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"Official warning ... I'm a third-degree black belt."
Lois Lane to Graham GarrettFade

Lois Lane has been in many fights over the years.

Season Four

Season Five

  • Arrival - Lois tried fighting two Kryptonians at the hospital and was almost killed until Lana Lang showed up to lure them away.
  • Exposed - Lois beat Mr. Lyon when he tries to have his way with her but then his bodyguard tasers her unconscious.
  • Fanatic - Lois was forced to kill Jonathan Kent by Samantha Drake, but eventually she took control and disarmed Samantha.
  • Tomb- Lois threw a knife to Michael Westmore when he ordered her to slit her wrists, while she and Chloe were held hostage.
  • Hypnotic - Lois tried to fight a hypnotized Clark but was knocked unconscious by his super strength.
  • Fade - Lois threatened Graham when he snuck up on her and warned him that she was a black belt.

Season Six

  • Arrow - Lois fought her kidnappers and later she got Green Arrow cornered after he saved her until Clark interfered.
  • Rage - Lois fought against a drugged Green Arrow in Queen Tower and he injured her, sending her to the hospital.
  • Hydro - Lois and Jimmy were attacked by thugs until Clark, disguised as Green Arrow, rescued them.
  • Combat - Lois fought against Athena and defeated her. Later, she fought against Clark by force until Titan interrupted the fight, knocking her out.
  • Phantom - Lois fought against a guard. She was killed in the process, but was resurrected by Chloe's new meteor power.

Season Seven

  • Gemini - Lois assaulted a janitor, who she believed was the one who planted the bomb on Chloe but mistaked him for an admirer. Later, she threatened to shoot Grant Gabriel until Lex knocked her out from behind.

Season Eight

  • Odyssey - Lois knocks out the guards with a powerless Clark's help and later gets tasered from another guard.
  • Instinct - Lois went up against Maxima when she flipped her car and was almost killed until Clark interfered.
  • Identity - Lois held her own against a mugger until one he pushed her into a moving car, which Clark saved her from as the Red-Blue Blur.
  • Infamous - Lois fought against Linda Lake and defeated her to get the legion ring for Clark to reverse time with.
  • Stiletto - Lois fought against thugs who mugged Chloe and used this encounter to become The Stiletto to meet The Blur. Then she rescued Clark and Jimmy from crime boss, Bruno Mannheim.
  • Doomsday - Lois fought against Tess Mercer and defeated her by knocking her out with Clark's box, which held the legion ring inside of it.

Season Nine

  • Savior - Lois fought Alia on the Metropolis monorail following her return.
  • Rabid - Lois held her own against several infected zombies at the Daily Planet before finally being bitten by one.
  • Roulette - Lois fought in brutal hand to hand combat against Victoria Sinclair. She was holding her own, until Victoria pulled a gun on her.
  • Crossfire - Lois, Mia and Oliver fought against Rick and his men. Oliver and Lois were chased by Rick and shot at, until Clark intervened and saved them.
  • Conspiracy - After Major Zod freed her, she ambushed her captor, Bernard Chisholm. She held her own, but he then managed to strike her unconscious.
  • Upgrade - When she was discovered in her attempt to infiltrate one of Tess's labs for whom she believed was the Blur, she was caught and when the scientists found that their experiment was missing, she used this as an opportunity to escape. She then knocked out the security guard in the midst of the commotion, and was saved by John Corben after the lab exploded.


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