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"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to find out if these two were truly meant to be."
— Macy, Committed

Macy was a psychotic jeweler who kidnapped couples and tested their love for each other. While working as a jeweler, he identified couples that were engaged and appeared to be in love.

He would then kidnap the couples, and subject them to a lie detector while asking them questions about their fidelity and love. If one person lied, he would shock the other person with electricity.

Early life

"You should be pleading with me to continue. If only someone had taken the time to do this for my wife and I."
"Did you hook her up to your little machine? Something tells me she didn't walk out of here."
"I cherished her, James. I honored her. I did everything that I promised when I took my wedding vows, and how does she reward me? With one lie after another. She never knew, but... I could smell him on her."
"So you killed her."
"You see, the heart and the mouth are not always on the same page.
— Macy to Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan

Macy was emotionally scarred by his wife's infidelity, and killed her.

Season Eight

"Lies don't hurt you! Lies hurt the ones you love!"
— Macy to Jimmy

Marcy asks Chloe if she loves someone else.

One of Macy's targets was Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen. Macy tranquilized them as they were leaving their engagement party. Macy tortured Chloe and Jimmy and asked them if they were truly committed to one another. After they spoke the truth, Macy tranquilized Chloe and Jimmy again and took them back to the Talon.

Macy asks Lois if she loves Clark.

Next, Macy kidnapped Lois Lane by tranquilizing her and taking her to his lair. Clark Kent tries to save Lois, but Macy comes in and punches Clark with his kryptonite wrist-band. Macy tortured Lois and Clark and asked them if they truly love each other. Lois said yes to Macy's question of did she love Clark and was telling the truth.

Macy asks Clark about his feelings for Lois.

Macy does the same thing to Clark. Clark grabs Macy's arm, takes the kryptonite wrist-band off of him and head butts him, knocking him to the floor. After Clark throws the kryptonite wrist-band into a nearby vent, he uses heat vision to destroy the lair's steam pipes which fogs up Macy's entire lair. Macy grabs a wire to try to stab Clark, but Clark grabs him and knocks him unconscious before freeing Lois.

At the Daily Planet, Lois told Clark that Macy confessed.


Lewis as Major Laramore in Man of Steel.