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Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting were written for Clark Kent when he started at the Daily Planet. Clark later framed it and kept it in his desk drawer.


1) Always know your source.
2) Always make a good first impression (and don't screw up with the boss).
3) Do whatever it takes to get the story.
4) If something seems too weird to be true, it usually is.
5) Never take deadlines too seriously.
6) Triple check your facts.
7) Put all the good stuff at the beggining. [sic]


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  • Lois misspells the word 'beginning'. This may be an homage to her horrible spelling, also seen in her article on Adrian Cross in Season Seven's Gemini.
  • Lois frequently clashes with her boss, as seen in Stiletto.
  • In the TV series Lois & Clark : The New Adventures Of Superman, Lois has her own set of three rules she tells to Clark on his first day at the Daily Planet all of which she breaks with Clark over the course of the series:
    • Never get involved in your stories. - Lois gets passionately involved with Superman. [citation needed]
    • Never let anyone else get the story first. - Lois lets Clark get a story first. [citation needed]
    • Never sleep with anyone you work with. - Lois eventually sleeps with her partner Clark Kent. [citation needed]


Lois frequently broke her own Rules of Reporting. The following is a partial list of the times she's broken her own rules:

  • While Lois may have liked to preach about first impressions, her own were never impressive. When first meeting Tess, Sebastian Kane, and even Clarke nothing goes over well in the least.