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Lois's Destiny

"I don't do too well with fortune tellers. The last one I went to see told me I was destined to fall for a guy who... flies a lot and likes to wear tights. So I'm just waiting for my cross-dressing pilot to make his landing." – Lois, Identity

Lois Lane's destiny as a journalist and Clark Kent's love interest has been in the making for years

Early life

Unbeknownst to Lois, her destiny was already set in motion by her upbringing as an army brat by her father, General Sam Lane. She acquired many skills and abilities that would be very vital to her future as the best investigative reporter at the Daily Planet.

When Lois first arrived in Smallville, she came to investigate the death of her cousin Chloe Sullivan. While driving, lighting struck her car, causing her to veer off the road and into Miller's Field, where she came face-to-face with a naked, amnesiac Clark Kent. This marked the start of a legendary relationship that would change Lois' life forever.

Birth of a Reporter

"You know, I took this career test in some magazine; it said that my perfect job would be a radio disc jockey." – Lois
"Journalism. You ever thought about that? You wrote some half-decent articles in your short-lived career at the Torch." – Clark

Lois Lane arrives in "Smallville"

According to Chloe, Lois isn't interested in journalism. However, when Lois' father informed her that she was kicked out of Metropolis University, Lois was unwillingly transferred to Smallville High School where Clark, Lana and Chloe attended. Lois decided to do whatever it took to get out of Smallville High and back to Met U as soon as possible. In order to do that, she needed extra credit, so Chloe offered her a position as a reporter for the school newspaper, the Torch. Lois rejected the offer until Abigail Fine got plastic surgery to boost her popularity, which sparked curiosity in Lois. With the help of Clark, Lois got her first published article [1] in the newspaper that made an impact with readers. Chloe saw the spark of journalism beginning to ignite in her cousin, to which she made the comment, "Welcome to the bullpen, Miss Lane."

As much as Lois tried to deny her hidden talent in the field of journalism, she often teamed up with Clark and Chloe for various investigations as they worked together to find out the truth about meteor-infected humans in Smallville. She helped investigate a strange love potion, a mystery, as well as a murder investigation where she was the prime suspect.

Lois continued to find herself in precarious situations (i.e., a stray dog with super-strength, honor students being kidnapped, a devastating meteor shower) that just continued to set her on the path towards her ultimate destiny.

Uncovering the truth

"You got to experience the chills and thrills of journalism." "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't know how you do it, chasing story after story that only leads to dead ends. I'd never be able to let go." "That's usually how it starts." – Chloe and Lois, Solitude

With Chloe now in Metropolis as an intern in the basement of the Daily Planet, Lois found herself spending a lot of time in the great metropolitan newspaper. Lois and Chloe found themselves in the middle of a murder investigation after receiving a call from an exotic dancer from the Windgate Club. Chloe and Lois went undercover, with Lois posing as a dancer. She was taken by Mr. Lyon, but it was revealed that he was kidnapping or killing dancers. Clark was able to save her just before Mr. Lyon took her out of the country and turned him over to police.

Shortly after, during the start of Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor's Senate race, Lois confronted Lex and suggested that he bow out before someone dug up incriminating information on him. Lex was unconcerned, which fueled her passion even more. Lois convinced Chloe to help her dig up information on Lex that would make him lose the race. They attempted to investigate Warehouse 15, but were thwarted by security. Lois was disappointed to come up empty-handed and Chloe suggested that she become a reporter. Lois commented that she would never be able to stand all of the unanswered questions.

One year later, while jogging, Lois witnessed the Kent barn's door came crashing out of the sky and land close to her. She was determined to discover what made it fly off the barn and relentlessly investigated, despite Chloe's attempts to get her to drop the mystery. Lois wrote an article to present to the editor of the Daily Planet, but Chloe discouraged her, trying to protect Clark and seemingly doubting it was good enough to be published. Undeterred, Lois successfully brought her story to the Metropolis Inquisitor and received her first byline, marking the start of many of her articles being published.

One in particular strikes a huge interest: A modern-day Robin Hood whom Lois names "Green Arrow" after she attends a fundraiser with her date, Oliver Queen, as well as witnesses the Green Arrow steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha Kent's neck: Lois vows to find the man behind the mask. Unfortunately, Lois wasn't the only one looking for the vigilante: a group of crooks were as well. Believing that Lois had useful information, the crooks kidnapped her. The Green Arrow came to her rescue: however, she turned the tables on him and just as she was about to unmask him, Clark ensured that Oliver had a quick escape route. Later, she told Oliver that she would not give up until she unmasked the Green Arrow and that she considered the Green Arrow to be a dangerous vigilante, leaving Oliver concerned and worried.

Lois and Oliver attended a class reunion at Excelsior Academy when two of his former schoolmates were brutally murdered by an unseen force. Lois and Clark investigated together to solve the mystery, intending to write a story about it. However, when she learned that the culprit was the astral projection of Duncan Allenmeyer, who had received experimental therapy, Lois abruptly stopped, as she thought it best not to write her story given the circumstances.

Through a series of events, Lois learned that Oliver was Green Arrow, although she never wrote a story about it.

Lois' next story at the Inquisitor was about a lethal Internet fight club. She went undercover to expose the ring.

When Lana was shot at the Daily Planet, Lois was determined to find out what she was trying to expose. She stole Lana's cigarette case from the crime scene and discovered a flash drive belonging to Lex. The drive contained a video of a meeting between Lex and Senator Ed Burke discussing Project Ares. Lois confronted Burke outside an alley and witnessed his murder by Wes Keenan, an old friend of hers.

Determined to get answers no matter what after Wes died, Lois followed a clue Wes left her that was the location of Project Ares to Reeves Dam, but when she got there, she was confronted by a guard who stabbed her in the stomach. Lois was able to call Chloe for help before she passed out. Chloe found Lois near-death from blood loss and began to cry. Mysteriously, her tears healed Lois' stab wound and Lois recovered, horrified to find that Chloe was the one near-death and the dam was crumbling, trapping them inside.

Investigative Reporter

"Welcome to the Daily Planet."Grant Gabriel, Kara

Top Investigative Ace Reporter.

After being rescued from Reeves Dam by Clark, Lois returned with him to the dam to expose Project Ares: on the way, they discovered a Kryptonian spaceship. Lois took a picture with her cellular phone, but as she reached out to touch the ship, she was thrown back by an unseen force.

Lois visited Chloe at work at Daily Planet and tried to convince Chloe that she'd seen a UFO. The two were approached by the Planet's new editor, Grant Gabriel. Chloe tried to make a good first impression, but Grant stated that he thought she had lost her journalism spark, but saw a vast amount of potential in Lois. He offered Lois a job if she could write a good story about her spaceship with actual evidence included. Lois tracked the ship to a government facility: as she touched the ship, she was thrown back by a powerful force again. She wrote her story, but had no photograph to accompany it, so Grant declared that he would not publish it, but would still hire her at the Planet. From then on, Lois had been working at the Planet ever since, with Clark Kent as her partner.

Lois takes Clark under her wing and shows him the ropes of how to become a top-notch journalist as well as getting his first obituary byline in the planet newspaper. As time goes on Lane and Kent became a powerhouse duo reporting team chasing after stories (Mysterious bus explosion,drunken billionaire crashes party, super endorphin,newlywed couples kidnapped etc.)

Lois's sets her sights on getting the exclusive on Metropolis's newest superhero The Red-Blue Blur. When she starts to doubt herself and her reputation as a star reporter. Lois believes she needs a new big story to secure her job. When Chloe is mugged by a couple of goons, Lois rescues her and is inspired to become a superheroine known as Stiletto. She decides to use this to her advantage to further her career as a reporter and get an interview with the Red-Blue Blur. However thanks to wise advice from her partner Clark and a call from the Red-Blue Blur. Lois comes to realization she doesn't need to use a gimmick to make a headline, she just needs to believe in herself.

Lois begins to develop a special relationship with the Blur that an (assassin from the future, a cyborg with a kryptonite heart, a crooked district attorney, a telepath and a kryptonian General) try to exploit for their own agenda.

As Lois continues to rise in her career as a reporter she is enlisted into the service of Amanda Waller to uncover the real truth about a group of honorary heroes who were wrongfully accused for crimes they didn't commit.

Eventually Lois meets the great reporter Perry White and after having working together on a story, White is very impressed by Lois's unique reporting abilities and her strong determination to uncover the truth. Believing her dedication will take her to unimaginable heights in her future.

Lois is manipulated by Zod who's been masquerading as The Blur for the pass few weeks unbeknownst to her. Zod convinces her that Clark Kent is a threat to him and he has within his possession a device known as the Book of Rao that could ruin him. At first Lois is very sure that Clark isn't capable of committing such an act or that he's a threat. Until she does some further investigating into Zod's claims and believes that Zod is telling the truth. At the same time Lois received a job offer from Perry White to work as a foreign correspondent with him in Africa. Uncertain of what to do she goes to Clark's loft to talk him. Upon arriving at the loft Lois searches Clark's belongings. While she is initially not worried, until she discovers Dr. Swann's journal and sees the image of the Book of Rao she begins to become unnerved. Clark arrives and begins to tell her how much she truly means to him. Lois mentions that Perry White offered her a job in Africa and that she would turn it down for Clark. Clark is taken back by this and Lois says that they need to be honest with each other. Clark denies multiple times that he is hiding anything and tells Lois that her best choice is to go. Lois is clearly distraught by this and leaves after they hug.

Lois meets Zod, with her heart broken after discovering what she believed to be Clark's secret looking for comfort from Zod she discovers he isn't the real Blur due to the difference of the touch on her left shoulder. She decides to hold onto the Book of Rao that she took during her hug with Clark. Angered, Zod attempts to kill Lois by throwing her into a nearby phone booth with super strength, but is stopped by Clark in his Blur attire.

Clark super speeds in and with a powerful punch knocking Zod away as he rushes to catch Lois. He prevents her from fully hitting the phone booth and sets her down. She awakens and walks over to him in the shadows asking for his forgiveness for being deceived. She hands him the Book of Rao and Clark drags her towards him and passionately kisses her. Once he departs, Lois shows an expression of shock and amazement as she smiles and then says, “Clark!”

A Divine Purpose

"He needs you Lois, He can't do it without you."Carter Hall, Shield

Lois Lane's fate.

Lois finds Clark's lifeless body on the ground below and pulled out the blue kryptonite knife, allowing him a chance to be resurrected back to life by the dawn of the sunrise. Lois chose to protect Clark by not revealing her awareness of his secret until he willingly chose to reveal it to her all on his own. Taking cover in a nearby alley, Lois observed with great admiration as the rays of the sun healed Clark's wounds and restored his powers.

She and Clark shared a brief reunion at the Daily Planet archive room, where she revealed to him her reaction to the Blur's passionate kiss in an attempt to get a reaction out of Clark, who was pleased on how his alter-ego managed to leave a lasting impression on her. Lois realized that Clark was at the Planet archives for a reason and purposely dropped her pen behind a desk to give Clark the opportunity to use his abilities freely without her knowledge.

Lois tried to arrange to meet Clark later to discuss their relationship. However, Lois was knocked unconscious by a degenerated clone of Lex and strung up as a Scarecrow as a message to Clark. Lex believed Lois to be Clark's greatest weakness and attempted to hurt Clark by causing her death by setting the field on fire. Clark then saved Lois. Lois decides to leave for Africa believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark from fulfilling his destiny.

While in Egypt, Lois encountered Carter Hall, whom Clark had sent to keep a watchful eye on her for him. Carter realized that Lois had discovered Clark's super powers. Lois explained her reasons for leaving in the first place believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark from fulfilling his destiny, but Carter could see that in order for Clark to reach his full potential he'd need Lois by his side and encouraged her to return to Metropolis by telling her his Star-crossed story about himself and wife Shayera Hall. Lois returns to Metropolis and begins to try and integrate herself more into Clark's world by better understanding him thanks to a little help from his cousin Kara who tells her that there are two sides to everyone, even heroes it's easy for people to see the powers instead of the person: "even heroes need someone to come home to".

Lois continues to see that she meant to keep Clark encouraged in not giving up on fulfilling his destiny. Just when everyone has seemingly has turned against the Blur and Clark is pretty much ready to give up on his crusade as the Blur. Lois suggested that Clark attend their Smallville High Reunion. Upon attending, Clark is reminded of his past and Lois realizes that Lana Lang was a huge part of his past and maybe she just doesn't belong with Clark. However after Clark's journey to the future by Legionaire member Brainiac 5 with the aid of the Legion ring. Clark sees that his future is bright and his destiny with Lois is more than what he'd ever thought was possible. Encouraged by this Clark planned a romantic dance at the barn and as they danced, Lois and Clark confessed their love for one another, as well as she was unaware that Clark was levitating in midair as they danced.

Lois decides she is going to reveal to Clark her awareness about his secret. Her plans are temporarily put on hold due to the re-appearance of Cat Grant who tries to get Clark to partner up with her (with no such luck as he's only interested in having Lois as his partner). But Cat is the least of Lois's problems as she discovers she's accidentally in the possession of the ancient amulet of the Goddesses Isis who uses her body as a vessel to inhabit seeking to be reunited to her long lost husband trapped in the underworld. Clark with the aid of Oliver and Tess Mercer are able to return Isis back to her entrapment within her amulet freeing Lois (who's unaware of the events that had transpired while Isis possessed her body.) Clark willingly decides to reveal his identity as the Blur to Lois who proceeds to leap on top of him pinning him to the ground where she kisses him passionately and reveals to him that she was already aware and wonder "What took him so long?" Clark is both surprised and thrilled that she knows as they continue to kiss.

Lois learns of Clark's kryptonian heritage while on route to cover a cherry festival outside of Metropolis with Clark. She also discovered that Clark purposely got them both re-assigned to cover this event to prevent her from covering the anti-vigilante rally schedule to take place later that very evening in town square of Metropolis. Clark addressed to Lois his concern about her unique ability to get herself into trouble and his desire to protect her. Lois reassured him that she more than capable of taking care of herself. This is actually put to the test when the lovely couple find themselves trapped in a ghost town where a village of misguided pilgrim citizens are committing a bizarre annual tradition for their harvest every year, involving a human sacrifice and they've chosen Lois to be their latest victim. To make matters worse Clark informs Lois that his powers are temporarily suppressed under the radiation of Blue Kryptonite that is inside the bodies of the citizens due to their water supply. Upon hearing this revelation, Lois revealed to Clark that she was responsible for removing the Blue-K knife from his body to which he was very appreciative of. They then devise a strategy to sneak out of the village through Lois, using her lock picking skills to escape the guarded house undetected and disguising themselves as if they were apart of the local pilgrimage community. Unfortunately they are discovered and Clark is seemingly killed as Lois is captured and tied to a post as they prepare to sacrifice her by burning her alive. Lois shows a great deal of boldness and courage even in the mist of facing impending death. Lucky for her Clark arrives and is able to save her life and they escaped the village together. Upon returning to the loft, Clark apologized for being overprotective and Lois accepted his apology. He then gave her his Kryptonian journal, saying that she needed to know all his secrets and told her that she was the one meant for him. They then consummated their relationship for the first time.

When The General and Lucy pay Lois and Clark an unexpected visit to celebrate Thanksgiving. Lois does her best to please her father in an attempt to win his approval of her relationship with Clark even at the expense when Clark had expected her to stand by his side against her father's disapproval of the vigilante community most notably The Blur. Unbeknownst to Lois, Her father was testing her to see if she truly did love Clark. Lois proved herself when she stood up against her father and after a near death experience where Sam almost lost her but she rescued by the Blur. Sam saw that Lois was right about both Clark & The Blur and admitted to Clark that he was happy Lois had a guardian angel watching over her and that he knew Lois truly did love him. Sam also granted Clark the permission to ask Lois for her hand in marriage when he was ready. Clark joins the Lane family for a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner that Lois had prepared.

Old Wounds Lois has tried to bury regarding her past for at least 15 years is brought up to the surface by a box filled with memorabilia her mother Ella Lane had prepared before she died that her father left behind before he left Smallville. Lois feels guilty and confides in Clark that she never went to visit her mother in the hospital during her 5 week stay. She asked Clark. "What kind of kid refuses to visit their sick Mom?” Clark tries to offer comfort to Lois reassuring her she not to blame and it's perfectly natural for a young girl to be scared to see their mother ill. Lois explains further nearly sobbing that she regrets not getting the chance to say good-bye to her mother when she had the chance. As Lois looks inside the box she see's her mother's cobalt blue glass bird named Old Blue" as well as a series of tapes. Lois wonders if her mother was angry with her for not going to see and is sightly afraid to the view the tapes. Lois asked Clark if he felt as if he was incomplete since Jor-El disowned him as his son, to which surprisingly Clark said he was fine with since he doesn't consider Jor-El to be his father just a machine. Lois is unconvinced and believes despite the misgivings Clark has about Jor-El currently. Jor-El is still his father and in his own way he loves son, otherwise he wouldn't have sent him to Earth to be found and raised by the Kents, built a fortress to undergo training etc... Clark decides to go out on patrol leaving Lois alone.

Lois decide to view the first tape. Upon viewing the first tape, Lois learns that her mother had purposely given instruction to her husband not to bring Lois to visit her in the hospital as a means to protect her from having bad memories of her. Ella also expressed her never ending love for he daughter as well as her regret in not being there to see Lois grow up into a fine young woman who'd meet a Special guy. Lois is emotionally moved by the touching words and love her mother has for her and is encouraged to try to mend the relationship between Clark and Jor-El. Lois journeyed to the Fortress of Solitude and angrily confronts Jor-El, stating that if Jor-El would go so far as to hurt his son like that, perhaps Clark was better off without him. Jor-El responded to her by having a private discussion with her in an energy tube, until Clark arrived and saw a pre-recorded message made in the final moments of Krypton by Jor-El and Lara, who declared their love and undeniable reassurance in their son Kal-El fulfilling his destiny and making them proud. Returning to the farm, Lois placed her mother's family heirloom old blue in the window, signifying her completion of moving in. She and Clark had a short discussion on how their parents tried to protect them both from having to deal with their own faults and failures. Before leaving for a karaoke party at the Ace of Clubs. Lois put away her mother's box and discovered an envelope Ella made for her wedding day, unaware that at the same time Clark had pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket.

Since the passing of Vigilante Registration Act bill, Lois has been very busy trying to uncover the true purpose behind this new law. At the same time Lois is also dealing with Clark's absence from Metropolis since the passing of VRA bill. When no Heroes eager to sign the VRA bill the Government assigned Lt. Colonel Slade Wilson to oversee and enforces the bill against unregistered vigilantes. This news ignites Lois's suspension that the VRA is nothing more than a witch-hunt for heroes not to serve their country as it been advertised in the media but to hunt them down. When Oliver pays her a visit to inform her that he was going to be the first to sign the bill. Lois was clearly upset to say the least especially when Oliver told her that he was doing this not only to uncover what might happen once heroes started too registered but to protect Clark, who was originally willing to sign up. Lois is emotionally hurt by this news that Clark would even consider to make this decision without telling her first, but he'd confide in his superhero teammates. Lois realize that Clark isn't willing to share his heroic life with her and was keeping her out of the loop for her safety. Regardless, Lois decided to prove herself as a valuable asset to Clark by meeting with Slade Wilson to uncover his plans for the registered heroes. During her meeting with Slade, Lois carefully obtained blueprints of holding cells specifically design to neutralizer heroes further confirming her original suspension of the VRA to be true.

Tess confronted Lois on taking on the VRA assignment, which it turned out she had forbid Lois from writing since it would turn out to be a conflict of interest: it was Sam Lane who initiated the VRA in the senate in the first place. Lois chose to share her intel with Tess so she could be left on the story by informing her that Oliver was the registered hero and Slade was intending to torture him. She attempted to contact Clark to warn him, but failed and turned to Dr. Emil Hamilton for answers, learning that Clark was in Miami with Arthur Curry. Lois traveled to Miami to the aquarium where she encountered Mera, the wife of Arthur, who didn't get off on the right foot with Lois and challenged heron her ability to attract the attention of powerful men such as Arthur, Oliver and now Clark, but was constantly kept out of the loop when it concerned their hero lives. Initially, Lois just took Mera's criticism as a jealousy ploy in regard to her previous relationship with Arthur until Mera called her out on her relationship with Clark.

Lois responded by pointing out to Mera that she did not know anything about her relationship with Clark. Later on, she met with Clark to give him the heads up about Oliver's capture, only to discover he already knew and that Tess was a member of his team. Even thought she annoyed that Clark hadn't included her in his team, Lois provided useful intel on the location of where Slade was holding Arthur and Oliver. After rescuing their friends, Mera apologized to Lois for misjudging her and stated that she could see that she was not just Clark's partner, but was also his equal and to give Clark a chance to see it the same way. Later, Clark brought her to the Watchtower, recognizing her a very valuable member of the team and informed them about the darkness.

When Clark is accidentally transported to a parallel universe where he had been found and raised as a Luthor instead of a Kent. Clark Kent sees that in this universe his counterpart Clark Luthor is a vicious murderous tyrant who rules Metropolis with an Iron fist. Despite Ultraman (Clark Luthor's secret identity)'s evil reign there is still a sign of hope for truth and justice in this reality by the presence of Lois Lane of that universe who Clark Kent encounters and sees that not only does she have the same qualities that his Lois has and he is attracted too but she's still a strong crusader of truth and justice as a reporter even though her Earth has no Heroes of it's own except for Oliver Queen her fiance.

Back in Clark Kent's reality, Tess contacted Lois to protect her from Luthor who had been transported to their universe in Kent's absence and is intending to conquer and rule this Earth (or at the very least Metropolis) as he had in his universe. Lois tries to reason with Ultraman only to find herself getting injured by him as he throws her aside with his super strength and threatens to kill her unless Tess gives him the Mirror box so he can destroy it before he can be sent back to his universe. Ultimately he fails as Clark Kent managed to return to his universe, only to find himself surrounded by Tess, Lois and Oliver all wielding kryptonite weapons at him believing they're still dealing with Clark Luthor until Clark appeals to Lois who instantly recognizes him as her Man and embraces him, relieved. Later Clark meets Lois at the hospital who has a broken arm and he gives her flowers as a sort of apology for what Ultraman did to her, Lois accepts the flowers but she doesn't hold Clark accountable because it wasn't his fault and she knows he's nothing like Ultraman and never will be.

Clark proposes to Lois.

A week later, Lois is scheduled to meet Clark for an 8:00 dinner date but is unfortunately held up at work and arrives late. Yet despite her tardiness, Clark is very delighted to see her and prepares to proceed on forward with his arranged mapped out Marriage proposal planed evening at the newly opened restaurant he'd reserved registration for them to attend. However Clark's plans are derailed by the newly issued curfew by VRA and Lois wanting to protect him from the patrol unit. Clark not wanting to delay proposing any longer decides to improvise on the spot. By pretending to responding to a situation that requires his full attention, He then calls Lois from their special phone booth nearby. Upon answering the phone, Lois asks him if he was able to save the day and he tells he doesn't know yet but she should look up into the sky. The entire street begins raining white rose petals. She turns to see Clark walking toward her and he tells her that she doesn't make it easy to ask a simple question but that's what he loves so much about her. Clark tells her she is the woman he truly loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with and upon bending to one knee he pulls out a ring, asking Lois to marry him. She happily says yes without hesitation and they share a passionate kiss. The next day at the Daily Planet, Lois received a letter attached with a special necklace from Chloe congratulating Lois on her engagement to Clark. Then later that very evening, Lois and Clark were treated to a surprise engagement party that Tess hosted at Watchtower with the other League members.

Lois become a prime target of Slade's VRA witchhunt and was subjected to extensive questioning, but Lois didn't divulge any useful information and managed to escape captivity to confront Slade, who then attempted to kill her. Lois was then saved by Hawkman, who heroically sacrificed himself to ensure her survival. Lois attended his funeral with Clark and the rest of the league members in Egypt who were then captured by the VRA.

When Lois and Clark are trapped in a virtual reality by the VRA, Clark discovers he's powerless and Lois does her best to help Clark figure out how to restore his powers. Lois learns from Chloe that the world they're currently in is a simulation and in order to escape they need to take a leap of faith. Lois tries to convince Clark that he needs to believe in himself for the impossible. With Lois's reassurance, Clark defies the laws of gravity and flies up and around the virtual Metropolis with Lois in his arms before escaping through the portal. Upon returning to the real world, Lois finds Clark in his loft reviewing Carter's journal with feelings of remorse. Lois offers Clark comfort and ressurance that he'll make Carter proud. Clark thanks Lois for her support that she showed to him when they were in virtual reality. Clark expressed how that enabled him to fly and he hopes that he'll be able to soar with her again in the real world. Lois is confident that when he's ready he'll fly again with her in his arms.

As a hero support movement begins to sweep across the nation from the public against the VRA, Lois set out on a crusade to ignite the already growing fire even larger even if she can't use the press to do it. Unfortunately Clark although still doing his duties to protect the planet from the shadows. Emotionally he's started to lose hope in humanity strength to prevail against the fear and hatred the Darkness has unleashed through the VRA. Upon seeing this Lois tries to enlightening Clark's perspective by showing him a visual change that is rising thanks to the efforts of his mother's nationwide campaign who is currently in Metropolis giving a inspirational speech at a public rally. Clark is touched by Martha's words and for a moment he begins to see the light until both he and Lois watch in horror as Martha is gunned down. Lois is relieved to learn Martha is alright because she wore a bulletproof vest. Martha pays Lois a visit and presents her with a family heirloom necklace signifying her blessing in her upcoming marriage to Clark. Martha also complements Lois on how she's been a good inspiration to Clark. Lois wants to do more to help Clark but she's currently being road blocked by the press. So Martha tells her how Perry White when faced with a similar situation back in his day took matters into his hands by printing pamphlets to fight for his causes. Lois does some research on Perry work that gives her an idea that works with the help Chloe who hack into a couple of national news websites in order to spread her pro-hero piece. Thousands of people respond to Lois's online campaign for supporters to share their words of encouragement to the Blur. Lois and Chloe showed him a few videos from hero supporters who refused to give in to the hated and were willing to stand together to show their support for The Blur, Clark is filled with joy when he was declared an "American hero" by Lois. At the farm, the results of the vote were revealed and Martha, Clark, Lois, Chloe and Oliver were overjoyed when the VRA was repealed by a nationwide vote. Later Lois and Chloe accompanies Clark in reactivate the Watchtower.

Lois is hard at work planning out her upcoming wedding using a miniature model set while at the Daily Planet, while also communicating with Clark over her Bluetooth while he was in London. Lois is surprised when she finds a video-feed of Clark, in his Blur form standing on the edge of Clocktower in England with some minor visual distortion features of his face seen even though he was standing in the shadows. Lois suggested to Clark to take into consideration the thought of creating a new disguise. Initially, she attempted to improve his Blur costume, with a hood and shades that resembling the look of Impulse but Clark disapproved, refusing to hide behind a mask. Clark presented to her a pair of glasses and decided to wear them in an attempt conceal his identity as a superhero. Lois felt this could work but only if Clark would acted differently when he wore them, thereby creating two separate identities. This put to the test when Clark accidentally bumps into Jeff Hage and instead of acting like his usually confident self, Clark instead shows humility which shocks Jeff who leaves the couple abruptly. Lois is proud of Clark and rewards him with a sweet kiss on the cheek.

A week later, Lois and Clark began celebrated their bachelor/bachlorette party night with Tess, Chloe and Emil and after toasting, they blacked out. When Clark came to, he discovered a text from Lois claiming she "needed more time." This upset him a great deal, making him believe Lois was reconsidering marrying him. Later on, Lois apologized to Clark about betting the ring and requested his forgiveness. He told her that the ring wasn't important—she was and confessed that he was worried he'd scared her away. She denied it, saying that it wasn't that. Clark understood, saying that he wanted to marry her whenever she was ready. Lois then gave Tess the video camera and everyone viewed the amusing footage during which Clark admitted Lois is the love of his life.

A new challenge in their relationship comes in the form of a teenage boy Tess places in their custody. Clark discovers that Conner, is a genetic engineered clone of Lex who shared half of his DNA. When Conner first encountered Lois, he was instantly attracted to her and this activated his heat vision. Lois was shocked and very concerned by Conner's origins, as well as the fact that he possessed all of Clark's abilities and the possibility of some of Lex's natural instinct in his personality. Clark later admitted that, despite the Kent's positive upbringing, he always felt like a freak and that she was the only thing that made him feel human. Lois remained supportive to Clark in accepting Conner and raising him correctly much like the Kents had done. When Lois was kidnapped by Lionel Luthor of Earth-2, Conner came to her rescue. Unfortunately, under the influence of the red kryptonite ring he was wearing, his lustful desire to be with Lois severely clouded his judgement and caused him to attack her when she, remaining faithful to Clark, denied his advances. After Clark managed to restore Conner to his normal self, Lois met him in the barn. They shared a heart-to-heart and Lois told Clark that when they raised a family of their own, he'd be a great father.


Lois continues to come full circle to embracing her destiny to the fullest.

In a dream sequence depicting the future in the year 2013 that Clark has, Lois Lane is seen as the star reporter of The Daily Planet, still partnered up with Clark Kent, working for the now Editor in Chief Perry White with an "Olsen" on staff as a photographer. She is also depicted as wearing a wedding ring which alludes that she and Clark are married.

Clark travels to October 15, 2017 Clark encountered Lois at the Daily Planet, who told him to put on his glasses to conceal his identity. He was stunned to discover they were now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office. When Lois asked Clark what was wrong, he said he was from a different time. Lois misinterpreted this and revealed that she knew he was the Last Son of Krypton. When he was speechless because she knew his secret, Lois also misunderstood this and thought she missed their anniversary. When Clark believed it was their wedding anniversary, Lois informed him the actual anniversary was the day Clark told Lois his secret.

Lois checked the desk calender and corrected Clark, telling him she hadn't missed the anniversary because it was a couple weeks away. After more conversing, Lois then revealed her knowledge about Clark's weakness to various colors of Kryptonite. Clark also encountered his future counterpart self, whose appearance was now that of a nerdy, glasses-wearing, as well as uptight mild-mannered reporter to conceal his identity as Superman, who enlisted his aid in dealing with an upcoming crisis that required him to be in two places at once. After teaming up with his future self, he saved Lois from a helicopter disaster. Lois reprimanded him, for there was a pilot who could've seen him without his costume on and he exclaimed that she'd been keeping his secret. They shared a passionate kiss and she reminded him about their dinner later that evening.

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