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Aethyr's Tattoo.

Zod's symbol.

The Mark of Zod is the Kryptonian crest for the House of Zod. It features the symbol (or partial symbol) of Doom, buoyed on either side by the Kryptonian glyph for "Z". It is reminiscent of the Latin letter "Z" in its shape.

The mark first appeared as a tattoo on the back of Aethyr, one of Zod's disciples, when she emerged from the Black Ship. It was subsequently seen both as a representation of Zod's name and a warning of his impending arrival. The mark was notably burnt into the field where Lex Luthor was abducted by Brainiac and the Black Ship, and as a symbol of red light projected from the Fortress of Solitude that contained Zod's essence.

Later, following Doomsday's defeat, the Kryptonian orb appeared outside of Luthor Mansion, floating and glowing intensely. In a stunning flash of light, the orb opened a portal, burning the Mark of Zod into the lawn. A nude man holding the orb appeared, standing in the middle of the mark amdist an ethereal chorus saying "Zod", implying the return of General Zod.



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