionel.

It was clear that Martha only wanted the job for financial security. She even resorted to asking her estranged father for money behind Jonathan's back. Her actions were clearly out of desperation, as she was usually so open and honest with Jonathan. After her father brought up concerns about Martha's life choices, she insisted that she was happy and reaffirmed this by failing to reconcile and choosing Jonathan over her father once more. Although they accepted his money, neither Jonathan nor Martha made contact with him again.

The Kents discuss William and Jonathan's feud.

Martha enjoyed her job at LuthorCorp, but felt guilty when Jonathan broke his leg. She took some time off work to take care of him but his stubbornness resurfaced and he insisted on carrying out his chores, making life difficult for Martha. Realizing that her job was causing friction in their relationship, she told him that she would probably quit. They argued over what is best for the family and their relationship and Jonathan suggested that she sometimes put the Luthors first. After Martha insisted that this was not the case, Jonathan admitted that he did not want her to quit.

Jonathan and Martha resolve their issues.

With their relationship back on track, Jonathan prepared Martha a romantic picnic for her. However, he was left disappointed again when she had to go to work. Martha recognized that her job was still causing a strain on her relationship with Jonathan, which caused her to try to reject a promotion and an expensive watch from Lionel. Feeling sorry for Jonathan, Lex and Clark arranged for a helicopter to take him for dinner with Martha. Despite wanting to spend time with his wife, he angrily refused to take charity from a Luthor. It is only when he received word that Martha was being held hostage by burglars in LuthorCorp Plaza that he accepted Lex's helicopter ride.

Jonathan nervously waited outside the LuthorCorp building, hoping that Martha would be OK. Scared for her life, Martha confided in Lionel that she had had harsh words with Lionel before she left for work. During the burglary, Martha discovered that Lionel had the key as well as a collection of kryptonite bars. Jonathan was relieved when she was rescued by Clark unharmed. Since her job had put her in several dangerous circumstances (including being attacked by a wolf and being held hostage), she decided to leave and resume her focus on her family. However, Jonathan encouraged her to keep her job, as if it weren't for her job she would not have discovered the contents of Lionel's vault.

Lionel and Martha are taken hostage.

Martha kept her present from Lionel a secret from Jonathan, as she was scared of his reaction. Nevertheless, when Lionel was shot and Jonathan became a suspect after Lana heard them arguing about Martha's watch, Martha refused to believe that he was guilty, clearly having complete faith in her husband. She desperately tried to get a good lawyer and even considered contacting her estranged father again. Ultimately, Jonathan was proved innocent and Martha cut all ties with LuthorCorp. After this, Martha tried to avoid decisions that could strain her relationship with Jonathan and when Lex is kicked out of the mansion and asked to stay with them, Martha immediately deferred to Jonathan.

Martha in the hospital

Martha was cured of her infertility by Clark's ship and became pregnant, yet kept it secret from Jonathan and Clark. It was only when she inhaled kryptonite spores that Jonathan discovered the pregnancy. Simultaneously stunned, excited and confused as to why Martha would keep it secret, Jonathan questioned her. She admitted that she thought that saying it out loud would make it go away. Martha remained weakened by the kryptonite spores and Jonathan became increasingly concerned about her. Fortunately, Clark's ship was able to cure her and Jonathan and Martha were then able to properly celebrate her pregnancy.

Martha remained concerned about her pregnancy and got help from Dr. Helen Bryce, despite Jonathan insisting that it was a bad idea, due to her connections with Lex. Nevertheless, Martha later lost the baby after Clark blew up his spaceship, which caused an explosion that resulted in the Kents' truck crashing. Jonathan and Martha were devastated and consoled each other.

Seasons Three

Martha reunites with Clark

After Clark left Smallville from the guilt of causing his mother's miscarriage, Jonathan planned to go to Metropolis to get him back. Aware that Clark was wearing a red kryptonite ring, Martha's concern for her husband's safety outweighed her concern for her son and she insisted that Jonathan wait for him to return by himself. Nevertheless, she was deeply saddened by the disappearance of her son and on top of that they faced the risk of losing their Farm. As Martha began to cry, Jonathan consoled her and reassured her that they would get through it together.

Jonathan went to Jor-El to ask for help in retrieving their son, despite Martha's protestations. He made a deal with Jor-El to give up Clark if he was given the power to save Clark from himself. Jonathan kept this deal secret from Martha and she was just pleased to see Jonathan bring their son home. Their money concerns were also put to an end when Lex bought the Farm for them.

Martha and Jonathan confided in each other about their concern with Clark's interest in his birth parents. They faced further problems when Clark was blinded when using his Heat vision on a piece of kryptonite. Again, they confided in each other about how they could help him. Whilst they remained sympathetic to Clark's problem, Jonathan refused to let it change their lives. Martha became concerned for his health when he took on Clark's chores on top of his own. Seeing that he was visibly exhausted, Martha suggested that they hire some help. Jonathan stubbornly refused and they argued, as Martha felt that Jonathan could not admit that their life had changed. Upset, she insisted that he must learn to rely on others. Fortunately, Clark recovered and Jonathan thought that he didn't have to deal with a change in lifestyle. However, soon afterwards, Jonathan had a health scare of his own and he collapsed in the barn.

Jonathan recovers from his heart attack.

Martha was concerned for Jonathan's health, as she kept a vigil at his bedside in the hospital. However, she refused to admit that it was the result of Jor-El giving Jonathan powers, although Jonathan secretly believed this to be the case. Jonathan later had heart surgery and Martha nervously waited, which was made more stressful when Garrett Davis threatened to blow up the hospital with a kryptonite bomb.

Clark saves his father

Jonathan quickly recovered after Martha caringly looked after him. However, he began to receive signals from Jor-El through the key, which effected his usually caring relationship with Martha. He acted irritably, much to Martha's shock. She confided in Chloe Sullivan that Jonathan was angry and depressed over his ill health and admitted that she was worried he might not be the same again.

Jonathan's deal with Jor-El finally caught up with him when a Kryptonian girl arrived at the Kent Farm and revealed to Martha that Jonathan had broken the covenant to hand Clark over to Jor-El. Martha was appalled that Jonathan would make such a promise and even more hurt that he kept it secret. Jonathan tried to excuse himself but seemed to be ashamed of himself. He then concentrated on preventing Jor-El from getting his way, which resulted in him being put into a coma by Jor-El.

Season Four

As Jonathan remained in his coma after trying to prevent Clark from giving himself up to Jor-El, Martha stayed by his side at the Smallville Medical Center. With Jonathan being the only thing left in her life, she refused to take him off life support. Three months later, after Martha restored a brainwashed Clark back to normal, Jonathan awoke from his coma. However, his heart problems continued.

Shelby gets a new home.

Their money problems arose again when they received that hospital bills, forcing Martha to take a job managing the Talon. Working separately again caused strain on their relationship. Lana noticed that Martha was avoiding Jonathan and Martha confessed that she had thrown herself into work to avoid dealing with Jonathan's ongoing health problems. Clearly concerned by the prospect of losing the love of her life, she was in a state of denial but, after confiding in Lana, she made an effort to stay close to Jonathan. They even went out of town on a romantic break.

Jonathan holds Martha during the second meteor shower.

Martha gave Clark a stern lecture about the value of marriage, after Clark married Alicia Baker whilst under the influence of red kryptonite. Martha insisted that marriage was sacred, revealing her dedication to her own marriage. Jonathan and Martha were united in their disapproval of Clark's relationship with Alicia and his involvement with Jor-El. However, they were divided when Clark brought home a superpowered dog and Martha wanted to keep it. They argued about it and eventually Jonathan gave in. Out of love for Martha and Clark, he wanted to make them happy and agreed to keep the dog. Martha and Jonathan argued again when Clark started to make plans to leave Smallville to go to college. Martha insisted that they couldn't manage the farm alone, but Jonathan's stubbornness resurfaced again and he refused help. This clearly frustrated Martha.

Jonathan and Martha were forced to leave Smallville because of another meteor shower heading for the town. They were intercepted by Jason Teague, who threatened to kill Martha unless Jonathan told him what he needed to know. Clearly concerned for his wife's life, Jonathan was unsure what to do but they were interrupted by a meteor crashing through the house, killing Jason and wounding Martha.

Season Five

Lana, Martha and Jonathan are held hostage.

Jonathan awoke in a devastated house, unable to find Martha. Clearly panicking about her safety, Jonathan scrambled through the wreckage with Lois' help. Martha was found and taken to the hospital where Jonathan kept a vigil by her bedside. When she woke up, he admitted how worried he had been and Martha reassured him that she wasn't going anywhere. However, shortly afterwards Martha's life was put in danger again when three escaped meteor infected criminals held them hostage. Concerned for Martha's life, Jonathan did everything he could to save her, even confronting the superpowered villains, which only resulted in him being hurt. Ultimately, Clark saved them.

Jonathan is attacked.

Jonathan and Martha consoled each other when they were told that Clark had been killed. They were obviously devastated by the news and relied on each other for support. They were relieved when Clark was resurrected by Jor-El. However, his resurrection was part of a deal, which Clark suspected was to blame for a strange rash that Martha contracted. Jonathan was clearly devastated at the prospect of losing his wife when Clark confessed that the life of one of his loved ones would be taken in exchange for his. Milton Fine was revealed to be behind this attack and once he was defeated Martha returned to normal.

Jonathan and Martha make up.

Jonathan suggested that he might run for State Senate in the place of his old friend Jack Jennings. Martha thought this was a bad idea and tried to convince him against it, as she was concerned about the effect it would have on his health and the risk that it posed to their private life and Clark's secret. Nevertheless, Jonathan started campaigning with Lois' help, disregarding his wife's concerns, which proved to be justified when Jonathan started to get threatening phone-calls and was even tied up and hung upside down in the barn. Martha and Jonathan argued about his persistence to continue his campaign but he managed to convince her that it was the right thing to do when he made his speech declaring his love for her.

The Kents learn that Jonathan has won.

After this, Martha was more supportive and actively sought after funds to aid the campaign, even resorting to taking money from Lionel, even though she knew that this would be against Jonathan's wishes. She made Lois promise to keep Lionel's involvement secret from Jonathan. Nevertheless, Jonathan eventually discovered that Lionel had funded the campaign, which resulted in an argument between him and Martha. She insisted that she did it to help him and that it will be okay. Jonathan was not convinced and sold part of the farm in order to pay Lionel back. Although he appreciated Martha's support, it was clear that he wanted to achieve this by himself and certainly didn't want a Luthor to be involved. Jonathan ultimately won the election and Martha was thrilled for him. Shortly afterwards, however, Jonathan had a heart attack and died in Martha and Clark's arms.

Jonathan Kent's last moments.

After Jonathan's death, Martha was devastated but she assured Clark that Jonathan had lived a full life. She continued to bring Clark up with the values that she and Jonathan shared. She was very disappointed when Jonathan's watch was stolen from her during a mugging. She confided in Chloe that she did not know what to do without Jonathan. She started to cry when she saw his jacket hanging in the barn and then watched a home-movie of him driving a tractor with Clark as a child to reminisce the good times in their relationship and consoled a tearful Clark when he walked in on the video.

Clark and Martha grieve together over their loss.

Martha took over Jonathan's seat as State senator in tribute to the hard work that her husband had achieved. Months after Jonathan's death, Martha's relationship with Lionel grew. However, her awareness of Jonathan's dislike of Lionel, coupled with the fact that she was still grieving, prevented her from taking their relationship further than just a friendship, which she confirmed with Lionel.

Martha is left confused when she saw a vision of Jonathan. She confessed how much she missed him, yet it turned out to be Brainiac in disguise.

Season Six

Martha tells Clark that she and Jonathan almost did not get married.

Without Jonathan, Martha had to deal with new problems by herself, including confronting Jor-El, plotting to kill General Zod, helping Clark adapt to his new super breath power and stopping Clark's jealous rampage whilst under the influence of red kryptonite. She was daunted by these prospects and missed Jonathan's help. Thanksgiving caused Martha to think about Jonathan.

Martha confided in Clark about her feelings for Jonathan to help Clark understand his feelings for Lana. Martha admitted that nothing is as simple as just knowing who "the one" is. She explained that she and Jonathan came from different backgrounds and almost didn't get married, but she risked everything and received everything she loves in return. It was also Jonathan that had led her into politics and she soon received a promotion when crooked senator, Ed Burke, was murdered. Her promotion meant that she had to move to Washington, which was a big step as she was closing the door on her life that she had built with Jonathan.

Season Nine

Three years later, Martha returned to the Kent farm and was now dating Perry White. She reminisced about the old times she shared with Jonathan as she walked around in the Kent Farm and was very nostalgic when she was preparing dinner. She shared with Lois some of her times with Jonathan when she first moved to Smallville and how she found her purpose there with Jonathan. She then sees a man who she believes is Jonathan standing in the doorway but was really Perry wearing Jonathan's old jacket, which causes Martha to walk away in tears.

Season Ten

Martha and Jonathan reunited at Clark and Lois's wedding

Martha returned to the Kent Farm once more, this time without Perry and to attend Clark and Lois's wedding. Martha saw a reflection of Jonathan while looking an old picture of them and Jonathan's spirit also sat next to Martha at the wedding of Clark and Lois. Later, Martha and the spirit of Jonathan shared a tender moment together with Clark in the Kent Barn as Darkseid's Apokolips descended upon the Earth. Martha and Jonathan then watched Clark leave to stop the threat from the barn.

Alternate Realities

Season Ten (Earth-2)

In an alternate universe Jonathan was divorced from Martha, who couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed, being a shadow of his former self after he had lost everything and was living on the Kent Farm alone. Jonathan was visited by Clark Kent but he believed that he was actually Clark Luthor, an evil version of Clark. Clark was able to prove to this Jonathan that he was from a universe where he and Martha had raised him and that he could prove it by showing him his grandfather's shotgun and reciting a quote that Jonathan had told him. Jonathan, finally believed Clark, let him go and wished him luck before and called him "son". Jonathan later cleaned up and went to visit Martha at her apartment in Metropolis.