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Lowell County is a county in Kansas. Smallville, Edge City, Metropolis, and Granville are all cities and towns within the county.

Missile Silos

During the Cold War the United States government installed dozens of nuclear missile silos in Lowell County with a majority of the silos being located in Smallville. The installation of the missile silos facilities with apparently not covered and many of the residents of the county knew that they had been installed but most people believed that they were all decommissioned after the Cold War had ended. In reality the government left 15 active missile silos in Lowell County Air Force Colonel Duncan the lighthouse keeper for the missiles. Once Colonel Duncan discovered that he was a Meteor Freak he forced his son Gabriel Duncan to kill him. Gabriel then decided to hack into one of the missiles to destroy Smallville and kill all of the Meteor Freaks. Clark Kent was able to stop the missile before it destroyed Smallville.