Lois Lane's vision was a vivid vision showing memories from Lois Lane's time in the future.

Savior Screenshots

Lois Lane goes to sleep happy after receiving a call from the Blur.
DREAM00002.png DREAM00003.png DREAM00027.png
A man looking somewhat like Clark bears the mark of Zod. Also note that the building behind the man looks suspiciously like the holographic building Tess showed in Crossfire. Also note that there is a symbol in the middle of the buildings, the symbol from the Orb. That symbol is also in the Luthor Mansion (Savior).

DREAM00006.png DREAM00007.png
Tess Mercer kneels before a man as he puts dogtags around her neck.

A woman, later revealed to be Alia, draws her sword.

A shovel breaks ground.


Oliver Queen is revealed to be the one digging with the shovel.



DREAM00018.png DREAM00019.png


Alia attacks someone aggressively with a sword.

DREAM00023.png DREAM00025.png
Lois wakes from her dream.

Idol Screenshots

Lois sees the red sun.
Clark and Lois, Adam and Eva.jpg
Lois and Clark after spending the night together.
OQ 2.jpg
Oliver as a terrorist.



  • The person shown with the symbol of Zod in the chest is wearing the same suit Clark Kent used from Shield to Prophecy. The silhouette also shows a very similar hairstyle to Clark.
  • In the last sequence in which Alia appears, Clark's barn can clearly be seen in the background, indicating that it may be the same fight scene that occurs in Savior. This was shown in Pandora to instead be a future in which the Kandorians rule Earth.
  • Tess Mercer is using the same uniform as the soldiers of Zod.
  • Tess Mercer's solar tower from Crossfire can be seen in the background.
  • In several of the scenes, a city can be seen in the background. It is later revealed that the solar tower is located in Metropolis. (Pandora, Disciple, Persuasion)
  • Echo is the first episode of Season Nine in which Lois' vision does not appear.
  • Tess Mercer has previously shown a desire to stand equal with Zod and the Kandorians. (Savior)

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