Since joining Smallville in Season Four, the headstrong and impetuous ways of Lois Lane have resulted in her near-death experiences on several occasions:

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
402Smallville0350 4x02 Gone After Lois finished digging Chloe's grave and realized it was empty someone with a blade-hand who was sent by Lionel to find Chloe tried to kill her. Lana used pepper spray to save her
403Smallville-258 4x03 Façade Lois was almost killed by Abigail Fine's mother, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Elaine Fine. Clark burst into the lab to save her but he was incapacitated by kryptonite. He freed Lois enough for her to kick Dr. Fine away and free herself from captivity.
E04devoted720pmkv 001982313 4x04 Devoted Lois was attacked by Chloe under the influence of a love potion until Lois knocked her into a furnace and made Chloe snap out of her trance.
413Smallville0919 4x13 Recruit Lois was paralyzed by Geoff Johns' metahuman powers, and almost drowned underground. Clark found her location using G.P.S, and saved her just in time.
E16lucy720pmkv 001731271 4x16 Lucy Lois and her sister Lucy were taken hostages on an 18-wheeler by a thug but Clark rescued them.
X18spirit720pmkv 002404401 4x18 Spirit Chloe (possessed by Dawn Stiles) tried to kill everyone in Smallville High School senior prom, (including Lois lane who was previously possessed by the spirit) by setting fire. Clark and Jonathan Kent prevented this from happening.
421Smallville1005 4x21 Forever Lois was turned into a wax statue by Brendan Nash. Clark Kent prevented Brendan from destroying her wax body with a bat. Lois was freed when Clark inadvertently killed Brendan.
501Smallville0688 5x01 Arrival The Disciples of Zod showed up at Smallville Medical Center looking for Kal-El. Lois confronted them, and they choked her and threw Jonathan across a room. Lana appeared and lured the Kryptonians away.
504Smallville0066 5x04 Aqua Lois hit her head underwater in Crater Lake, but both Clark and Arthur Curry hurried to save her.
S05e06exposed720pmkv 001754254 5x06 Exposed Lois was kidnapped by Mr. Lyon after his bodyguard tasered Lois unconscious. Clark rescued her.
E10fanatic720pmkv 001944237 5x10 Fanatic Trying to stop a crazy woman from killing Jonathan Kent, Lois fought the girl but she got the upper hand and forced Lois to use a sniper rifle to shoot Jonathan. Lois attacked the girl again, and then pinned her down.
512Smallville0792 5x12 Reckoning Lois fell off a stool while getting some food off her kitchen shelves. Lana was able to stop her fall. However when Clark went back in time, events prevented Lana from being there. She hit her head and was left unconscious, and then was almost electrocuted before Clark found her later that evening and saved her.
514Smallville0837 5x14 Tomb Lois and Chloe were abducted and almost killed by Gretchen Winters' killer Michael Westmore. In the end, Gretchen possessed Michael Westmore and committed suicide.
516Smallville0880 5x16 Hypnotic Martha Kent was hypnotized by Simone and almost killed Lois with a shotgun. Luckily, Chloe was able to incapacitate Martha in time.
518Smallville0640 5x18 Fragile Tyler McKnight used his telekinetic ability to incapacitate Lois and a Child Services advocate. The advocate probably died in the process and Lois's shoulder was impaled with shards of glass.
Svvessel552 5x22 Vessel Martha and Lois took a LuthorCorp jet to DC, but the pilot turned out to be Brainiac and shut down the plane's oxygen supply.
601Smallville0218 6x01 Zod The plane crashed near the Fortress of Solitude, but Jor-El saved them and teleported them back to Smallville
604Smallville0753 6x04 Arrow Lois was confronted in her apartment by two men who took her through the sewers and interrogated her about the Green Arrow, submerging her head in a tank of water, but Green Arrow arrived and took them down.
605Smallville0317 6x05 Reunion Lois almost died when Geoffrey's car exploded behind her.
607Smallville0528 6x07 Rage Lois was attacked by Oliver as the Green Arrow, who knocked her back into a glass table and later runs off. Lois was able to call 911 and then was taken to a hospital.
617Smallville0819 6x17 Combat Lois and Clark fought the Zoner Titan in an underground fighting club. Lois was knocked unconscious, and Clark killed Titan.
621Smallville0813 6x21 Prototype Super soldier Wes Keenan almost killed Lois, but Clark Kent killed him first.
622Smallville0687 6x22 Phantom Lois was injured (and possibly killed) by one of Lex's guards at Reeves Dam, but Chloe healed her with her meteor power.
701Smallville0191 7x01 Bizarro Lois was trapped inside a collapsed dam along with Chloe and a Philipe Lamont until Clark rescued them.
702Smallville0073 7x02 Kara Kara Kent knocked Lois out when she tried to touch Kara's ship.
Wrath249 7x07 Wrath A superpowered Lana Lang kicked Lois through a window when she tried to defend Grant Gabriel against Lana. Lois was sent to Smallville Medical Center to recover.
709Smallville0735 7x09 Gemini While trying to force Lex to confess his connection to the Project Gemini to protect Chloe, Lex knocks her out and find the hidden camera she was wearing.
X11siren720pmkv 001195404 7x11 Siren Lois and Oliver were attacked by the Black Canary with her sonic scream, who later knocked Lois unconscious and tied them up back-to-back. She was later rescued by Clark and Chloe.
7x12 0069 7x12 Fracture Lois found Kara locked up in a junkyard in Detroit, and as Lois tried to find something to pick the lock, Jacob Finley pointed a gun at her but Lex arrives and saves Lois. Later, as Kara and Lois tried to run away, Finley found them and pointed a gun at them but Clark defeated him.
Descent822 7x16 Descent Lois was shot in the shoulder by Gina and forced into a walk-in freezer with Jimmy. They both came close to dying of hypothermia, until Clark saved them using his heat vision.
X18apocalypsebrmkv 000935519 7x18 Apocalypse In an alternative reality, Lois was taken by the DDS which would eventually result in her death. Clark found out where she was held and saved her from being killed.
X01odyssey720pbluraymkv 001665954 8x01 Odyssey When Lois found Chloe at Black Creek she tried to save her but the doctor who was experimenting on Chloe hit her on the head, thus leaving her unconscious.
804Smallville0897 8x04 Instinct Maxima confronted Lois in a jealous rage and overturned her car. Lois crawled out and was about to fight back when Clark supersped Maxima away.
805Smallville0903 8x05 Committed Macy kidnapped Lois and Clark, who had been posing as a couple and interrogating them with a lie detector connected to an electric chair. Clark burst a steam pipe with his heat vision and then knocked Macy unconscious to save Lois' life.
807Smallville1008 8x07 Identity Lois was almost hit by a car, but Clark used his super speed to save her. Later, Lois was attacked by Sebastian Kane at gunpoint, but she called Clark on her cell phone and he used his super speed and super strength to knock Sebastian out.
808Smallville0280 8x08 Bloodline Lois was sent to the Phantom Zone, where she would be unlikely to survive without powers of any kind (or a super-powered object, like the Crystal of El). Lois made it back to Earth, where she was possessed by Faora. Kara removed Faora from Lois' body, saving her.
815Smallville0753 8x15 Infamous Lois was almost shot with a teaser by the DDS when she published an article with the truth about Clark, but he saved her. She was also left unconscious after a hit she took by Linda Lake (However Clark changed time later)
819Smallville0936 8x19 Stiletto Clark Kent saved Lois from being shot by jumping in front of a bullet when he was weakened by the kryptonite in Bruno Mannheim's counterfeit money.
X22doomsdaybluraymkv 001175757 8x22 Doomsday Tess tried to prevent Lois from leaving the Daily Planet, demanding the location of the Orb and the two started to fight fiercely. Lois knocked out Tess with a box that held the Legion ring and was transported to the future.
901Smallville0109 9x01 Savior Clark caught a derailed monorail containing an unconscious Lois.
902Smallville1002 9x02 Metallo Clark saved Lois from John Corben when she was kidnapped and knocked unconscious.
903Smallville1149 9x03 Rabid Lois was attacked by zombies and then infected by the zombie virus. She would have remained this way if the antidote hadn't been released.
905Smallville1014 9x05 Roulette Oliver, almost shoot Lois in the strange game Victoria AKA Roulette played with him.
906Smallville1255 9x06 Crossfire Lois almost got shot when she and Oliver were attacked by Rick, Mia Dearden's boss. Rick fired a machine gun at Lois and Oliver, but Clark saved them both.
908IdolBodyCount 9x08 Idol Ray Sacks' two thugs threw Lois off the roof of the Daily Planet. Then Zan and Jayna use their powers to create fog to obscure the view so Clark could rescue her.
909Smallville0034 9x09 Pandora Tess ordered Stuart Campbell to erase Lois' memories from the future, but he refused, saying that Lois might come out of this catatonic. Tess shot Stuart but before she could erase Lois' memories, Clark knocked Tess out and saved Lois.
910DiscipleBodyCount 9x10 Disciple Lois was shot by the Dark Archer. An arrow he fired went through her shoulder near a major artery. She was taken to the hospital, where the arrow was removed.
Conspiracy 0908 9x15 Conspiracy Lois was kidnapped by Bernard Chisholm who hit her on the head, leaving her unconscious.
Siobhanpossesses 9x16 Escape Lois was possessed by the spirit of Siobhan McDougal, which transformed her into the Silver Banshee. She tried to kill Oliver and Clark but Chloe brought her back when she closed the portal by fire.
918Smallville0078 9x18 Upgrade While researching a Luthorcorp secret lab an explosion would have killed Lois if Metallo had not saved her.
919Smallville1069 9x19 Charade Maxwell Lord had Lois kidnapped and used her memories to find The Blur's identity. He threatened Clark that if he would try to stop him he would simple destroy Lois by erasing her memories. Clark shattered the machine, thus zreleasing Lois
922Smallville1167 9x22 Salvation Zod shoved Lois and sent her flying. She was about to go through the glass wall of a phone booth when Clark used his super speed to catch her and prevent her from being seriously injured.
Lazarus 0902 10x01 Lazarus Lois was hit on the head by a clone of Lex and stung her up as a scarecrow and set the field on fire attempting to kill Lois by burning her alive. Lois would have died if Clark hadn't saved her.
Supergirl 0912 10x03 Supergirl In an attempt to expose Gordon Godfrey and protect Metropolis's heroes, Lois was taken hostage by him. He hanged Lois with ropes and would have almost killed her, but Kara and Clark rescue her from choking.
X04homecominghdmkv 001774480 10x04 Homecoming Lois of 2017 would have died due to a helicopter crush unless Clark of 2010 saved her and the pilot from dying. Future Lois didn't realize that it was Clark from the past the one who caught the helicopter.
1005Smallville1103 10x05 Isis Lois while possessed by the spirit of Isis tried to resurrect Osiris, her love using Clark body. After Clark had prevented her from doing so, Isis attempted to stab herself in an attempt to kill what Clark loves most. Oliver and Clark saved her by releasing the spirit from her body.
1006Smallville1166 10x06 Harvest Lois was about to be sacrificed by a village of Believers on their annual Harvest ceremony by burning her alive but Clark used his body to shield Lois.
1007RedBlurSavesLois 10x07 Ambush Lois was almost killed by a massive explosion in the Talon apartment which was caused by the Suicide Squad's homing missile intended for her father, but was saved by Clark who rushed in super speed and after that returned her to her family unharmed.
Sv10x10luthorhdmkv 001206788 10x10 Luthor An alternate Clark invades the Watchtower, Lois tries to talk to "Clark" but he throw she again in a desk, causing her to become unconscious. Due to the fight with Clark Luthor she broke her arm.
Sv 10x11icarushdmkv 002099889 10x11 Icarus At LuthorCorp Lois was attacked by Slade Wilson who started beating her leaving her unconscious. When Carter Hall and Slade fought, they caused an explosion which knocked Lois through the window and out of the building, falling. Carter jumped out of the window and caught her.
SV1015-1423 10x15 Fortune Lois was choked by Amos Fortune when she tried to reclaim her engagement ring she had previously lost to him in gambling. Lois is rescued by Oliver who knocks out Fortune.
LLneardeathScion1 10x16 Scion Lois was abducted and held at gunpoint by Lionel Luthor. He aimed the gun at her head and pulled the trigger, but Conner Kent supersped in and saved her. Later, she was almost choked to death by a Red-K infected Conner but was saved when Clark arrived.
1021Smallville1253 10x21 Finale, Part 1 On the day of her wedding, Lois was attacked and thrown across the chapel by a corrupted Oliver Queen. Clark supersped in and caught her in midair.
1021Smallville3107 10x22 Finale, Part 2 Lois is aboard the Air force One plane that begins to experience turbulence and begins to plummet downwards as a result of the gravitation pull cause by the approaching planet of Apokolips towards earth. Lois and the rest of the passengers on board are saved by Clark who flies up and sets the plane back on course.


  • Lois has been saved by five different members of the Justice League: Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Watchtower and Hawkman.
  • Lois is a third degree black belt, and is sometimes able to subdue her attackers. But her confidence in her fighting ability often results in her getting in over her head. For example, she ends up taking on two Kryptonians in Arrival, fighting a Zoner Titan in Combat, getting shot by Gina in Descent, and being stabbed by an armed guard in Phantom.
  • Clark has saved or helped save Lois' life eleven times without her knowledge. He's accomplished this by using superspeed, by saving her while she was unconscious or incapacitated, or by saving her while out of sight.
  • So far, Lois has almost died 64 times so far since her first appearance in Crusade.

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