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This article is about Lois Lane of Earth-Majestic. For her Earth-1 doppelganger, see Lois Lane. For her Earth-2 doppelganger, see Lois Queen.

Lois Lane is one of the last survivors of Earth-Majestic.

Early life

When the Monitors arrived on her Earth, they put one ship on each side of the planet and they did something to Earth's core. Then the Monitors sent the Manhunters to kill every single superhero but during their battles a lot of civilians died as well. Lois also watched the androids murder her lover, Mister Majestic, in front of her.

Season Eleven

Earth-1 Lois meets her doppelganger.

Earth-Majestic Lois meets her doppelganger.

Earth-Majestic Lois tells Superman how the Manhunters murdered her lover.

Superman asks the alternate Lois what happened on this Earth.

Earth-Majestic Lois watches The Monitors start to destroy her home planet.

When the displaced Superman and Lois Lane enter a church, they find a group of people hiding in there and one of them, Hank tells them to immediately leave as according to him the "capes" are the reason most of the civilians are dead. Suddenly, the Lois Lane of this Earth appears among the people and tells Hank that they should let them stay because there is nowhere else they can go. A shocked Lois looks at her doppelganger while Superman asks her what happened. The Majestic-Lois says that she watched the Manhunters murder "her" Mister Majestic, along with every other hero. Suddenly, the ships above Metropolis begin to fire and a worried Lois-1 tells Clark that they need to get out of there immediately, to which he agrees.

Earth-1 Lois says to everyone that they have to leave the church immediately.

Earth-Majestic Lois says there is no hope for them.

Hank tries to calm Earth-Majestic's Lois down.

Earth-Majestic Lois decides to end her life along with everyone else inside the church.

Lois-1 says to everyone inside the church that they have to leave the place immediately, as the Monitors' ships are firing but the Majestic-Lois tells her that she doesn't even belong in this world. Lois-1 says that no one belongs in this world anymore and that Superman can help all of them get out of the city. Her doppelganger says there's no hope, however, as well as this is just the next in line of numerous attacks on Earth's cities. The Majestic-Lois says that there is nothing left to live for, for any of them, while she grabs a gun under her jacket.

Earth-Majestic Lois and the others commit suicide.

When Superman returns to the church, after hearing gunshots, he finds everyone but Lois-1 dead, all as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.


  • Even though in the comics there was no alternate version of Lois Lane living on the same world as Mister Majestic because they both existed in separate universes, the two eventually met when Majestic was trapped in the main DC universe in his own solo series (2004-2005), when he emerged from a bizarre time storm, just in time to rescue Lois Lane. Because he resembles Superman cosmetically, Lois mistook him for the Man of Steel. As Mr. Majestic would experience, she was only the first to do so. Lois later, freed Majestic from the Phantom Zone. Lois was the only one who supported him and believed he was a good person. In the New 52, where the main DC universe has been merged with the WildStorm and Vertigo universes, the new version of Majestic exists in the same world as Lois but they haven't met each other so far.