Luthor Mansion has had a number of security breaches of the years.
Luthor Mansion 2

Lex Luthor maintained a security staff of bodyguards. Despite this, guests often walked into his study unannounced, surprising him. There have been many security breaches and attacks in the mansion over the years, including:

  • In Season One's Kinetic, three former football jocks used meteor rock tattoos to walk through walls into the Luthor vault. On their way out they punched Clark Kent to the floor, and pushed Chloe Sullivan out of a fourth story window.
  • In Season Two's Nicodemus, Pete Ross nearly killed Lex while under the influence of the Nicodemus flower.
  • In Season Two's Suspect, Sheriff Ethan Miller enters the mansion library and shoots Lionel Luthor twice in the chest.
  • In Season Two's Heat, Desirée Atkins uses pheromones to convince Jonathan Kent to attack Lex with a rifle in the mansion.
  • In Season Three's Shattered, Lex hallucinated an assassin came out to kill him.
  • In Season Four's Onyx, the evil Alexander knocked Lex unconscious and imprisoned him in the wine cellar.
  • In Season Four's Run, Bart Allen used his super-speed to steal a Russian manuscript from Lex's mansion.
  • In Season Four's Commencement, Clark Kent breaks into one of Lex's vaults to take the stone of water.
  • In Season Five's Arrival, Lana lured the Disciples of Zod to Lex's vault filled with meteor rocks. When her ploy failed, they knocked her across the room.
  • In Season Five's Lockdown, Lex is attacked by two police officers, who draw their guns and kill his assistant. Lex manages to get to his panic room in time. Later, Sheriff Nancy Adams is killed in the mansion by one of the police officers.
  • In Season Six's Static, Bronson set off the mansion's alarm system and then used metahuman powers to shift Lex into another dimensional frequency.
  • In Season Six's Crimson, Kal and Lois Lane crashed Lex's engagement party without security paying them any mind.
  • In Season Seven's Lara, Kara Kent broke into the mansion in search of her blue crystal. Agent Carter also entered the mansion to capture Kara.
  • In Season Seven's Siren, both the Green Arrow and Clark entered the mansion undetected during a battle between Lex and the Black Canary.
  • In Season Seven's Descent, Clark broke into the mansion to look for the locket key.
  • In Season Eight's Odyssey, Lois broke into the mansion dressed as a French maid. She was caught by Tess Mercer, who had her escorted out by security.
  • In Season Eight's Instinct, Maxima broke in to find the Kryptonian crystal that sent a signal to her. She confronted Tess Mercer but when she realized her Kryptonian soulmate was not there, she left.
  • In Season Eight's Bloodline, Oliver, disguised as Green Arrow, broke in to steal the crystal's generator. Tess Mercer caught him, but he paralyzed her for a couple of minutes before leaving with the generator.
  • In Season Eight's Injustice, Oliver, disguised as Green Arrow, breaks into Tess Mercer's vault in her room and steals black kryptonite that Lex Luthor once owned.
  • In Season Nine's Savior, Major Zod and his followers from the Kryptonian city of Kandor took Tess Mercer hostage and stayed in the mansion for a short while. After they left, it was revealed that Tess Mercer ordered her security team not to interfere in any manner, but simply get security footage of them. The footage was lost after Zod and his minions' departure.
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