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Lois in a seductive "bunny" costume.

Lois Lane has a tendency to wear costumes and disguises in her personal and professional life. She dresses up either for fun or to sneak into forbidden places to get information on her own. This is one of the defining characteristics of her journalist instinct and her personality.

Season Four

Lois/Brianna in her witch costume

  • Spell: At Chloe's surprise birthday party, Lois being possessed by Brianna Withridge, one of the comrades of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, dressed herself in a sexy black costume and changed her style to a darker tone, to look like a modern witch.

Lois/Dawn in her pink prom dress

  • Spirit: Being possessed by the spirit of Dawn Stiles, Lois dressed in a pink outfit and persuaded Clark to take her to the prom. After wake up from her trance, Lois thought she was drunk because she was wearing a pink dress she would never be seen wearing otherwise.

Season Five

Lois in a "Stars and Stripes" stripper outfit.

  • Exposed: Lois wore an exotic dancing outfit to pass as a "potential new dancer" at the Windgate club in order to cover Chloe's activities, who attempted to question the other dancers on the murder of Melissa Paige. Lois ends up having to perform a dance routine, especially in front of Clark and give him a lap dance to keep her cover intact. Afterwards, due to her disguise as a strip dancer, she was kidnapped by the man responsible for the murder and discovers that he takes certain women from the club and sells them off into slavery. Lyon attempt to sell Lois into slavery but is thwarted by Clark who rescues Lois.

Season Six

Lois and Oliver

  • Wither: After mistakingly dismissing the CEO of Queen Industries, Lois accompanied Oliver to a costume party at the Luthor Mansion dressed as Lady Marion in order to apologize to him.
  • Combat: To try to get information about an illegal fight club, Lois dressed up as a femme fatale with a red leather suit and interfered in an abandoned factory where she was forced to fight Clark. Before the fight, Lois was given the ring name "Vixen" by Richter Maddox.

Season Seven

  • Action: Lois sneaked into LuthorCorp as an employee named "Sadie Blodgett" when she went after the story of Lex buying land near the Reeves Dam.

Lois and Jimmy

Season Eight

Lois as a French maid

  • Odyssey: Lois infiltrated the Luthor Mansion disguised as a French maid in order to obtain more information on the whereabouts of her cousin, but was discovered by Tess. Later she posed as a guard in Black Creek to save Chloe.
  • Stiletto: Looking for a good story, Lois created her own superhero identity dressed in black leather trying to attract the attention of the Red Blue Blur, but ended up writing about herself and endangering the life of Jimmy.

Season Nine

  • Savior: Lois disguised herself to infiltrate a club fight and talked to Oliver about her mysterious disappearance.

Lois as a Stormtrooper

  • Warrior: When Lois was sent by her editor to a convention of comic books, she dressed as a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise, but uncomfortable with her costume, she change into one that was reminiscent to an Amazon Princess, specifically a Wonder Woman costume.
  • Persuasion: Infected by Gemstone-kryptonite, Lois changed her attire to that of a lovely housewife, and also borrowed the wedding dress of Martha Kent.

Lois is surprised

  • Escape: On the first night in the inn with Clark, Lois is seen wearing a light blue sexy lingerie teddy outfit to bed. The next night Lois dressed as a Scottish brownie while trying to spend a romantic evening with Clark, but things didn't go very well.
  • Upgrade: Lois walked into the secret laboratories of Tess Mercer's disguised as a scientist as she followed the orders of the Blur.
  • Charade: Trying to find the truth about the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Ray Sacks, Lois dressed up as a bunny girl and walked out of a cake, surprising all the guests.

Season Ten

Lois undercover as a dominatrix

  • Supergirl: Lois disguised herself as the Limo Driver of Gordon Godfrey to dig up enough dirt on him to discredit him on his anti-hero smearing campaign. [citation needed] Following him into Club Desaad she disguised herself as a dominatrix and proceeded to obtain self-incriminating evidence against Godfrey.
  • Isis: Lois dresses as the Egyptian goddess Isis for the Metropolis Museum gala opening Oliver is hosting. Unfortunately due to an ancient amulet belonging to the goddesses, Lois is possessed by the Spirit of Isis and gains all of her powers until Clark uses his heat vision on the amulet freeing Lois from Isis control.

Lois the showgirl

  • Harvest: Lois is kidnapped by an Amish village who are preparing to sacrifice her to preserve their village. She is dressed in a white pilgrim costume with a bonnet on her head. When she and Clark attempted to escape she donned a black cloak over her white robe to conceal her identity. However she's discovered and tied to a post to be sacrificed by fire wearing just her white robe until Clark rescues her.
  • Fortune: Lois and Oliver disguise themselves as showgirls at fortune casino so they could retrieve Lois's engagement ring she had lost in gambling.

Lois Lane's wedding dress.

  • Finale, Part 1: Lois wears a wedding dress on her wedding day to Clark Kent.

Season Eleven

  • Haunted: Lois disguises herself as a janitor at LexCorp and steals Otis' key cards to search the premises.



Lois lane's costumes and disguises

  • In Season Four, Lois did not wear any costume on her own: she disguised herself both times being possessed by someone else.
  • So far, Season Nine is the season in which Lois has disguised the most times.
  • In Warrior, it was revealed that Lois keeps all her previously worn costumes in her closet.
  • In a dream sequence from Jimmy's 1940's dream, Lois was seen as sexy lounge singer dressed in a white evening gown. (Noir)
  • In the comics, Lois is known for wearing various disguises for a story if necessary. As well as dressing up as Wonder Woman to costume parties or Halloween parties.