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Lois Lane and Zod in Season Nine

"You're not really him." - Lois
"I should've known better than to deceive the Blur's most devoted follower." - Zod
"Just who the hell are you?"- Lois
"Unlike the Blur, I'm someone who doesn't care whether you live or die." - Zod, Salvation

The "relationship" between Lois Lane and Zod was built on deception as Zod was actually only using Lois as a pawn in his manipulative scheme to get his powers, defeat Clark Kent and claim Earth as his own.

Season Eight

Lois possessed by Faora (Zod's wife)

Interestingly, Lois encountered Faora (Zod's wife) when she and Clark were sent to the Phantom Zone. As Lois escaped, she was possessed by Faora and went on a destructive rampage through Metropolis to find her and Zod's son, who turned to be Davis Bloome. After Faora had been exorcised from Lois by Kara Kent, Lois had no memory of these experiences.

Season Nine

Lois tries to help Zod

Lois first met Zod when she was admitted into hospital. Knowing that Lois was close to Clark, Zod visited her claiming to be a friend of Clark's. He gave her a Kryptonian trinket charm, claiming it was for luck. However, he was merely using Lois to see if Clark recognized the Kryptonian symbol. Lois was completely unaware of Zod's duplicity.

The next time they met was after Bernard Chisholm had kidnapped Lois and some Kandorians. Zod was trying to retrieve his people from Chisholm when he found Lois and freed her. Zod continued to build a relationship with Lois based on lies by claiming that he was an FBI agent. Soon after, Chisholm arrived and shot Zod in the chest. Lois tries to help Zod by putting pressure on the wound and refuses to leave Zod, as she knew Clark wouldn't. Clearly feeling that any friend of Clark's was a friend of hers, she risked her own life to help Zod. Zod clearly appreciated this, as he later asked Clark how Lois was to check that she had recovered from her ordeal.

Zod calls Lois as the Blur.

Realizing that he could trust Lois, Zod masqueraded as the Blur (Clark) to Lois and phoned her for help. Not suspecting that she was being manipulated, Lois was happy to do as Zod requested and collected information on Tess Mercer.

Zod eventually revealed his face to Lois as the Blur. At first, she was skeptical as she had seen him get shot. After seeing him exhibit his powers, she put her trust in him. She even sided with Zod over Clark by warning him that Clark was looking for him. Lois then searched through Clark's belongings to help Zod and found the Book of Rao. This immediately destroyed all faith she had in Clark and she took it to Zod telling him that he was the only one she trusted. However, as they talk, she began to suspect that he wasn't really the Blur and she told him that she put the Book of Rao where she confessed to him that he was the most important person in her life. As Zod needed this to ensure that he was able to rule Earth, he became desperate and, as he clearly didn't know where it was, he aggressively turned on Lois, powerfully pushing her away to her expected death. Clark intervened and Lois finally realized that Zod had been manipulating her throughout their relationship.

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