Lois and Grant

Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel had a short relationship that helped launch Lois's career at the Daily Planet.

Lois and Grant's relationship was nicknamed "Grois" by fans.

Season Seven

Lois and Grant began their relationship when Lois tried to get an article published by the Daily Planet. Grant eventually hired Lois and began flirting with her.

Since hiring her, Grant has sent Lois on several on-location assignments, but according to Lois, he is reluctant to print most of her stories, returning them covered in corrections after she submits them. Grant has several times discouraged Lois from investigating the Luthors, claiming that it is not worth it to go up against the Luthors. He doubted the significance of her report that LuthorCorp was purchasing land near Reeves Dam and instead sent her to investigate the murder attempt on Rachel Davenport. He was unimpressed with her story, but invited her to dinner, which she declined. After Lois was injured by a superpowered Lana Lang, Grant went to the hospital to visit her. She acknowledged the budding sexual tension between them and later when he kissed her, she kissed him back.


Lois and Grant continue their relationship at work.

They continued to date even when Lex Luthor advised Grant not to. However, after Grant found out that he was really a clone of Julian Luthor (Lex's deceased younger brother) and Lex had bought the Daily Planet, Grant broke up with Lois. Lois didn't fight his decision, but denied Grant a last goodbye kiss.
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