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View of Mars in Absolute Justice, Part 2.

Mars is a planet of similar size to Earth, has a desert like surface and terrain that, from space, appears red.

The entire Martian civilization was completely wiped out by unknown circumstances leaving John Jones as the only survivor in which he retreated to Earth and became a law enforcer in the city of Metropolis. Before the planet was destroyed, John would often travel to planet Krypton, where he talked with his friend Jor-El (powerless under a red sun), and helped him imprison alien criminals in an other type of dimension created by Jor-El called the Phantom Zone, or simply just the "Zone".

John was known by many, including Kara, as the "Martian Manhunter."

Relationship with Krypton

It is possible that Mars had contact with the distant planet Krypton as John had contact with the planet before its destruction in 1986, as he would converse and aid the Kryptonian Jor-El in capturing criminals and placing them into the Phantom Zone.

There is more evidence that the Martian civilization was familiar with Kryptonians as Kara mentions in Cure that she knows about Martian technology.

Notable Inhabitants

  • John Jones - The sole survivor of the green race of Martian population who now lives on Earth and works as a Lieutenant Homicide Detective for the Metropolis Police Department.
  • Megan Morse - The sole survivor of the white race of Martian population who also lives on Earth and operates as John Jones' protege.


Mars was a desert like planet that a dusty surface that from space, would appear a darkish red. Its terrain was similar to earth in which it had continents and had rocky mountain areas as well as having flat areas that could have been where the Martian civilization was.


  • Crush - Chloe says most men are from Mars but that Clark is from a planet she never even heard of.
  • Spirit - Lois says there would be a man on Mars before she danced with Clark.
  • Labyrinth - In Clark's hallucination, John told Clark that he came from Mars. In a deleted scene, Martian Manhunter explained that his civilization was destroyed, leaving him as the last Martian alive.
  • Bizarro - After Clark defeated Bizarro and sent him flying into the atmosphere, Martian Manhunter took him away to the sunny side of Mars where the yellow sun would trap him by weakening him.
  • Cure - Clark told Lana that Martian Manhunter was from Mars after she at first thought he was from Krypton. Kara told Jimmy Olsen that Martians use infrared transmissions in their communications.
  • Gemini - Bizarro returned from Mars after Zor-El created a solar eclipse in Blue, allowing Bizarro the chance to return to Earth and get revenge on Clark.
  • Odyssey - John returned to save Clark. Dinah asked Clark where he had been hiding.
  • Absolute Justice, Part 2 - Mars is briefly seen when Doctor Fate teleported John into its atmosphere to give him back his powers.
  • Effigy - The history of Mars is revealed when John shares his memories of the Martian Holocaust to Batman.
  • Alien - John is shown to oversee a holding facility on Mars made for prisoners that normal prisons would have trouble to contain.

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