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Zatanna using magic.

"Dad, magic exists. (...) And worse, it can hurt me."
— Clark to Jonathan. Spell

Magic is the channeling of otherworldly energies in order to enact a supernatural affect upon the natural world. Magic can be used through verbal invocations - chiefly through dead tongues such as Latin (as used by witches) as well as with backward phrases (as used by sorcerers).

Witchcraft and sorcery are generally depicted as separate schools of magic. While sorcery tends to focus on the harnessing of neutral energies to perform its affects, witchcraft is generally regarded as a dark art which channels shadowy and malignant forces to achieve its magics.

Known Magic Practitioners



Magic seems to be ability to mimic the powers of metahumans such as Telekinesis or Illusion Casting. Magic grants the user the ability to overcome the metahumans' powers such as when Isobel used sorcery to enchant a sword, granting that sword the ability to pierce Clark's otherwise impenetrable skin. Some magic-like effects have been seen to be caused by the application of Kryptonian technology rather than the supernatural, such as Possession and Time Travel.

Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn perform magic.

It's unknown if there's any limit to magic as it does not seems to be a biological factor as Isobel's followers were capable of practicing witchcraft while in unrelated bodies, however, their powers could be connected with their souls and they could use their powers as ghosts. As an art, magic makes uses of speaking such as backwards phrases or Latin to work as well symbols like the pentagram or the Mark of Transference.



  • Magic appears to be a skill, not a biological ability, as all three witches were able to use magic in other bodies. However, their powers could be connected with their spirits, so they could use magic in another body.

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