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"Yeah, well, don't worry about it Clark. You know. I mean, if I lived under the same roof as such a beautiful woman, I would've masked my feelings in sarcasm, too." - Oliver Queen, Arrow.

Oliver and Lois

The relationship between Lois Lane and Oliver Queen has been complicated over the years, beginning as friendship, blossoming into romance, as well as then turning back into friendship due to her feelings for Clark.

The relationship between Lois and Oliver is usually called "Lollie" by fans of the show.[citation needed]

Season Six

"Ever since my parents died... I've jumped around from city to city, from continent to continent. And... in all those years... not once have I regretted leaving anyone. But then I met you" - Oliver Queen to Lois Lane, Justice.

Lois sees Oliver for the first time.

Shortly after arriving in Metropolis, Oliver stopped by the Kent Farm to meet with Senator Martha Kent and deliver a letter to her. There, he met Lois Lane, with whom he was quite taken, but she mistook him for a messenger boy for Queen Industries. She gave him a tip and sent a rather stunned Oliver on his way. After Lois learned from Mrs. Kent who he actually was, an embarrassed Lois went to his loft to apologize and gave him a fruit basket as a token of her apology. He invited her to go to Lex Luthor's charity ball and Lois reluctantly agreed.

Oliver rescues Lois as the Green Arrow.

They attended the ball together as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. After the ball, Oliver attempted to give Lois a goodnight kiss, but she stopped him and told him he'd have to earn it: she challenged him to hit a can off of a dumpster with an arrow. He said it was an easy task, but seemingly missed. A slightly disappointed Lois wished him better luck next time and went inside. Afterwards, a pleased Oliver looked on at his target, where the pop tab was dangling from his arrow.

Lois and Oliver kiss at the Kent Thanksgiving dinner.

They continued dating and gradually began a relationship. While attending a fund-raiser, Lois witnessed the Green Arrow steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck and vowed to find the man behind the costume, unaware that it was Oliver. Oliver, believing that Lois probably wouldn't understand his double-life, decided to keep it from her. During an alumni gathering, his old pals were killed in violent and mysterious accidents and believing that Oliver could be next on the list, Lois decided to investigate the case to protect her boyfriend.

Because of his double-identity, he finished most of the time mysteriously disappearing from his dates and this

Another passionate kiss

caused some uncertainty in Lois. Oliver inadvertently injured Lois, as the result of taking the healing drug RL65. Clark told Lois he saw Oliver injecting something and she guessed that a drug addiction was the problem. Afterwards, she forgave him for his erratic behavior and they spent Thanksgiving together at the Kents' house.

Lois and Oliver share a passionate kiss during a yoga session.

When Lois began to suspect that Oliver and the Green Arrow were one and the same, she enlisted Clark's help to find out. However, Clark worked with Oliver instead to devise a plan to throw Lois off. Clark put on Oliver's Green Arrow costume and Lois was tricked into thinking they were two different people. She told Clark that she thought she was falling in love with Oliver, but shortly after, Oliver interrupted another date to dash off.

Lois and Oliver share a goodbye kiss.

Over time, Lois grew tired of his disappearing act and confronted him. To make up for it, he promised her a romantic vacation, but ended up cancelling the trip because he felt his duty to the Justice League was more important. Lois told him that she would not be waiting for him, but he admitted that he did not intend to return to Metropolis, which devastated her. He told Lois that, of all the women he left, he knew he would always regret leaving her behind because she was the only one he cared about. Lois kissed him goodbye and left in tears, ending their relationship in an emotional parting.

Season Seven

"If you think that glistening-muscle-answering the door in your bare chest routine was gonna work... you were dead on" - Lois Lane to Oliver Queen, Siren.

Lois and Oliver meet again.

Lois was shocked to learn that Oliver had returned to Metropolis. He correctly guessed that Lois would approach him first and planned a romantic dinner for her in his loft. Lois went to Queen Tower to confront Oliver and slapped him across the face for breaking her heart. She was unable to resist when Oliver held her close and she and Oliver shared a passionate kiss.

Lois says goodbye to Oliver.

Just in that moment, they were kidnapped by Black Canary, whose sonic scream exposed all of his Green Arrow gear. Lois was furious that he never told her his secret, but after thinking about it, she decided she understood why and apologizes for her reaction to learning his secret. Oliver asked her if she would consider rekindling their relationship and promised to make time for her, but Lois turned him down, saying that it would be impossible. She wouldn't be able to share him with the world and would wonder where he was every night, leading to their final break-up.

She later confessed to Clark that she was still in love with Oliver, saying that she thought Grant would help her get over Ollie but she couldn't do it. Lois explained that she always felt abandoned by her father's call of duty and she believed that she wouldn't be able to be with Oliver because she could not compete with his greater destiny and always be left behind.

Season Eight

"Maybe our... story ends and neither of us are heroes" Lois Lane to Oliver Queen, Toxic.

Lois talk to a poisoned Oliver.

Oliver returned to take permanent residence in Metropolis again and Lois did not have the same reaction as last time, possibly because she had decided to move on after realizing that their relationship had no romantic future.

Lois and Oliver talk about her feelings for Clark.

When Oliver was poisoned, Lois became upset as well as, at Oliver's side, told him that he was meant to save the world, not die. When Oliver's fever spiked, Lois performed CPR to try and save him. Just in time, Clark appeared with the antidote and saved his life. Later, Lois revealed to Clark that she questioned if breaking up with Oliver was the right choice, to which he told her that it was. Originally meant to write a story about Oliver, Lois decided not to write it after all as she was too emotionally close to him to be objective.

However, the two continued with their lives and while Oliver was more determined to regain his relationship with an old flame older than Lois, she slowly began to fall in love with Clark, as well as gradually forgot what she felt for Oliver.

Oliver and Lois at Chloe's party.

Lois tried to let Clark know what she felt for him, but things didn't happen according to plan and after feeling rejected with the return of Lana Lang, Oliver offered her someone to talk with. She first rejected the idea of discussing heartbreaks with her ex-boyfriend, but later she talked to him about her feelings for Clark and he comforted her. Afterwards, their relationship became more friendly than romantic.

Since then, their paths were crossed continuously due to the relationships they had with Clark and Chloe.

Season Nine

"Oh God!.. How I miss you!" - Oliver Queen to Lois Lane, Rabid.

Lois and Oliver are saved by the Blur

When Lois was targeted by a mysterious ninja lady, she relied on Oliver for help, as she was unable to track down the Blur. Lois found Oliver in an underground fight ring and pleaded for his help. As the assassin burst into the fight club, Oliver was protective of Lois and when the assassin left, Lois tended to Oliver's fight injuries and told him that he couldn't fool her, as she knew he was a real hero. Oliver refused to believe Lois and told her that if she thought he was anything more than it wasn't his fault. This disappointed Lois, who then left Oliver to deal with his demons by himself.

Lois and Oliver trapped in an elevator.

During his downward spiral, Oliver realized that the only thing that was really worthwhile in his life was his relationship with Lois and slowly began to fall in love with her again. Oliver tried to confess that he missed her while they were locked in an elevator during a zombie attack but Lois fell asleep.

Being unable to protect Lois depressed Oliver more and knocked him completely. Lois started to worry more about what was happening to her friend and when he didn't come to celebrate his birthday with her, she began to investigate and discovered that Oliver had attempted suicide. This deeply dismayed Lois who scolded him for not having trusted her and said that he could always count on her for what he needed.

Lois told Ollie that she is in love with someone else.

Oliver tried again tell Lois that he was still in love with her and decided to do it in front of the television cameras so that she did not have any doubt of it. This surprised Lois, who became uncomfortable with the situation and took him away to discuss it privately. She told Oliver that she could not lie and explained that she could not reciprocate these feelings because she was in love with someone else. Oliver immediately realized that it was Clark and heartbroken, hugged Lois and left. Lois followed him, worried that he might fall into depression again, as well as told him that they would always be good friends.

Season Ten

"How the hell did we end up here, anyway?"
"Oh, I have no idea. But in that green getup of yours, we're gonna stand out like a hooker in a church." - Oliver Queen and Lois Lane (Fortune)

Lois and Oliver

Lois came in to visit Oliver as he was training and briefly explained her reason for temporarily leaving Clark and for returning to him. She then informed Oliver that Gordan Godfrey had evidence connected to his secret identity as Green Arrow. Oliver suggested not to take action as he believed that people might deserve to know the truth, as well as the cost of keeping his secret was too high a price to bear anymore.

Lois told Oliver that if he didn't go after Godfrey, then she would and ultimately did so. Lois managed to obtain the chapter about the Green Arrow from Godfrey and gave it to Oliver, assuring him that his secret was safe. Oliver thanked her and mentioned that he was now going to fight his own battles. They talked about Chloe's disappearance and Lois remained optimistic, as Oliver did not tell her about what she did for him. Oliver then stated that this had gone on long enough, as well as called in a horde of reporters. In an attempt to set the record straight about the vigilantes, Ollie announced to the reporters that he is the Green Arrow, much to Lois' dismay.

Lois revealed that she was covering the Metropolis Museum for Oliver, as he planned to put on a show due to his recent public reveal as the Green Arrow. One of the pieces from the museum was revealed to be stolen and Lois became a vessel for the goddess Isis. Oliver informed Clark about Isis and her desire to free her husband in which would unleash hell on Earth. Oliver helped Clark to stop Isis by shooting off her necklace with one his arrows and having Clark burn it with his heat vision, thus freeing Lois from Isis's control.

Lois and Oliver discuss the VRA

Oliver visited Lois at the Daily Planet, in disguise, as well as asked her if she's covering the VRA bill. She said that she wouldn't miss it because she believed it to be a bad idea. Oliver informed her that he was the one who was registering and she spoke against it. He told her that it was the only way to find out what was really going on and said he'd talked Clark out of doing it himself. She was taken by surprise and shared her frustration that Clark had been communicating with everyone else about it, but her. Oliver told her that they need to keep Clark from trying to act alone to fix the things that might go wrong. He also told Lois that the world was going to need her. Lois later found out that Slade Wilson was put in charge of the VRA and found his tactics questionable and did everything she could to prevent Ollie from registering. When she found out she was too she teamed up with Tess, Clark, Arthur Curry and Mera to bring him back. After getting Ollie back, Lois was welcomed as part of the team at Watchtower, as Clark discussed with her, Oliver, as well as Tess about the coming darkness on earth and how it was using people like Godfrey and Slade.

Lois, Oliver, as well as Tess were battling an evil Clark from an alternate universe at Watchtower. When Clark Kent managed to switch back to his universe and send Clark Luthor back to his, he was surprised to find Lois and Oliver standing over him about to fire kryptonite weapons at him. He managed to convince Lois that it was really him and thereby allowing Oliver and Tess and to lower their weapons.

Oliver attended Clark and Lois's engagement party where he toasted to them saying that they were destined to be together. Lois was later

Lois and Oliver at Hawkman's funeral

shocked to learn about Oliver resisting a citizen's arrest and causing a riot and how a news reporter referred to the incident as a terrorist attack from the vigilantes. Lois was then interrogated by the government for her connections to the heroes. There she shrugged off giving any information about the heroes or talking about her past with Ollie. Hawkman died as a result of protecting Lois from Slade Wilson. She, Ollie, Clark, as well as the rest of the league attended his funeral in Egypt and buried him next to his wife Shayera. As they all stood over Carter and Shayera's graves in respect, a mysterious white pyramid object rose out of Carter's tomb and flashed a blinding light which rendered the entire team unconscious.

Lois and Oliver at Fortune Casino.

Oliver made a toast at Clark and Lois's bachelor/bachelorette party. Everyone at the party had champagne that was spiked with magic. This lead to Lois and Oliver sleeping on railroad tracks in a shady part of town next to graffiti covered architecture. Lois woke up and shoved Oliver's hand off her chest and shouted him awake. They demonstrated that they were both confused about the events of the night before. They both had splitting migraines and did not have money, ID, or cellphones. Lois was then horrified to discover that her engagement ring was gone. They started to walk and showed that they were somewhat recovering. Lois complained about how she needed her ring back. She then found a chip in her pocket from "Metropolis Fortune Casino," a $500 token. Ollie and Lois hitched a ride back to find the ring. Lois and Oliver arrived at the casino and began to seek answers. Oliver suggested that Lois was probably playing blackjack, which prompted Lois to guess she bet it in a game. Some security personnel followed behind her and told her that she wasn't supposed to come back there. Lois gave him attitude and then caught sight of the casino boss, Amos Fortune who was wearing her diamond ring. Lois was about to go ballistic, but was stopped by the security guards, who took her and Oliver to the back and tied them to each other on chairs. Oliver had Lois cooperate as he freed them from their masking tape chains. They then went back out to the club scene, but were immediately spotted. Oliver and Lois quickly donned the spare risque showgirl costumes and joined the dance troop on stage. Amos spotted the pair and commented on how good Oliver looked. Amos then spotted Chloe and yelled that she was part of the group that stole his money. A chase ensued and Lois made use of the confusion to claim her ring back, which she did after some crawling on the floor. Oliver threw punches, as Chloe fired shots with two revolvers. They all later escaped and watched footage recorded from the night before with the rest of the gang at Watchtower.

Oliver attended Clark and Lois's wedding as the bestman. Ollie handed Lois a gold kryptonite ring to slip on Clark's finger to remove his powers forever. Chloe however managed to knock the ring out of Lois's hand and Oliver was revealed to have been corrupted by Darkseid. A fight between Clark and Oliver ensued and Lois tried to help but Ollie flung her in the air. Clark managed to save her.


Lois and Oliver at their engagement party

In an alternate universe, Lois and Oliver were engaged and constantly overshadowed by the Luthors, Clark Luthor in the most part. Both of them openly expressed their disgust for him. At their engagement party, Oliver went on about why it had to be him. Lois assured him that he was a good man and that was why she was with him. Suddenly, Clark kidnapped Lois and offered Oliver to trade her for the mirror box. Unbeknownst to them at first, this was actually Clark Kent. Oliver later managed to get Lois to safety and help Kent back to his own universe.

Lois was later seen mourning at the loss of Ollie at his funeral, where it was revealed that they were now married. Oliver was murdered by Clark Luthor for revealing his identity as Ultraman and weakness to kryptonite to the rest of the planet. Lois confronted Clark Kent once more, believing he was the one who murdered her husband but Kent managed to convince Lois that he was not Luthor.

Similarities with Lois Lane's relationship with Superman/Clark Kent

Oliver flirts with Lois as the Green Arrow.

There are many similarities between Lois and Oliver's relationship and Iconic Lois Lane's relationship with Superman/Clark Kent from the comics.

  • Lois dismisses him the first time she meets him and he is attracted first. (Wither)
  • Lois gets journalism success from printing stories about Oliver's heroics, (Arrow)
  • Lois gives him his superhero name "Green Arrow Bandit" (Arrow)
  • Lois starts believing Oliver and the Green Arrow are one and the same (Hydro)
  • Lois vows to protect his secret when she learns it. (Siren)
  • "He's the "Man of Tomorrow" and I'm just the girl who writes about him."-- Lois, (Toxic)


Lois: I let you go. In return, you were supposed to save the world. This, Ollie... This isn't saving the world, is it? This is you backing out on your end of the deal.
- Toxic

Oliver: You know, there's moving on in theory and then there's the moment that it actually happens. If you like, we can start now, and I'll just be a really good friend.
- Bride


Lois and Oliver at Lex's charity ball.

  • Lois and Oliver's relationship has been nicknamed "Lollie" by fans. [citation needed]
  • When Lois discover that Oliver is Green Arrow, he jokes that Lois will able to accept his secret identity when the "earth cracks open and time spins backwards," a reference to the climactic earthquake scene in Superman: The Movie. [citation needed]
  • Oliver and Lois's relationship in Smallville resembles the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Lois in the Superman/Batman animated episode "World Finest". Lois didn't like a rich billionaire at first but slowly fell for him. Unfortunately he spent the night as a superhero. She found out the hero's identity by accident.
  • Lois and Oliver are the only two characters to see Clark fly in the final episode.
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