Jimmy and Lois

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in Season Seven.

Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen struck up a professional relationship and become friends, as they both worked at the Daily Planet but they were brought closer, as they became family when Chloe Sullivan (Lois' cousin) married Jimmy.

Season Six


Lois and Jimmy talk about the Green Arrow.

Lois and Jimmy first teamed up for work when Lois contacted a source that she met on the internet about pictures of Green Arrow. Lois was disappointed when she discovered that Jimmy was that contact, as she clearly didn't rate his work very highly and made no attempt to hide this. Nevertheless, Jimmy remained defensive about his work and pointed out that his pictures at least showed that Green Arrow had been injured. This led Lois to suspect that her boyfriend Oliver Queen was Green Arrow, as he had a matching laceration on his arm.

Grateful for Jimmy's help in making her aware of this connection, Lois involved Jimmy in a trap to expose Oliver's true identity. Chloe was surprised that her boyfriend and her cousin were working together but this proved to be just the start of a long-running professional relationship between Lois and Jimmy.

Jimmy tried to get involved in Lois' love life by setting her up with Clark Kent on Valentines Day, which was not well received by Lois. When Lois became infected with a red kryptonite love potion and became besotted with Clark, Jimmy insisted that this was just his good match making skills, although Chloe insisted that he investigate Lois' strange behavior. Jimmy got hold of the antidote and cured Lois. While Jimmy's intentions of pairing Lois with Clark initially seemed to be motivated by his jealousy of Chloe's relationship with Clark and desire to split them up, Jimmy eventually confided in Lois that he felt that she was perfect for Clark and clearly had her best interests at heart.

Season Seven


Lois and Jimmy work together.

Jimmy offered to help Lois with a story when he could see that she was struggling. He clearly thought a lot of her reporting skills and was keen to associate his pictures with her words. When she received an email about Patricia Swann's murder, she invited Jimmy along to help. They snuck into LuthorCorp Plaza and barged into Lionel Luthor's office to confront him about his connection to Patricia. Lois took the lead in questioning Lionel but was interrupted by an eager Jimmy, which she clearly did not appreciate. Unusual for Lois, she kept her irritation to herself in order to maintain her working relationship with Jimmy, as she still needed his help.

Lois taught Jimmy to never give up on a lead and followed Lionel to the Isis Foundation, where they got evidence to prove Lionel's innocence and Lex's guilt in Patricia's murder, which led them to search Lex Luthor's office while Lex murdered Lionel. After discovering Lionel's death, Lois was furious with Jimmy for wanting to stay and search Lex's office while there was such a big story happening right outside. Nevertheless, Jimmy proved his worth by revealing that he had a photo of Lex pushing Lionel to his death, which quickly changed Lois' opinion of him.

Normal descent575

Lois is shot by Gina.

Before they were able to report this news, Gina (Lex's assistant) intercepted the photo and took Lois and Jimmy hostage. With Gina's gun pointing at Jimmy, Lois tried to save him by attacking Gina. However, Lois failed and was shot in the process. They were then locked in the Daily Planet freezer together. Jimmy caringly looked after Lois, as she lost a lot of blood. Jimmy was clearly concerned for Lois' life and did everything he could, even sharing body heat by clinging together while waiting for rescue.

In an alternate universe, Jimmy and Lois have a close working relationship with Lois trusting Jimmy to deliver dangerous information back and forth between her and her informants.

Their near-death experience with Gina clearly helped the two of them bond, as Lois relied on Jimmy for information about Lex's activities in the Arctic. However, Lex had blackmailed Jimmy into lying to Lois, claiming that Lex was merely drilling for oil. Lois was skeptical at first and refused to believe Jimmy. Nevertheless, Jimmy eventually managed to convince her, after which Lois apologized for trying to find a villain even in him. Jimmy admitted to Lex that he was not comfortable with lying to Lois and it was even making his stomach hurt and refused to do it again.

Season Eight

Daily Planetita

Jimmy, Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet.

It wasn't long before Lois discovered that Jimmy had lied to her, which made Jimmy feel uncomfortable, as Lois maintained a grudge. Lois was clearly not happy when she discovered that Chloe was marrying Jimmy. She even voiced her true opinions during a drunken speech at Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party. Lois was forced to reconsider her feelings when Chloe and Jimmy were kidnapped by Macy. Concerned for their safety, she worked with Clark to find them.

After Chloe and Jimmy returned home safely, Lois gave Chloe her blessing to marry Jimmy and welcomed him into the family and they shared an awkward hug. Despite their reconciliation, Lois still felt uncomfortable living with Jimmy, due to his sexual relationship with Chloe. Nevertheless, Lois and Jimmy returned to their close working relationship, although Lois still thought that she was a better journalist than Jimmy, as she dismissed his theory about the "Good Samaritan". Jimmy became frustrated about being in Lois' shadow and tried to convince Clark to help him break the story of the new hero in Metropolis.

Jimmy tried to play matchmaker again with Lois and Clark, with Lois being more appreciative of it this time, partly due to her growing feelings for Clark and partly as she had now developed a strong friendship with Jimmy and trusted his judgment. Lois worked hard to prepare Chloe and Jimmy's wedding and when Doomsday attacked and left Jimmy in a critical condition, Lois volunteered to stay by Jimmy's side in-lieu of Chloe.


Stiletto and Jimmy

Chloe and Jimmy's marriage quickly disintegrated and Lois chose to support Chloe rather than Jimmy. Nevertheless, she went to Jimmy for help when she needed to convince the world that she was a new superhero named Stiletto. Jimmy was initially not convinced by Lois' plan and questioned her motivation behind creating a fake superhero. Due to his loyalty to Lois, Jimmy agreed to take photos of her as Stiletto to publicize her superhero persona. Jimmy's involvement in Lois' scheme soon got him into trouble with Bruno Mannheim. Feeling guilty and wanting to protect her friend, Lois came to Jimmy's aid by jumping through the glass roof and taking the thugs by surprise. Lois and Jimmy saved each other during the struggle, cementing their friendship.

Despite their closeness, Jimmy did not confide in her about his drug problem or his suspicions about Davis Bloome. Nevertheless, they worked together to track down Chloe and Davis when Lois found Jimmy breaking into Tess Mercer's office after she had beaten him to it and hidden under the table. They uncovered information indicating Chloe's position on Tess' computer and as Jimmy followed the lead he relied on Lois to tell him if Chloe moved. This lead to Jimmy's death at the hands on Davis, but as Lois had been teleported to an unknown time period by the Legion ring, she was unable to attend his funeral.

Season Nine

It was never addressed on screen whether Lois is even aware of Jimmy's death, since she returned from the future.

Season Ten

Lois mentioned Jimmy when she and Clark are driving out of the country, referencing all things Kryptonian.

In 2018, Lois was seen working with Jimmy's younger brother, saying that he had some big shoes to fill in for his deceased brother.

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