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I don't care what people think. I never have. Dex says that's my curse. - Louise to Joe

Louise McCallum (1940-June 17, 1961) was the wife of Dex McCallum and the great-aunt of Lana Lang.

Physical Appearance

Louise had an uncanny resemblance to her great-niece, Lana, only her dark hair was neck-length.

Early life

In June 1961, Louise fell in love with the mysterious drifter named Joe and was admired by Sheriff William Tate, soon to be known as Mayor Tate.

Jor-El and Louise flying.

She fell in love with "Joe" when he saved her from Lachlan Luthor and returned her stolen purse (stolen by Lachlan). As the two spent time together looking around Smallville, sharing stories of their pasts, Jor-El eventually revealed his powers and origin to her.

Inspired by Joe's example of defying his father, Louise decided to leave Smallville with Joe, but she was killed two days after Joe first saved her, on June 17, 1961 by Lachlan Luthor, sent by Tate to kill "Joe". Unfortunately, when he fired at Jor-El, the bullet bounced off him and hit Louise in the heart. Dex was framed for her murder and it was assumed that The Drifter killed her after Jor-El fled.

Season Three

In 2003, Clark Kent used Jor-El's memory pendant to discover that Lachlan had actually killed her and that Mayor Tate had to be taken down for setting up her demise. Clark used his father's appearance and talked to the Mayor, using his speed and strength to give the impression that he was "Joe's" ghost and told him to confess. Tate went to jail and Dex's name was cleared.

Louise McCallum Relic.jpg


  • Chloe shows Clark that Lachlan was released on June 17, 1961, two days after his arrest. Jor-El and Louise knew each other for two days in June 1961.
  • Her romantic relationship with Jor-El could be considered a precursor to the relationship between Clark and Lana.


  • One can read her obituary in the Smallville Ledger here. It states that she was 20 or 21 years old at the time of her death and that she and Dex were married in 1961. It is also mentioned that she attended Smallville High School and starred in several plays during her time there.


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