Marita Grabiak is a director of Smallville. She has directed the following episodes:

Season Two

  • Skinwalker (co-written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders) - Kyla Willowbrook transforms into a wolf and terrorizes those who might destroy the Kawatche Caves. Clark falls in love and discovers more clues to his origin. Lana learns that Henry Small is her biological father, and Whitney is missing in action. Lex gains control of the caves.

Season Three

  • Relic (co-written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders) - Clark discovers that Jor-El was on Earth forty years ago. Lana helps Clark discover the truth about who killed her great Aunt Louise. Lex learns that his grandparents were murdered, and he begins to suspect his father.


  • Both episodes that Marita directed were co-written by the writing team of Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.
    Marita Grabiak

    Marita Grabiak at the Kent Farm location

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